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Nurse Appreciation Night Events 2023/24: MLB, NBA, NHL Games

3 Min Read Published October 24, 2023
Nurse Appreciation Night Events 2023/24: MLB, NBA, NHL Games teamed up with MLB, NBA and NHL teams across the country to host Nurse Appreciation Nights throughout 2023 and 2024 to celebrate nurses! Scroll down to buy tickets, vote for nurses to throw the first pitch, and get all the details about Nurse Night in a city near you. 

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege to honor 180  nurses at MLB and NBA games across the country! See all the Nurse Appreciation Night recap articles here. 

Arizona Coyotes Nurse Appreciation Night - December 7, 2023.

Colorado Avalanche - April 14, 2024

Denver Nuggets Nurse Appreciation Night - April 2, 2024

Detroit Red Wings Nurse Appreciation Night - January 25, 2024

  • Nominate nurses to be honored! During this thrilling matchup, we'll spotlight three remarkable nurses who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They'll take center stage on the ice, riding the Zamboni to the cheers of a roaring crowd. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment for these amazing nurses, and we invite you to be part of the celebration.
  • Buy discount tickets - prices start at $35! 

Las Vegas Golden Knights Healthcare Appreciation Night vs. Florida Panthers - January 4, 2024.

Miami Heat Nurse Appreciation Night - November 16, 2023 vs. Brooklyn Nets 

New York Knicks Nurse Appreciation Night - November 28 vs. Charlotte Hornets 

New York Rangers Healthcare Appreciation Night – November 29 vs. Detroit Red Wings 

Philadelphia Flyers Nurse Appreciation Night - December 14, 2023 Presents Nurse Nights Of Years Past: 2018-2023 (MLB and NBA)

Boston Red Sox Nurse Nights - past events

MLB and NBA Nurse Nights - past events


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