Philly Flyers Nurse Appreciation Night 2023

1 Min Read Published November 29, 2023
Philly Flyers Nurse Appreciation Night 2023

Event Recap

The Philadelphia Flyers salute the nurses who work tirelessly to keep their community healthy and thriving. During the game, 3 nurses were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the nursing community. 

3 Nurses Honored at the Game! 

The following nurses were nominated by the nursing community to be honored at Nurse Appreciation Night! After an online vote, they were selected to be recognized at the game.  Congrats!

  • Natasha Rossi - From Oncology Nurse to Cancer Survivor to FNP Student
  • Marissa Rabik - Marissa consistently goes above and beyond for the patients in her care. She provides a calm and healing environment just by stepping into a room. Recently her excellent assessment skills recognized a delayed postpartum hemorrhage. Her prompt thinking and interventions help to save a new mother from a terrible outcome. I am so thankful she was there to care for this new mother. They were very fortunate to be in her hands.
  • Jessica Abrams  - She is an exceptional nurse who shows great caring and compassion for her patients. She supported me through my birth, and I don't think I would have been able to get through it without her. She has since changed to an education position where she has less 1:1 patient care but now shares her knowledge and skills to create a better generation of nurses.

Awards and Prizes:

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