Top 10 Best Scrubs for Curvy Nurses

5 Min Read Published November 8, 2022
Top 10 Best Scrubs for Curvy Nurses

Finding the perfect pair of scrub pants and scrub tops can be challenging for curvy nurses. In fact, if you try to buy a pair of medical scrubs, you might find that while the scrub top fits, the scrub pants do not—and vice versa. Plus size scrubs might also come with different fits than someone who is curvier on the top or bottom needs. 

Honestly, wearing scrubs should be one of the easy perks of nursing because we all know the rest of the job can be very challenging, so set out to find some of the best scrubs for curvy nurses. We posted on Instagram to hear from real nurses about the best scrub tops and scrub bottoms they have found when you’re rocking some curves. 

We learned that material matters for a scrub set that can fit curves: many nurses mentioned having materials like rayon, Spandex, and stretchy fits really helped. There are also so many different scrub styles including drawstring, joggers, v-neck, and/or cargo pockets. Determining the best fit for you is important and might vary depending on the type material and brand.  Additionally, a few favorite brands came up again and again, including Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, Figs, and HeartSoul. 

We’re all about supporting nurses of every shape and size, so here are the top 10 scrubs for curvy nurses. may receive a portion of sales via affiliate links on this page. We strive to write recommendations that genuinely reflect our true opinion of the product or service.

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1. Cherokee: Infinity Women Scrubs Top Round Neck 2624A

This round neck scrub top from Cherokee’s Infinity line comes in sizes up to 5X and features many different colors, slimming lines, and ample pockets. Several commenters recommended the entire Cherokee Infinity line on Instagram, noting that it has great stretch. “I second Cherokee infinity!!” said travel nurse Jenna Speight. “The mid-rise joggers are perf for hiding my muffin top!”

2. Cherokee: iFlex Women Scrubs Top V-Neck Knit Panel CK605

Again, this brand line features sizes up to 5X and 6% Spandex to allow for some room and stretch while working. The real key to this top, however, are the knit panels which can accommodate curves while still maintaining a clean and streamlined look. “I love my Cherokee Infinity scrubs,” commented thetraveling_irwins. “Curvy girl approved. I’ve owned two pairs of them for over three years, and have had three more for over a year now. I love them, worth every penny.”

3.Koi: Lite Mock Wrap Ribbed Panel Top

The Mock Wrap ribbed panel scrub top is the key to allowing extra stretch for curves and the brand came recommended by a nurse in the Instagram community. This scrub top comes in multiple colors and in sizes XXS to 5X. 

4. Healing Hands: HH Works Monica 4 Pocket V-Neck Top

Healing Hands came up again and again as a curvy-nurse favorite scrub set on the gram. User the0neand0nlybreanna said, “Healing Hands by far. Super stretchy and soooo comfy 😍”.  Ainsliesylvest described randomly finding Healing Hands at a scrub shop, and discovering that they were perfect: “ Roomy but not bulky around my hips and chest. Very soft and wrinkle resistant too.” We also appreciate that this top comes with 4 pockets and has a roomier neckline to accommodate curves up top. 

5. Grey’s Anatomy: Women’s 4-Pocket Yoga Knit Pant - Modern FIt Medical Scrub Pant

Buy on Amazon starting at $37.95

Not unlike the show, Grey’s Anatomy scrub sets are versatile and a favorite among nurses of all shapes and sizes. This yoga knit scrub pant is roomy, with a drawstring top and a flexible yoga waistband to accommodate curves in the waist, hips, and back. “Cherokee and greys anatomy are my go-to,” said gracekamauwilliams. “You don’t have to break the bank and they stretch.”

6. Heartsoul: Break On Through Women Scrubs Pant Low Rise Jogger HS030

Buy on Amazon starting at $24.78

You gotta love jogger scrubs—they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and you don’t have to worry about dragging your scrub bottoms through a mess on the ground. Curvy nurses will appreciate this pair of jogger scrub pants that come in sizes up to 3X and features 5% Spandex for plenty of extra stretch. 

7. Figs: Rafaela Oversized Scrub Top 

Buy on for $48

Figs, a favorite among many nurse influencers, was also recommended by a few of’s Instagram nurses, although they did mention that the fits can be pretty individual. For instance, @Morl3s43 said when they buy Figs, they have found it really depends on the style and cut for curvy nurses. User show_tell  agreed, saying, “Very true. Only the figs joggers work for me! Their basic scrubs fall off my waist or don't work with my hips and thighs 😵‍💫😑.” If you do try Figs, this oversized scrub top with plenty of stretch and a drape shoulder silhouette may be a great place to start. 

8. Jaanuu: Women’s 5-Pocket Jogger Scrub Pant

Buy on Jaanuu for $46

It probably comes as no surprise to see Jaanuu on our list and the brand even garnered some serious praise hands:

The brand’s 5-pocket jogger scrub pant is a relaxed fit that goes up to size 3X with an elastic drawstring waist and plenty of extra stretch. Amazon reviews note that one of the best parts of Jaanuu is the high-quality fabric and because they are joggers, even petite nurses can find lengths more accommodating. (AKA, you can buy a larger size but not have the length be a mess on your legs!) And if you’re looking for a scrub top, chantell_desaray83 recommends the Jaanuu tulip style scrub top: “I get so many compliments! And they accentuate my curvy figure and give me a waist.”

9. Dickies: Xtreme Stretch Women Scrubs Pant Mid Rise Drawstring Cargo 82011

Buy on Amazon starting at $21.50

We love the idea of anything with Xtreme Stretch and so did our Instagram nurses. These drawstring cargo scrub bottoms feature sizes up to 5X, 4% Spandex for plenty of stretch, and all the colors of the rainbow. Plus, the waistband is drawstring and stretchy, but still offers the durability and structure you expect from Dickies. 

10. Dickies: Xtreme Stretch Women Scrubs Top V-Neck 82851

Buy on Amazon starting at $9.86

To top off your bottom, Instagram user amrheinsandsmelsersandbests describes Dickes Xtreme Stretch pretty succinctly: “Dickies Extreme Stretch. Thaaaa BEST+.” And just why are they the best? Reviewers comment that they love the comfort, fit, and of course, the stretch. Plus, they are wrinkle-resistant and come in sizes up to 5X. 

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