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The Grand Canyon state always needs qualified nurses. Find out everything you need to know about nursing in Arizona.

With high job demand, top salaries, and staffing ratios, California is one of the best places to be a nurse. Find out everything you need to know about nursing in the Golden State.

The ultimate guide to becoming a Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) including requirements, salaries and other important information.

During cardiac catheterizations, specially trained nurses assist the medical team and perform in distinct roles. This Career Guide will help those interested in entering this field of nursing.

CNMs are an important part of women's health. Find out what it's like being a Certified Nurse Midwife and the steps it takes to get there.

Certified Nursing Assistants are an integral part of the healthcare system. Being a CNA is also a great launchpad for a nursing career. Find out what CNAs do and what advancement opportunities are available.

The complete guide to becoming a clinical nurse instructor, including education requirements, salary, career outlook, and job description.

Complete guide to becoming a clinical nurse leader, including job responsibilities, potential salaries, career outlook, and required education.

Clinical Nurse Specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating illnesses for specific patient populations, settings, health conditions, or care type. Discover the education requirements, salary, and job description of this exciting career path.

The Centennial State offers great opportunities for nurses. Learn about licensing, salaries, and the best hospitals in Colorado.

The ultimate guide to Continuing Nursing Education for specific CEU requirements, finding approved programs, and the best professional development opportunities.

A complete guide to becoming a critical care transport nurse, including salaries and job requirements.

Dermatology nurses work specifically in the treatment of patients with diseases, wounds, injuries, and other skin conditions. Find out what dermatology nursing is all about including salary, job description, and career path.

A complete guide to becoming a dialysis nurse, including job responsibilities, job outlook, salary expectations, and required education.

Find out all the steps you need to take to become an emergency nurse practitioner, including what degree is required, and what skills you'll need.

A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) provides services for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. This can be especially rewarding for those who enjoy developing long-term relationships and getting to know people over time.

The Sunshine state is calling. Find everything you need to know about being a nurse in Florida.

Forensic nursing is a key component to the healthcare and legal systems in the US. Find out the salary, education, and certification requirements for this unique career path.

Soak up some southern hospitality and great nursing opportunities in the Peach State.

The Healthcare Leaders Scholarship is offered to students entering or currently pursuing an educational program related to nursing or medicine.

Home health nurses care for patients in the comfort of their own home. This guide explores what a home health nurse does and how to become one, including education requirements, salary, and more.

Learn how to become a hospice nurse, including the hospice nurse job descriptions, required education, and potential salaries.

Everything you need to know about becoming a charge nurse, including what they do, how much they earn, and the required education.

Crisis nurses, also known as rapid response nurses, earn high wages on short, high-intensity contracts around the nation and world.

The complete guide to becoming a critical care nurse, including job responsibilities, potential salaries, job outlook, and education requirements.

Everything you need to know about becoming a public health nurse, including education requirements, potential salaries, and job outlook.

The complete guide to the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner profession, including education requirements, how much they make, and how long it takes to become one.

A complete career guide to becoming an Adult Gerontology NP, including education requirements, career outlook, salaries, and how to become an AGNP.

A complete guide to becoming a cosmetic or aesthetic nurse, including job description, education requirements, and potential salary.

ICU nurses are registered nurses that specialize in critical care, earn high wages, and require less education than other nursing positions.

RN Case Managers manage patients and their various health providers. This guide covers how to become an RN Case Manager, average salaries, and potential careers.

The complete guide to financing your education as a nurse. Learn step-by-step how to pay for your next nursing degree.

A complete guide to working in nursing informatics, including salary expectations, job responsibilities, career outlook, and required education.

Kentucky has some of the best nursing schools in the country, and because of that, some of the best nurses. Find out everything you need to know about being a nurse in the Bluegrass State.

Labor and Delivery nursing is one of the most important specialties in the field. Explore what it's like to work in L&D, how much you can earn, and the education path to get there.

Legal Nurse Consultants provide valuable expertise to attorneys about medical issues. Find out how much LNCs make, the job description, and how you can become one.

LPNs and LVNs are a vital part of the healthcare system and can offer a quick, rewarding path to starting your nursing career.

Make you mark in the historic state of Massachusetts. You find everything you need to know about being a nurse in the Bay State.

A guide to becoming a medical assistant, including salary and career expectations, job outlook, how to become a medical assistant, and job responsibilities.

The Wolverine State offers great opportunities for nurses. Learn about licensing, salaries, and the best hospitals in Michigan.

Being a nurse in the armed forces is both heroic and rewarding. Find out the requirements to become one as well as the salary and benefits that go along with it.

NICU nurses care for the smallest patients - newborn infants. Learn about the different Levels within the unit along with education requirements, salaries, and job outlook.

Learn how to become a NICU nurse, the different levels within the unit, as well as education requirements, salaries, and job outlook.

The Tar Heel state is a great place to spend your nursing career. Find everything you need to know about being a nurse in NC.

If you're a Registered Nurse (RN) looking for more autonomy working with patients in an operating room, intensive care unit, or surgical facility, then becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) might be the perfect job for you.

What is a nurse manager and how do you become one? Find out education requirements, salary, and more for nurse managers.

A look at nurse practitioner careers, including the highest-paying specialties, educational paths, and how NPs are changing the health care field.

A complete guide to nurse practitioner salaries, including a list of all the factors that influences how much an NP can make.

Interviewing for a nursing job isn't the same as doing so for any other job. With expert advice, helpful exercises, and useful checklists, you'll have everything you need to ace your next interview.

A nursing recruiter's guide to writing your resume with easy-to-follow, actionable advice for a targeted, engaging resume. Includes worksheets and resume templates.

Learn how to become an occupational health nurse, including what an occupational health nurse does, required education, and career and salary projections.

With some of the nation's best hospitals and excellent salary and benefits, the Buckeye State is a great place for nurses to spend their career.

Oncology nurses are in one of the most important segments of the nursing industry, as cancer becomes more prevalent in society. Explore career opportunities, and job outlook.

Orthopedic nurse practitioners help patients with musculoskeletal problems and earn a high salary. This guide covers everything a nurse needs to know to become an orthopedic NP, including education, certification, and job outlook.

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit or PACU nurses treat patients in their most vulnerable states - before and after surgery. Find out what it takes to enter this high-demand, high-salary field.

Pediatric nursing brings special challenges and unique rewards. Find out more about this high-demand specialty, what it takes to become one, and how to get started.

A complete guide to becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP), including job responsibilities, required education, career outlook, and salaries.

Psych nurses play a vital role in improving the health and lives of patients, families, and communities. Find out more about this versatile career path including work settings, skills, and patient populations.

A complete guide to becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), including potential salaries, required education, and steps to becoming certified and securing your first job.

Find out more about how to become a registered nurse, and what the career is all about to decide if it’s the right career for you.

A complete guide to becoming a research nurse, including job responsibilities, salary expectations, required education and certification, and job outlook.

School nurses are a vital part of the educational system. This guide will take a closer look at all aspects of school nurses and help guide those who are interested in following this nursing path.

A surgical nurse, or Perioperative nurse, care for patients before, during, and after surgical procedures and work on everything from life-saving procedures to elective ones.

A complete guide to telehealth nursing, including what telehealth nurses do, potential salaries for telehealth nurses, and required education.

Trauma nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare. Find out the education requirements, salary range, and job outlook for this important nursing specialty.

Travel nurses receive high pay, housing, and meal stipends. Better yet, they don't have to deal with hospital politics and they get to adventure somewhere new every 3-months. Learn more about this exciting career.

A complete guide to becoming a women's health NP, including job responsibilities, required education, salary potential, and job outlook.

Nurses who decide to become certified in wound care have committed to entering a specialty, one that has increased in demand as the needs of our population increases. Read on to learn about this important branch of nursing!

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