April 9, 2018

Highest Paying States For Registered Nurses

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It’s that time of year again. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its latest Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Report. Not surprisingly, healthcare workers report some of the highest wages in the country. Here are all 50 states (plus Washington DC), ranked by average salary for registered nurses in 2017.

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51. South DakotaMount Rushmore in South Dakota

Average RN Salary: $57,010

Average Hourly: $27.41

Number of RNs in South Dakota:  12,530

50. MississippiMississippi River in Mississippi

Average RN Salary: $57,700

Average Hourly: $27.74

Number of RNs in South Dakota:  28,760

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49. AlabamaDowntown city on the river in Alabama

Average RN Salary: $57,890

Average Hourly: $27.83

Number of RNs in South Dakota:  49,290

48.  IowaIowa City from the river at dusk

Average RN Salary: $57,930

Average Hourly: $27.85

Number of RNs in Iowa:  33,280

47. ArkansasForest in Arkansas with town

Average RN Salary: $58,810

Average Hourly: $28.28

Number of RNs in Arkansas:  24,380

46. KansasDowntown city in Kansas from the river 

Average RN Salary: $59,940

Average Hourly: $28.82

Number of RNs in Kansas:  28,900

45. TennesseeFestival in downtown Nashville Tennessee with fireworks

Average RN Salary: $60,050

Average Hourly: $28.87

Number of RNs in Tennessee:  59,350

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44. West VirginiaTrail and bridge going through a forest

Average RN Salary: $60,380

Average Hourly: $29.03

Number of RNs in West Virginia:  20,410

43. KentuckyLouisville and river at night time

Average RN Salary: $61,530

Average Hourly: $29.58

Number of RNs in Kentucky:  44,410

42. OklahomaMonument at daytime in Oklahoma

Average RN Salary: $61,640

Average Hourly: $29.63

Number of RNs in Kentucky:  28,000

41. NebraskaSmall pond and park in Nebraska city

Average RN Salary: $62,210

Average Hourly: $29.91

Number of RNs in Nebraska:  22,870


40. IndianaDowntown city park in Indianapolis Indiana

Average RN Salary: $62,450

Average Hourly: $30.02

Number of RNs in Indiana:  68,530

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39. North CarolinaSweeping view of multiple North Carolina cities from the mountains

Average RN Salary: $62,560

Average Hourly: $30.08

Number of RNs in North Carolina:  99,210

38. UtahFamous buttes and valleys in Utah state parks

Average RN Salary: $63,050

Average Hourly: $30.31

Number of RNs in Utah: 21,340

37. North DakotaFamous badlands and mountains in North Dakota

Average RN Salary: $63,140

Average Hourly: $30.35

Number of RNs in North Dakota: 9,020

36. MissouriBusy public buildings and downtown in Kansas City

Average RN Salary: $63,300

Average Hourly: $30.43

Number of RNs in Missouri:  72,090

35. LouisianaFamous state building in downtown New Orleans Louisiana

Average RN Salary: $63,560

Average Hourly: $30.56

Number of RNs in Louisiana: 45,970

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34. South CarolinaPark view with waterfalls in river in South Carolina

Average RN Salary: $63,630

Average Hourly: $30.59

Number of RNs in South Carolina: 43,200

33. IdahoState legislature building in Boise Idaho

Average RN Salary: $64,520

Average Hourly: $31.02

Number of RNs in Idaho: 13,320

32. FloridaDowntown city skyline in Florida on cloudy day

Average RN Salary: $64,890

Average Hourly: $31.20

Number of RNs in Florida: 178,330

31. WyomingRiver going through valley at dusk in Wyoming

Average RN Salary: $64,900

Average Hourly: $31.20

Number of RNs in Wyoming: 4,910


30. OhioOhio River running through downtown Ohio city

Average RN Salary: $65,500

Average Hourly: $31.49

Number of RNs in Ohio: 124,620

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29. Maine

Atlantic Ocean coast in Maine

Average RN Salary: $65,890

Average Hourly: $31.68

Number of RNs in Maine: 14,200

28. MontanaBeautiful mountain view with valley and lake in Montana

Average RN Salary: $66,280

Average Hourly: $31.87

Number of RNs in Montana: 10,110

27. GeorgiaBusy Atlanta Georgia with traffic at night time

Average RN Salary: $66,750

Average Hourly: $32.09

Number of RNs in Georgia: 75,000

26. VirginiaTrees overlooking lake in Virginia

Average RN Salary: $67,990

Average Hourly: $32.69

Number of RNs in Virginia: 64,260

25. MichiganDowntown Detroit from across the Great Lakes

Average RN Salary: $69,120

Average Hourly: $33.23

Number of RNs in Michigan: 94,090

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24. WisconsinAriel shot of the state capitol building in Wisconsin

Average RN Salary: $69,200

Average Hourly: $33.27

Number of RNs in Wisconsin: 55,940

23. VermontBeautiful campus view in Vermont during the day

Average RN Salary: $69,560

Average Hourly: $33.44

Number of RNs in Vermont: 6,270

22. PennsylvaniaLandmark in Pennsylvania with road going through it

Average RN Salary: $69,820

Average Hourly: $33.57

Number of RNs in Pennsylvania: 143,130

21. New MexicoNew Mexico butte with wildlife and plants at base

Average RN Salary: $69,840

Average Hourly: $33.58

Number of RNs in New Mexico: 16,290


20. New HampshireSmall building in part of settlement in New Hampshire

Average RN Salary: $70,040

Average Hourly: $33.67

Number of RNs in New Hampshire: 13,190 

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19. TexasDowntown Houston Texas city skyline at night

Average RN Salary: $72,070

Average Hourly: $34.65

Number of RNs in Texas: 212,230

18. IllinoisChicago vista from the water in Illinois

Average RN Salary: $72,090

Average Hourly: $34.66

Number of RNs in Illinois: 123,100

17. ColoradoDowntown Denver on a hazy Colorado day

Average RN Salary: $72,570

Average Hourly: $34.89

Number of RNs in Colorado: 49,340

16. DelawareOverlooking water in Delaware with tree by the water

Average RN Salary: $73,180

Average Hourly: $35.18

Number of RNs in Delaware: 11,620

15.  ArizonaFun night life in Phoenix Arizona

Average RN Salary: $75,110

Average Hourly: $36.11

Number of RNs in Arizona: 54,630

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14. MarylandAn east coast dock in Maryland for pedestrians

Average RN Salary: $75,250

Average Hourly: $36.18

Number of RNs in Maryland: 53,700

13. Rhode IslandOld building facade in Rhode Island

Average RN Salary: $76,650

Average Hourly: $36.85

Number of RNs in Rhode Island: 11,820

12. MinnesotaBusy traffic going in and out of downtown Minneapolis

Average RN Salary: $77,540

Average Hourly: $37.28

Number of RNs in Minnesota: 64,540

11. WashingtonSpace needle and downtown Seattle skyline

Average RN Salary: $79,810

Average Hourly: $38.37

Number of RNs in Washington: 56,880


10. ConnecticutSnowy state legislature building in Connecticut

Average RN Salary: $80,200

Average Hourly: $38.56

Number of RNs in Connecticut: 34,310

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9. New JerseyStreet between ocean and businesses in New Jersey

Average RN Salary: $82,010

Average Hourly: $39.43

Number of RNs in New Jersey: 80,560

8. New YorkNew York from far off in the water

Average RN Salary: $83,450

Average Hourly: $40.12

Number of RNs in New York: 180,170

7. NevadaAriel view of the Las Vegas strip in Nevada

Average RN Salary: $84,980

Average Hourly: $40.86

Number of RNs in Nevada: 21,060

6. AlaskaTwo people sitting on frozen lake enjoying aurora borealis in Alaska

Average RN Salary: $87,510

Average Hourly: $42.07

Number of RNs in Alaska: 5,570

5. OregonWaterfall splashing into forest lake in Oregon

Average RN Salary: $88,770

Average Hourly: $42.68

Number of RNs in Oregon: 35,140

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4. MassachusettsDowntown Boston during the spring

Average RN Salary: $89,330

Average Hourly: $42.95

Number of RNs in Massachusetts: 82,870

3. District of ColumbiaLincoln Memorial from over the water in DC

Average RN Salary: $90,110

Average Hourly: $43.32

Number of RNs in DC: 11,000

2. Hawaii Sunset in Hawaii with city skyline of Honolulu

Average RN Salary: $96,990

Average Hourly: $46.63

Number of RNs in Hawaii: 10,800

1. CaliforniaVast Los Angeles skyline at dusk with traffic flowing

Average RN Salary: $102,700

Average Hourly: $49.37

Number of RNs in California: 282,290


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