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Nurse.org cares about nurses at every stage of their journey. We support and empower them to better their careers, lives and profession by publishing trusted educational resources and covering relevant news for nurses by nurses. Nurse.org influences and amplifies the nursing voices and issues that matter most, and is a trusted mentor to nurses worldwide: each month, >1.5M current and future nurses visit our website and we engage millions more via our email newsletters, social channels, and award-winning podcast.

Editorial Process

We are committed to providing nurses with trusted education, career and clinical information that will help them advance their careers. To make sure that our content is reliable, trustworthy and up-to-date, we've developed a rigorous editorial process.

Experienced Authors

We believe that no one knows nurses better than, well, nurses. That's why we rely on experienced nurses and healthcare professionals to write and review our content. Our nurse contributors are experienced, licensed, practicing nurses who are experts in their respective specialties.

Since not all nurses are the same, we also strive to provide diverse perspectives, inclusive of all genders, ages, races, sexual orientations and political affiliations.

Regular Article Updates

We continuously review our articles to to ensure they are as relevant and accurate as possible, updating them with the latest data and information when it becomes available.

Expert and Medical Reviews

We added an additional step in our content review process where we have a nurse review our content for clinical accuracy and nursing expertise. You’ll find these expert and medical reviews listed in our bylines alongside the author of the article.

Trusted Sources

Our sources are transparent and linked within each article. We primarily get our career and salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). In cases where that data isn't available for a particular career or specialty, we then source from reputable sites such as Payscale, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. Learn more about third party data resources we utilize here.

When we cover breaking news, we attempt to reach out to the relevant organizations who are covered for comment. On occasion, we will invite 3rd parties to write opinion pieces, but they are always clearly marked as such.

If we find we have reported on a topic inaccurately, we will update the article and clearly note that we have done so.

Award Winning Content

Our content and community have won countless awards and been recognized by leading health organizations. See our awards and accolades here.

Please contact our editorial team if you have feedback about any of our content or would like to suggest topics we might cover in the future.

Creative Directors

Alice Benjamin

Alice Benjamin - MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, FNP-C, CCRN, CEN, CV-BC

Alice Benjamin, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, FNP-C, CCRN, CEN, CV-BC, also known as Nurse Alice, is a cardiac clinical nurse specialist and family nurse practitioner with over 23 years of nursing experience specializing in cardiology, critical care and emergency medicine. She is the host of the Ask Nurse Alice Podcast; an NBC Los Angeles Medical Correspondent and CEO of Nurse Approved. You can follow her at asknursealice.com, on Twitter and Facebook at @AskNurseAlice, and on Instagram at @asknursealice

Angelina Walker

Angelina Walker - Director of Nursing Content and Social Media

Angelina has her finger on the pulse of everything nursing. Whether it's a trending news topic, valuable resource or, heartfelt story, Angelina is an expert at producing content that nurses love to read. She specializes in warmly engaging with the nursing community and exponentially growing our social presence.

Jessica Lyons

Jessica Lyons - Managing Editor

Jessica is an experienced writer, editor, and content strategist who loves all things having to do with the written word. She’s worked with startups, advertising agencies, and in-house marketing teams to develop engaging content that informs and educates. She specializes in editorial strategy and SEO. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her two cats: Newman and Saul. 

Kathleen Gaines

Kathleen Gaines - MSN, RN, BA, CBC

Kathleen Gaines (nee Colduvell) is a nationally published writer turned Pediatric ICU nurse from Philadelphia with over 13 years of ICU experience. She has an extensive ICU background having formerly worked in the CICU and NICU at several major hospitals in the Philadelphia region. After earning her MSN in Education from Loyola University of New Orleans, she currently also teaches for several prominent Universities making sure the next generation is ready for the bedside. As a certified breastfeeding counselor and trauma certified nurse, she is always ready for the next nursing challenge.

Contributing Writers

Ali'Ce Haskins

Ali'Ce Haskins, MSN, APRN, CME-C, FNP-BC

Ali’Ce Haskins MSN, APRN, CME-C, FNP-BC, better known as “Nurse Haskins”, inspires nurses and nursing students through her motivational journey and success advice. She started as a CNA and moved up the nursing ladder from CNA to LPN to ADN to BSN to MSN. Today, she’s a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who loves what she does. Nurse Haskins is on a personal mission to empower others to not only follow their dreams but, to teach them how to obtain advanced nursing degrees without living a life in debt! Published author and founder of Nurse Haskins, PLLC, this influential motivational speaker has hosted nurse empowerment events and sponsors an annual nursing scholarship in honor of the life of her son. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @nurse_haskins

Amy Blitchok

Amy Blitchok

Amy M. Blitchok is a professional writer, content creator, bookworm and gym rat who is based out of Raleigh, NC. She specializes in topics that range from finance and technology to health and travel. You can follow her on Twitter or visit her website.

Amy McCutcheon

Amy McCutcheon, RN, Founder of Real Desert Mama

Amy was surgical PCU/Telemetry unit as a new grad for over 10 years; the last year and a half of that time being Telemetry COVID nursing. She stepped away from the bedside and is currently working PRN as a concierge nurse. Amy has a passion for budgeting. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and on her website Real Desert Mama, where she talks about budgeting, saving money, and tips and motivation on how to live a great life and achieve your financial goals through budgeting

Ayla Roberts, MSN, RN

Ayla Roberts, MSN, RN, Registered Nurse

Ayla Roberts is a Registered Nurse and freelance content writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over 8 years of clinical experience, primarily in pediatrics. She has also worked extensively in nursing education and healthcare simulation. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Nursing, but her first love has always been writing. Connect with her on LinkedIn, on Instagram @thernhealthwriter, or by visiting www.thernhealthwriter.com.

Breann Kakacek

Breann Kakacek, BSN, RN

Breann Kakacek BSN RN has been a registered nurse for more than 8 years and a CNA for 2 years while going through the nursing program. Most of her nursing years include working in the medical ICU and Cardiovascular ICU and moonlighting in the OR as a circulating nurse. She has always had a passion for writing and enjoys using her nursing knowledge to create amazing online content.

Brittany Hamstra

Brittany Hamstra, BSN, RN, CPN

Brittany Hamstra is a travel nurse on assignment in the amazing city of San Francisco. She specializes in Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, Neurology, and Epilepsy. When not working at the hospital or writing articles for Nurse.org, she enjoys playing beach volleyball or exploring the crazy beautiful nature around her. She loves a good adventure, and is currently planning her next big trip - trekking Patagonia in South America in December 2018. Travel nurses have the most fun!

Cameron Hershey

Cameron Hershey, BSN, RN

Like many nurses, nursing was not Cameron's first career choice. He took an untraditional path to become a nurse that started out as a Medical Assistant then as a Firefighter/EMT before finding his calling in critical care. Today, he works as a travel nurse, critical care transport nurse, teaches ACLS/PALS, and writes a blog to mentor new and current ER nurses.

Carl Oldham

Carl Oldham, BSN, RN

Carl is a Prior Authorization nurse who works from home for a Fortune 500 health insurance company subsidiary. After initially pursuing pre-med studies and obtaining a BS in Biology, Carl decided to focus on nursing and obtained his BSN. After nearly 6.5 years of working bedside, Carl decided to change careers again and pursued working for an insurance company in a permanently remote role. Carl enjoys the flexibility and work-life balance of his remote nursing "office job" and encourages fellow nurses to look for alternative work if the bedside is no longer for them. 

Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie, BSN, RN

Chaunie Brusie, BSN, RN is a nurse-turned-writer with experience in critical care, long-term care, and labor and delivery. Her work has appeared everywhere from Glamor to The New York Times to The Washington Post. Chaunie lives with her husband and five kids in the middle of a hay field in Michigan and you can find more of her work here

Christy Book

Christy Book, BSN, RN

Christy Book, BSN, RN, is a registered nurse from Louisiana. She has served as an assistant director of nursing, director of nursing, and divisional director of nursing in the long-term care setting. Other nursing experience includes medical-surgical, allied health instructor, and immigration. She is also an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. Christy’s passion for writing, researching, and educating others is what led her to become a nurse writer.

Danielle LeVeck

Danielle LeVeck, DNP, ACNPC-AG, CCNS, RN, CCRN

Danielle Leveck is an CVICU Nurse Practitioner, blogger, speaker, writer, and social media influencer, who strives to empower and inspire nurses from all backgrounds to partake in regular self-care and multidisciplinary teamwork for the sake of providing optimal patient care. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and her website for her latest.

Diana Page


Diana Page, ACNP-BC, is an outpatient neurology nurse practitioner, burnout expert, and mentor helping exhausted nursing professionals have optimal work life balance through mentorship, education, empowerment, and community. She founded Selfcare Catalyst LLC in 2020 and has helped dozens of nurses find fulfillment outside of work and clarity on their place in nursing, and has connected with and supported 1000s though her social media platforms. She is a leader on topics related to Nurse/APP wellbeing and burnout and is a believer that we are more than a nurse and that we deserve care too. Diana is a self-proclaimed boundaries queen, self-care strategist and loves a good PTO day! Learn more about Diana and check out her free resources for clinician wellbeing at www.selfcarecatalyst.com or check out her Instagram @catalystforselfcare where she posts daily tips to help you feel empowered to put yourself first and more fulfilled while working in healthcare.

Donald Jacobsen

Donald Jacobsen, MSN, MBA, RN-BC (NI)

Donald Jacobsen is a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience in healthcare. His clinical background includes emergency medicine, critical care, case management, and healthcare informatics. He holds a master's degree in nursing from the University of Memphis and a master's degree in healthcare management from Western Governors University. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. You can find more of Donald's writing at https://www.donaldjacobsen.com.


Dr. James Simmons

Dr. James Simmons, DNP, MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC

Dr. James Simmons, DNP, MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC is a Hospitalist NP in Los Angeles, founder of the online community Ask The NP (Everything You're Too Scared To Ask Your MD), frequent medical contributor as seen on CBS, FOX, SiriusXM, Dash, Radio.com, etc. and proud practitioner of snark. He can be found @AskTheNP on Instagram and Twitter, and @AskTheNP_ on Tik Tok.

Ellen Cole

Ellen Cole, MSN, RN

Ellen Cole, MSN-RN is a Medical Surgical nurse and freelance writer who lives in Portland Oregen. Ms. Cole started working as a CNA in 2003 and has worked in a variety of nursing specialties along the way. She brings that varied experience into her writing, as she writes on a variety of topics from health and wellness to patient care to nursing career issues. Her work can be read at her website: ELLEN COLE - Scriveners Sojourn

Emily Bryant

Emily Bryant, MSN, RN

Emily Bryant is an Emergency Room nurse by trade, and an adventure enthusiast by choice. She caught the travel bug and hit the road and has now worked in twelve different hospitals as a travel nurse. With a passion to inspire and encourage others throughout her journey, she recently acquired her Master's in Nursing Education and is using it to build up nurses and promote continuing education. When she is not in the hospital, she can be found on a trail in the mountains or planning her next adventure.

Jake Uitti

Jake Uitti

Jake Uitti is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, Interview Magazine, The Seattle Times, Alaska Beyond, The Stranger, and more. When not poring over a keyboard mid-interview, Jake can be found strolling around the Emerald City looking for the best ramen or cheese pizza slice. He is the author of two books from Reedy Press: 100 Things To Do In Seattle Before You Die and Unique Eats and Eateries: Seattle. The son of Ivy League professors, Jake grew up amidst books of French literature, but soulful meals, compelling conversation and thoughtful songs are his true loves. To keep up with Jake, follow him on Twitter

Joann Owens

Joann Owens, BSN, RN

Joann Owens is a nurse-turned-writer. She writes to educate and connect. When she’s not writing about health and wellness, she homeschools, creates bilingual books for kids, and enjoys the sun and sand with her family.

Joleen Sams

Joleen Sams, Family Nurse Practitioner

Joleen Sams is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner based in the Kansas City metro area. During her 10-year RN career, Joleen worked in NICU, inpatient pediatrics, and regulatory compliance. Since graduating with her MSN-FNP in 2019, she has worked in urgent care and nursing administration. Connect with Joleen on LinkedIn or see more of her writing on her website.


Karla Medrano

Karla Medrano, BSN, RN

Karla Medrano BSN, RN is a wife, mom, content writer, and community health nurse. When C-19 hit, she reduced her time at the bedside and started her own healthcare marketing business, SGM Medical Marketing, assisting health and wellness brands to grow their social media presence. When she isn’t working with her clients, she is investigating dinosaurs with her son, watching Marvel movies, or working on her comic book, Luna the Queen of Mahru! You can follow her on IG @leave_the_bedside

Kathleen Bartholomew

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

Kathleen Bartholomew uses the power of story and her background in sociology to illuminate the healthcare culture in her presentations, books, and Op-Eds.  For over twenty years she has spoken to nurses, physicians, and leaders about how to nurture relationships that create a culture of safety. Her TEDx talk challenges our covert belief that some people are more important than others. 

Katie Boston-Leary

Katie Boston-Leary, Ph.D., MBA, MHA, NEA-BC

Katie Boston-Leary, Ph.D., MBA, MHA, NEA-BC is the director of nursing programs at the American Nurses Association and an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Follow her on LinkedIn, and read more about her here.


Lemetria Whitehurst

Lemetria Whitehurst, Registered Nurse

Lemetria Whitehurst is a registered nurse and content creator with over 23 years of experience in healthcare. After working many years remotely as a utilization review nurse, she branched and became a freelance copywriter, specializing in all things nursing-related, alternative & holistic health and wellness content, specifically in the rapidly growing cannabis world. As a Cannabis Nurse Educator, Lemetria advocates for cannabis reform, writing about cannabis science, culture, and the healing powers offered by cannabinoids. She's also passionate about homeschooling and resides in West Virginia with her husband and six children. You can find more of her creative work on her 90s-themed youtube channel, Kuttin' Up For the Kulture, or on her website lemetriawhitehurst.com where she offers writing services and tips for other creatives. You can also follow her on Instagram @lemetriawhitehurst

Leona Werezak

Leona Werezak, BSN, MN, RN

Leona Werezak BSN, MN, RN is the Director of Business Development at NCLEX Education. She began her nursing career in a small rural hospital in northern Canada where she worked as a new staff nurse doing everything from helping deliver babies to medevacing critically ill patients. Learning much from her patients and colleagues at the bedside for 15 years, she also taught in baccalaureate nursing programs for almost 20 years as a nursing adjunct faculty member (yes! Some of those years she did both!). As a freelance writer online, she writes content for nursing schools and colleges, healthcare and medical businesses, as well as various nursing sites.

Mariam Yazdi

Mariam Yazdi, BSN, RN

Mariam is a writer and travel nurse from El Paso, Texas. After three years in the ICU, she hit the road with her husband and two pups, living in San Francisco, Tennessee, and Los Angeles. Currently in New York City, Mariam is a nurse journalist for Nurse.Org. Catch her on Instagram @mariamcat.

Melanie Suggs

Melanie Suggs, BSN, RN

Melanie is a registered nurse that has over 13 years of experience in healthcare. She worked as a CNA for 10+ years, then started her career as a nurse in CCU. Most recently, she transitioned to working as a social media coordinator for nurse.org. Melanie spends the majority of the year living overseas with her husband, and their two kids. She enjoys traveling, blogging, and working out. You can check out her website or connect with her on Instagram

Portia Wofford

Portia Wofford, LPN

Portia Wofford, known as The Write Nurse, is an award-winning nurse, writer, and content marketer. After dedicating her nursing career to creating content and solutions for employers that affected patient outcomes, these days, Portia empowers brands to increase growth opportunities and promote health equity through diverse, engaging content that connects and converts. Follow her on InstagramLinkedin, and Twitter for her latest. When Portia’s not writing you can find her at sporting events with her son or promoting her platform of health equity as the reigning Ms. Black Alabama USA, 2022.

Rose Hayes

Rose Hayes

Rose is a nurse, writer, and health communications strategist. She currently serves as marketer and liaison for Project NeLL, Emory School of Nursing’s suite of applications for learning, teaching, and practicing nursing data science. To see if Project NeLL contains the data sets you need for your research or teaching, or to find out about partnering with the Project NeLL team, please contact ProjectNeLL@emory.edu.

Sarah Falcone

Sarah Falcone, BSN, RN

Sarah S. Falcone, BSN, RN, is a nurse and health content writer in Fort Worth, TX. She has worked in various settings, including Med-Surg and L&D, but home health has her heart. Sarah is a passionate advocate for moving advanced levels of care to the home, where her clients can safely receive medical treatments they need, with greater satisfaction and comfort. She focuses on patient experience, outcomes, and advancing clinical models using innovative technology to serve patients better. Sarah draws from 15 years of practicing patient care and nursing leadership, to share her own nursing experiences and expertise online. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

Sarah Jividen

Sarah Jividen, RN, BSN

Sarah Jividen, RN, BSN, is a trained neuro/trauma and emergency room nurse turned freelance healthcare writer/editor. As a journalism major, she combined her love for writing with her passion for high-level patient care. Sarah is the creator of Health Writing Solutions, LLC, specializing in writing about healthcare topics, including health journalism, education, and evidence-based health and wellness trends. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children. 

Terri Heimann Oppenheimer

Terri Heimann Oppenheimer

Terri Heimann Oppenheimer is a freelance writer and editor who is driven by details. She loves to dive into research, ensuring that the information she provides educates, engages and illuminates. Before starting her own business she spent years working in advertising and raising three kids. Today she lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where her she and her husband enjoy travel, the Jersey Shore, and spoiling their grandchildren.

Victoria Moll

Victoria Moll, CPC, COC, CPMA, CRC, CPRC, AAPC Approved Instructor, Fellow

Victoria Moll is passionate about providing engaging and cost-effective education. She has multi-specialty experience in professional coding, auditing, and risk adjustment coding. Victoria has published numerous articles on coding and billing best practices and has spoken at several local, regional, and national events, including HEALTHCON, the national business of healthcare expo. She has been featured on the Alpha Coding Podcast the Not Elsewhere Classified Podcast and has her own dynamic YouTube Channel, Contempo Coding, filled with free coding tips and tricks. Victoria serves on the AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors for years 2021-2023 and is on the Editorial Board for BC Advantage Magazine.

Wali Khan

Wali Khan, BSN, RN, SRNA

Wali Khan, BSN, RN, SRNA is a Chicago based trauma ICU nurse and a first year student registered nurse anesthetist (SRNA). His writing entails a powerful narrative and perspective on the balance between faith and medicine. Passionate about nursing, faith, and community service, he uses his voice on social media (Instagram) to highlight the intersection between the three. As a Muslim Pakistani American immigrant and first-generation college graduate, his journey entails a story of perseverance, balance, and compassion that students and practitioners can relate to. His professional and personal goal has been to advocate for diversity while breaking down the stigma and barriers that have been created around the nursing profession. With a previous career as a personal trainer, his lifelong commitment to health and wellness, he inspires and encourages his followers towards an empowered and healthier life.

History of Nurse.org

Nurse.org was acquired by the media company, Full Beaker, Inc., in 2015. Prior to that, Nurse.org changed hands a number of times and was once even owned by a leading nursing association.

The Nurse.org that exists today was developed after significant market research and numerous interviews with practicing nurses to make sure we were serving a need in the nursing community. We saw an opportunity to build a robust website and community for nurses around the world, helping them throughout every stage of their nursing career. Today, Nurse.org is the largest website and community of nurses online.

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