Denver Nuggets Nurse Discount Tickets and Special Recognition

4 Min Read Published February 1, 2024
Denver Nuggets Nurse Discount Tickets and Special Recognition

Event Recap

FOUR nurses were recognized on the court in a pre-game ceremony, including a delivery of the game ball. Each winner received 2 game tickets, Clove shoes, and a NuWest prize bundle! Plus, 50 nurses were invited to watch the pregame warm-ups from the VIP section! 

Youtube video

Youtube video

4 Nurses Honored at the Game! 

Here are the four nurses who were chosen by an online vote: 

Marty Turner

  • Nomination: It is my esteemed honor to introduce you to Martha “Marty” Turner. Marty, a Colorado native, has worked in the Burn Center at University of Colorado hospital for 34 YEARS and is finally retiring after a career of tireless caring, educating, and advocating. Many of us know someone who has experienced a heart attack, cancer, stroke, a broken bone, but a major burn injury is rare and extremely specialized. Marty is with the patient from day one of their injury in the ICU all the way through their recovery in the outpatient clinic once they return home. She is the calm, reassuring voice on the worst day of their life, losing not only their skin but sometimes loved ones, pets and belongings. These patients are the sickest of the sick in the hospital and Marty has been training new nurses and doctors for over 30 years on how to best care for our patients, inspiring a whole community of burn center staff and helping create one of the best Burn Centers in the country. Her impact is exponential. The number of patients she has cared for over the years is in the thousands but add to that all the people she has trained, and that number becomes incalculable. Marty teaches our advanced classes locally, along with training others to teach all over the country as a National Faculty for the American Burn Association. The list doesn’t end there, Marty is an instructor for our Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNCC) class, she volunteers in the Recharge Room helping all hospital staff have a moment of respite in the middle of a crazy day at the hospital, and is an active member in her church leading book and discussion clubs. She has presented at national conferences, sharing her knowledge with new generations of nurses and healthcare staff. Whenever there is a question that cannot be answered, we all look to Marty to give us guidance. She tried retiring once a few years ago, but we didn’t really see much of a change in how much impact Marty has made on all of us and our patients. A breast cancer survivor, Marty barely missed a step as she trudged through treatment and surgeries, still showing up however she could for everyone. You may ask yourself, where is the proof of all of Marty’s great work; pics or it didn’t happen, right? Well, the vast majority of Marty’s work happened before the proliferation of social media. And even if it was around, Marty would be too busy to show off her amazing work. She also makes a difference every day, at the bedside, where social media still can’t touch (for privacy purposes). Marty is one of those nurses that you just know is going to take care of you, whether you are a patient or a new nurse. Many burn patients feel scared and lost in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, until Marty comes along.

Ritchie Hernandez

  • Nomination: All of the residents love him. He is so caring to the people he takes care of. He is always making light of tough situations and knows how to make everyone laugh and deserves appreciation.

Amy Kent

  • Nomination: Amy Kent worked the Covid ICU through the shutdown and far after. She never missed her shifts. She has now become a charge nurse and is literally running around making sure everyone is taken care of! I would trust her with my life anyday! She’s smart, kind, empathetic, and loves her job!!

Nicole Retana

  • Nomination: Nicole works as an RN at North Suburban Medical Center as the nurse educator. She is very present in our facility and knows everyone by name. She comes to every floor asking how she can help and provides education in all areas of our hospital. She goes above and beyond to help us provide quality care to our patients. Nicole is such a positive person and is a shining light at NSMC. Our facility would not be the same without her! I always look forward to seeing her during my shifts. She love being an RN and she truly loves the Nuggets also!!

Event Photos

Awards and Prizes

  • The 1 nurse with the most votes was honored on the court!
  • The 3 nurses with the next highest votes delivered the game ball!
  • The 4 nurse winners each received 2 game tickets, pair of Clove shoes, and prize bundle from NuWest!
  • Up to 50 nurse nominees were invited to watch the Denver Nuggets warm-up before the game!
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