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18 Min Read Published April 1, 2024
The Best Gifts for Nurses | Nurse.org

Need to say thank you to a nurse in your life (or just treat yourself!)? We've rounded up the best gifts for nurses that they'll truly appreciate.  

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The Best Gifts for Nurses  


Nurses are usually on their feet for well over 12 hours per shift! A good pair of supportive and comfortable shoes are a must. When it comes to nurse shoes, some prefer sneakers, and others prefer clogs.

1. Gales Shoes

Gales are the first lab-verified, fully antimicrobial footwear. With no cracks, crevices, or natural materials to foster bacteria growth, Gales protect your feet in any environment.

Buy Gales For $89.95 "The FIRST PPE shoes for nurses!"

2. Clove Shoes

Clove Shoes boasts ultra-comfortable, cushioned shoes for nurses who are on their feet all day, every day.

Buy Clove for $139

3. FIGS Shoes

FIGS is a women-led nursing apparel company that creates comfortable shoes with the durability to last.

Buy FIGS | New Balance 996 Women's For $98.00


Nurse Stickers

Nurses can stick these stickers on tumblers, laptops, bumpers, and more! They make an affordable and versatile gift.

Buy now for $7.25


Life’s too short for boring socks! Spice up your product catalog with some nifty Crew Socks. The sublimation technique yields vibrant prints so you can wow your customers with electrifying designs. These crew-length socks are easily customizable and are a great stylish addition to an everyday outfit.

Buy now for $15


Headwraps, headbands, and scrunchies are perfect for keeping your messy buns in place and hair out of your face! These amazing accessories stay put in place while you’re working out, running, hiking, at the beach, dancing, or on your 12-hour shifts.

Buy Stitched Kindness hair accessories on Adni


The perfect addition to your keys, work bag, and more! A great reminder for nurses to be kind to our minds and prioritize our mental health! 

Buy accessories by Mel's Crafty Corner on Adni


Hard enamel pins designed to add style to your badge, jacket, or bag. It's perfect for collecting or gifting to a friend!

Buy Scrub Society Pins on Adni

Odor Blocker

Everyone knows that hospitals don't smell the best! StinkBalm is an inconspicuous balm that is applied under the nose to help block the user from smelling foul odors, making your shift smell more pleasant! 

Buy StinkBalm on Adni

Silicone Wedding Ring - Hospital Approved!

Diamonds can cut through gloves, and hospitals have policies that do not allow diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. These rings are the perfect solution and can even be worn while working out! They’re comfortable, durable, and can withstand constant hand washing.

Multiple silicone wedding rings for healthcare professionals

Buy Enso Silicone Wedding Bands on Amazon

Badge Clips, Lapel Pins, and Stethoscope IDs 

Badge Reels/Clips

These retractable badge reels are a fun way to add a little humor to your shift and a little personality to your scrubs!

Buy NatalieMade Badge Reels on Adni

These adorable badge holders are perfect for any nurse. You are sure to find one that fits your personality, specialty, or mood

Buy Nurseology Badge Reels on Adni

Any nurse would love a new badge clip, lapel pin, or stethoscope ID - especially one with a funny quote, a cute design, or one that makes a statement like "vaccinated!" or "COVID Warrior." We even included a badge reel that doubles as a pen holder - bingo! 

Buy these cute badge clips on Amazon 


Buy this badge reel/pen holder 

Stethoscope ID Tag

Stethoscopes are not cheap, and unfortunately, without a name tag, they can be misplaced or accidentally taken. That’s why a stethoscope ID tag is a perfect gift for the nurse in your life. They also add a little style and a fun touch to any scope!

Buy the ‘Good Girl Gone Badge’ Stethoscope Tag on Amazon 



Tote Bag 

Nurse.org asked nurses to vote for the quotes they want to see on tote bags. Then we made a design of the top-voted quote, here it is.

Buy it now for $21

Nurse Fanny Pack

The Rumii bag is a fanny pack for nurses that has been designed with specifications to make a nurse's shift as efficient as possible. From scissor pockets to a loop for badge reels as well as IV caps, the bag is curated so nurses can spend less time gathering supplies and more time with their patients. The bag has been built to be compact enough not to get in the way of your duties but also the perfect size to fit all of your supplies. Rumii will help assist you as you assist your patients.

Buy it now for $32 on Adni

Pencil/Pen Bag

The Bataí pencil bag is packed with all the goodness you’d expect from an eco-friendly pencil case; it’s made of 100% Fairtrade Certified organic cotton! This little bag is the perfect place for you to stash your pens, highlighters, sharpies, and pen lights! 

Buy this eco-friendly pencil case on Adni

Nurse Bag

Nurses carry a lot of items back and forth between work and home. It will make their life a lot easier to have all the things they need most in an organized, handy bag! This fun, fashionable, but durable bag has multiple pockets for everything a nurse might need during a busy shift. 

Buy Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag

Lunch Bag

Spacious & functional lunch bags! Most lunch bags are too small. We believe you ought to have one bag that’s large enough to hold everything you need during a shift without compromising on style. These are made just for you!

Buy this Lunchbox Backpack on Adni

We love this cute lunch tote that comes with a matching tumbler! Perfect gift for your special nurse.

Buy this lunch tote, tumbler matching kit on Amazon

Nurse Books


This guide has over 100 pages of anecdotes, tips, and models to help you become comfortable and confident in your new role as a professional nurse!

Buy it now for $25 on Adni


All We Had was written by nurse Ashley who began journaling to deal with the trauma of working face-to-face with COVID. What began as a form of personal therapy sparked the desire to tell a fictional story of frontline nurses and the struggles they faced. All We Had is inspired by her lived experience. 

Available on Kindle for $9.99 or paperback for $20.99

A calming, fun nurse-themed coloring book to relax after a long shift. 

Buy this coloring book on Amazon starting at $8.99

Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Nurses: 101 Stories Of Appreciation And Wisdom

Buy Chicken Soup for The Soul on Amazon starting at $13.99

Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul: Second Dose: More Stories to Honor and Inspire Nurses (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Buy Chicken Soup for The Nurse's Soul on Amazon starting at $13.99

Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul: 101 Stories to Celebrate, Honor and Inspire the Nursing Profession (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Buy Chicken Soup For The Nurse's Soup on Amazon starting at $13.99

Clinical Resources

Badge Reference Cards

Need-to-know info right at your fingertips with an aesthetically pleasing look. No more messy notebooks with hard-to-find info. 

Buy the Shift Change RN reference cards on Adni 

Nurses have to remember countless medications, information, and tasks on a daily basis. Sometimes they need a quick reference guide during a challenging situation. These ID badge card sets are perfect for new nurses and seasoned nurses alike. They fit nicely with their badge and can be accessed quickly!

Buy the ‘Complete Nurse RN CNA Horizontal Badge Card Set’ on Amazon 

Nursing Students Guides

Let’s face it, there is SO much information thrown at students during nursing school that it can be difficult to digest at times! These nurse-created study guides and cheat sheets include the biggest takeaways to help you succeed on your school exams, NCLEX, and your nursing career! 

Buy study guides on Adni 

Pocket-Sized Clinical References

Quick resource guides have found their way onto nurse's stations for decades. These resources have vibrant diagrams and clinically pertinent information rather than hundreds of pages of densely written text! The perfect gift for any clinical nurse!

Buy clinical references by SwiftNotes Publishing on Adni 

Drinkware and Water Bottles 

Tumblers - "Safe Staffing Tumbler"

Nurse.org asked nurses to vote for the quotes they want to see on a tumbler - "Safe Staffing Saves Lives" was the most voted quote. This Stainless Steel Tumbler is a bright and functional piece of drinkware with a layer of varnish that protects against peeling and color fading. You’ll get the reusable tumbler, the plastic lid, and the metal straw—a perfect combo for hot or cold drinks any time of the day.

Buy it now for $23

Stay hydrated and be reminded that you are a human, not a hero! A double-wall stainless steel with a push-on lid that has a sliding drink opening. Laser engraved and top rack dishwasher safe and perfect for your shift!

Buy it now for $28

Nurse-themed water bottle accessory CharCharm bundle - the perfect addition for any nurse who wants to add a touch of personality to their water bottle. These charms are a fun and creative way for nurses to personalize their water bottles while also showcasing their passion for their profession.

Buy this Nurse Water Bottle Accessory Bundle by CharCharmsit on Adni

Water Bottle

Buy this motivational water bottle on Amazon

Other Drinkware

Coffee before your shift, wine after - am I right? Oh, and lots of water in between! So, how do nurses make iced coffee? First, they make coffee. Then, get busy and forget about the coffee. End up drinking it cold! That won’t happen with this YETI tumbler. Ever. Yeti is king. This durable stainless steel double-walled insulated tumbler will keep drinks hot and cold throughout those long shifts.

Buy this Yeti tumbler on Amazon 


Buy this wine glass and mug on Amazon 

Buy this tumbler on Amazon 

Electronics and Fitness Equipment 

Wearable Light

uNight Light 2.0 is Lumify's new & improved wearable LED light that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances during the day & night. 

Buy the wearable LED light by Lumify Care on Adni 

Cell-Phone Sanitizer

Cell phones are 10x dirtier than toilet seats! Working in healthcare, nurses are constantly exposed to different types of germs. Help your favorite nurse out by getting them this portable phone sanitizer - equipped with a charger. The UV light sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just six minutes. It also allows for charging through a universal USB port and acts as an aromatherapy diffuser. 

Buy the Portable UV Cell-Phone Sanitizer on Amazon

Amazon Echo & Alexa

Throughout the hustle of the busy shift at the hospital, nurses crave simplicity at home. The constant beeping of alarms, pumps going off, and phones ringing sometimes need extra help at home. The Amazon Echo and Alexa help simplify things for nurses and their families.

Buy the Echo Dot on Amazon 

Affordable but practical this gift is a winner for every nurse on your list! Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that allows you to communicate using your voice, listen to your favorite songs, make shopping lists, set alarms, and check weather and traffic updates, among various things that can be performed using your voice.

Roomba iRobot

Nurses' lives are already busy enough; who wants to spend their day off cleaning? Help lighten your nurse's load with a Roomba iRobot vacuum (for hardwood and carpet.) It's a game-changer! 

Buy this Roomba iRobot on Amazon 

Fitbit Versa

The average day shift nurse walks 4-5 miles a day. The Fitbit Versa helps keep track of those steps! The Fitbit Versa tracks real-time heart rate and resting heart rate as well as keeps the wearer focused on health insights and trends in fitness. Wearers have access to the weather, text messages via Bluetooth, the ability to track fitness workouts, and even fertility tracking apps. 

Buy this Fitbit Versa 2 on Amazon 

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Buy Fitbit Health & Fitness Tracker on Amazon starting at $85

Gift Cards

Give your special nurse the gift of choosing their OWN gift or experience with a gift card. Nurses will 100% appreciate a gift card from Amazon, Target, or Starbucks! Even a gift card for a self-care experience - like a massage, facial, or MedSpa would be amazing. Here are our top gift card picks for nurses. 

Shop now for Amazon Gift Card (any amount) 

Shop now for VISA Gift Card (any amount)

Shop Starbucks Gift Card (any amount)

Shop Sephora Gift Card (any amount)

Shop Spa Finder Gift Cards

Home Decor and Appliances

Black Out Curtains - for Night Shift Nurses

Seriously, these curtains are a game-changer for those who work the night shift. Nothing is better than a pitch-black room in the middle of the day. And nothing is worse than any peak of light shining through the window. OK, there are worse things - construction and the doorbell rank pretty high, too. While you’re at it, throw in some earplugs! 

Blackout curtains covering window during day time

Buy these black-out curtains on Amazon 

Nurse-Themed Signs

A gift to hang in their home to always remind them of how loved they are. These top-rated wall hangings featuring quotes for nurses are available on Amazon.

Buy this sign on Amazon 

Buy this sign on Amazon

Hand-Poured Candles 

Hand-poured and made from a premium blend of essential oils and soy wax without paraffin, phthalates, or parabens, and comes in its own custom Aromasthesia Box. Every candle has a little tagline to match your mood. Some of our favorites are lidocaine for “humans who need some numbing” and botulinum (aka botox) for “humans who frown too much.”

Buy luxury candles on Adni

Aromatherapy Candles 

Hand-poured and made from a premium blend of essential oils and soy wax without paraffin, phthalates, or parabens, and comes in its own custom Aromasthesia Box. Every candle has a little tagline to match your mood. Some of our favorites are lidocaine for “humans who need some numbing” and botulinum (aka botox) for “humans who frown too much.”

Buy this pack of 6 candles on Amazon

Candle with a Special Reminder

This soy-based candle with make your special nurse smile and feel awesome! 

Buy this Candle on Amazon

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Coffee STAT! This coffee brewer makes gourmet coffee quickly. It comes with a carafe or can be poured directly into a travel mug. This gift is sure to please. 

Buy Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker on Amazon 

Instant Pot

We're all hungry after work. Instant pots make it easy to whip up a delicious meal in record time. 


Buy this Instant Pot on Amazon 

Medical Equipment: Stethoscopes and Blue Light Glasses


A well-made, dependable stethoscope with excellent acoustics is a must-have for any nurse. With thousands of options to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to a few of the best (and most popular) “scopes.” 


Littman has been the trusted brand by healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and students, since the 1960s. With its wide range of acoustics and options, Littman offers something for every nurse. 

Buy this top-rated 3M Littman's Stethoscope, Cardiology, on Amazon 

MDF Instruments

The MDF brand stethoscope has excellent ratings overall and its stylish colors and metals have catapulted the popularity of this sought-after stethoscope. Handcrafted since 1971, these stethoscopes offer patented safety lock silicone ear tip adaptor technology, a lifetime parts warranty, and 100% stainless steel construction. 

Buy the MDF RoseGold Stethoscope on Amazon 

Eko Health

Eko introduced The CORE 500™, the first digital stethoscope with high-fidelity audio, a full-color display, and a 3-lead ECG. 
With advanced TrueSound™ technology, the CORE 500™ defines the next generation of audio quality and provides the most precise sound.  

Buy the Eko CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope 

Stethoscopes & Assessment Gear by Heart + Sound Solutions

Owned by practicing Nurses and Physicians, Heart + Sound Solutions offers top-quality stethoscopes and various other items required by nurses, nursing students, paramedics, and other first responders.

Buy Heart + Sound Solutions top-quality stethoscopes & other gear on Adni

Stethoscopes Holder by MotivatEM

Looking for a versatile stethoscope holder that can store your stethoscope in multiple ways? MotivatEM has got you covered! This clip-on stethoscope holder can store dual-headed stethoscopes in up to 3 different ways and single-headed stethoscopes in 2 different ways.

Buy this clip-on stethoscope holder on Adni

Stethoscopes Case by RekMed

These cases are perfect for every nurse needing a place to stash their stethoscope and all their other go-to accessories for their shift! This nurse-founded company also creates amazing nurse planners and workbooks! 

Buy this stethoscope case & other gear on Adni

Stethoscope Travel Carrying Case

Every nurse needs a carrying case to protect their stethoscope. If they have a Littman stethoscope, this is a great pick! 

Buy this stethoscope carrying case on Amazon 

Trauma Sheers

Shears that would outperform and outlast anything else available, I teamed up with a world-class product designer and manufacturing partner, and we are working hard to bring you the highest quality, most innovative trauma shears available today.

Buy innovative trauma shears on Adni 

Foldable Clipboard

Buy the NurseNerds Foldable Clipboard on Adni 

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Nurses stare at computer screens all shift long, exposing their eyes to harmful blue-spectrum light. Blue light has been proven to cause headaches, dry eyes, sleep disturbance, and eyestrain. Blue light-blocking glasses are a great addition to any nurse's lifestyle.

Buy this top-ranked, 2-pack of blue-light-blocking glasses on Amazon 

Memberships and Subscriptions

American Nurses Association (ANA) Professional Organization Subscription

Joining the American Nurses Association (ANA) and your specific State Nurses Association for professional support and growth that nurses won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Click here to join ANA for $28 per month.

Scrubs, Apparel, Nurse T-Shirt, Nurse Hoodies 


When it comes to scrubs, there are thousands to choose from - nurses are constantly having to replace their old scrubs.

Jaanuu scrubs reach peak performance in bestselling scrubs, scrub jackets, and under scrubs at Jaanuu. Jaanuu scrubs are backed by science and designed for ultimate comfort.

Shop Jaanuu scrubs

A new generation of scrubs made from biodegradable materials, engineered to leave no trace. Created by Oscar de la Renta Alums. Impactful clothing for people and the planet.

Buy Welles scrubs on Adni

SHAPE I Medical is a brand that seeks to empower healthcare professionals to provide optimal care to their patients by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We are inspired by your journey, and we want to help you on the path to your destination. 

Buy SHAPE | Medical scrubs on Adni

Figs Scrubs are like the high-end, luxury, super stylish scrubs - perfect for your trendy special nurse friend! 

Buy this scrub set on wearfigs.com for $86

The Grey's Anatomy line by Barco Uniforms brand is consistently voted as one of the favorites by our nursing community!

Buy Barco Uniform's Grey's Anatomy bundle - top and bottom on Amazon 

Nurse T-Shirts, Tanks and Hoodies (Quotes By Nurses)

Nurse.org asked nurses what sayings they wanted to see on nurse t-shirts and hoodies - here are the top 6 quotes!

Buy it now for $21.98

Buy it now for $41.99

Buy it now for $22

Outerwear, Sweaters, and Light Jackets

If you work in a hospital, you know that your temperature fluctuates a lot. One second, you're freezing, and the next, you've broken out into a full-on sweat. We really like to layer with a warm sweater or track jacket over our scrubs. 

Figs released the first puffer jacket made for healthcare workers. 

Buy Bennet Long Puffer on Figs for $358

Buy Sydney Scrub Jacket of Figs for $98


Buy this fleece RN zip hoodie on Amazon 


Handmade apparel and accessories for the nurses who are a bit Anti-social, and we're ok with that! 

Buy Antisocial Nurses Club apparel by Crafty Cai on Adni 


Whether you have foot, knee, or back pain, the Classic Insole provides all-day comfort and support customized to your body. The perfect pairing for your go-to regular or wide-width work shoes! 

Buy them now for $48 on Adni 

Compression Socks

Topping the list of best compression socks for nurses and medical professionals, these premium compression socks are guaranteed to support nurses their entire shift!

Buy Pro Compression Socks now for $24 on Adni 

Nurses work 12+ hours in one shift and are on their feet for most of that time. A good pair of socks can make their shift a little more comfortable and help with blood circulation! Did you know that bodily fluids can splash up scrub pants? The higher the sock, the better!

Buy these top-rated nurse compression socks on Amazon 

Scrub Hats

Scrub hats designed to keep you comfortable while being fun, functional, and fashionable. Designed by an OR nurse and perfect for your 12-hour shifts! 

Buy TaylorMade Scrub Hats on Adni

The perfect, stylish, antimicrobial scrub cap made by Figs is a great gift idea! 

Buy this scrub cap on wearfigs.com for $18

Self Care: Massagers, Lotions, Gift Boxes & Snacks

Caffeinated Chocolate

Caffeinated chocolate bars, your alternative to coffee! Shouldn’t there be a way to get energy without having to make that coffee run in the middle of your shift? These caffeinated chocolates bites are a perfect and decliscious way to give you that extra bit of energy.  

Buy AWAKE Chocolate on Adni 

Deep Kneading Foot Massager

Nurses barely get to sit during their shifts and are running around for well over 12 hours. By the time they get home, their feet are in a world of pain. Give your special nurse the gift of self-care and pain relief with this amazing foot massager. 

Buy this foot massager on Amazon 

Buy this deep kneading foot massager on Amazon

Deep Tissue Massager

Nurses are busy people and don’t always have time to book professional massages. This heated personal massager comes in handy to relieve knots, tension, spasms, aches, and pains. Relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches, and pains.

Buy this heated neck and shoulder massager on Amazon

This percussion massager can relieve the sorest of muscles. 

Buy this percussion massager on Amazon

Check out this massaging food bath - can you say AMAZING!? Your special nurse with definitely be grateful for this gift.

Buy this massaging foot bath on Amazon

Tea for Better Sleep

Sometimes it's hard for nurses to fall asleep. Help your special get a good night's rest with this herbal tea sleep aid (that tastes great, too!)

Buy this sleep aid tea on Amazon

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Nurses are constantly washing their hands and using rough hand sanitizers. This leaves dry and cracked skin, especially during the winter months. This creamy balm with 20 percent shea butter, honey, almond extracts, and coconut oil is blended to create this extremely effective formula. 

Shea butter hand cream tube

Buy L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream on Amazon

Snack Boxes 

 Did someone say snack? Time is short on a nurse's shift, and a quick, healthy snack will be appreciated anytime! 

Buy this snack gift box on Amazon for $21.80

BONUS GIFT! Lots Of Love

The best things in life aren’t things. The work of a nurse often goes un-thanked during shift changes and emergencies. Hug your special nurse a little longer. Cook them a warm meal. Book them a relaxing massage or spa day.

Or, if you have the means, take them on a well-deserved relaxing vacation - preferably on a beach with unlimited margaritas!

PS: A simple “Thank You” goes a long way.

FAQs About Nurse Gifts

  • What gifts can you give nurses? 

    • Nurses may appreciate gifts such as food and snacks, gift cards to local restaurants or entertainment, lip balm, lotion, socks, chocolate, candy, cookies, or chewing gum. 
  • What is a good appreciation gift for a nurse?

    •  Some nice nurse appreciation gifts include compression socks, stethoscope covers, travel mugs, gift cards, food and snacks, candy, hand sanitizer, or lotion. 
  • What does every nurse need? 

    •  Every nurse needs a good pair of compression socks, lotion to combat endless hand-washing, custom tumblers lip balm, and of course, food! When in doubt, an Amazon gift card is always a good choice!
  • Do nurses like gift baskets? 

    • Nurses definitely appreciate gift baskets, but nurses also never expect or need gifts from patients or patients’ families. A basket full of snacks for the whole unit will definitely be appreciated!
  • What do you put in a nurse's basket? 

    • Some ideas for a nurses’ gift basket could include food and snacks, gift cards, lip balm, lotion, socks, chocolate, candy, cookies, and chewing gum. 
  • How do you thank a nurse? 

    • The single best way to thank a nurse is to simply say thank you! A heartfelt letter of appreciation will also touch any nurse’s heart. 


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