Yankees Healthcare Appreciation Week: Nurses Honored

3 Min Read Published May 2, 2024
Yankees Healthcare Appreciation Week: Nurses Honored

Event Recap

Yankees Healthcare Appreciation Week! 

The New York Yankees are proud to show their appreciation to the dedicated men and women of New York and nationwide who serve as our healthcare professionals. 

Nurses Honored on the Field! 

THREE nurses were recognized on the field during the pregame ceremony at the May 22, 2024 game. Each winner received 2 game tickets, Clove shoes, a prize bundle from Nuwest, and other prizes!

Here are the three nurses who were chosen by an online vote: 

Margarita Marasigan: 

Margarita has been a nurse at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory school in addition to working at Mt.Sinai. I have not only worked with her but she was the nurse for my 3 brothers who went to the school. She is a person of comfort when calling and advising parents, but also for the children. When they bump their heads on the recess yard or get a paper cut there is only one person they want to see, Nurse Margarita.

As an aspiring Doctor, I am currently a first year medical student. Nurse Margarita is one of my role models. She knows how to treat the patient not the disease or the problem. I have seen her take action when students are having seizures not only helping the student but the parent as well. 

She was on the front lines during the nursing strike supporting her co-workers. She is a driving force in her community.

Dorcas Cruz: 

Dorcas has been a nurse since 2018. She began her career working on a post-open heart surgery unit, caring for patients that recently had undergone heart surgery. Not only is she a hard worker but also a kind and friendly person which served her patients well. Dorcas excelled in this area and went on to challenge herself by working in the open heart surgery ICU. She was now tasked with caring for the critically ill and recovering patients straight out of the operating room. Only a few months into her new role was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which tested her metal as a new nurse working in critical care. Through hard work and perseverance she was able to adapt and provide care to patients through a chaotic situation, all the while learning the skills necessary to fulfill her new role in the open heart ICU. I have worked with her for the past 6 years and I look up to her in this profession. Dorcas is a team player. She's the type of nurse that will help you even when she's busy, will make sure that you have had something to eat, and at your worst moment will find a way to make you laugh. Patients have loved Dorcas as she always went above and beyond for them, even if it was an inconvenience to her; I remember a time when Dorcas's shift had finished, but she stayed an extra hour off the clock to help feed her patient dinner and braid her hair just so that the patient could feel cared for, since this patient had no family. I've even seen her spend her breaks with patients watching their favorite TV shows and plenty of Yankees games. Dorcas is the type of nurse that I would want to look after my mother, or anyone else's for that matter. Her kind heart and charming personality are second to none and she is an invaluable asset to the healthcare system. 

Breanna Adams: 

Breanna Adams worked as an RN on the ICU at Bronson Hospital throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. She did this all while navigating school for her masters in nursing as well as being pregnant. She has continued to further her nursing career while working as a nurse practitioner in various settings. 

Awards and Prizes:

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