Everything Nurses Need to Know About the NCLEX Exam

If you want to become a registered nurse, you’re going to have to take (and pass) the NCLEX exam. Luckily for you, we’ve got everything you need to know about taking this next step. From what’s on the NCLEX, to how to pass it, to what to do if you do fail, nurse.org has your back every step of the way.

Registered Nurse Salary
$77,600 per year, $37.31 per hour
Source: BLS
How Long is the NCLEX Exam?
2-5 Hours
Source: BLS

What is the NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is an exam used to determine if recently graduated nursing students are safe to practice. Every nurse who graduates from an ADN or BSN program must pass the NCLEX-RN to earn licensure and legally practice nursing in the United States. If you're looking to learn more about the NCLEX and what to expect on the exam, this guide will explain it all. The Ultimate Guide to the NCLEX Exam

How to Pass the NCLEX the First Time

You've studied hard in nursing school and you know your stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't learn some tips and tricks to help pass the NCLEX on your first try. We've put together our top tips from real nurses for passing the NCLEX the first time. Nurses Top Tips for Passing the NCLEX

Top NCLEX Review Courses

There are a lot of NCLEX review courses out there to help you. But which one do you choose? We're here to help you decide which NCLEX test prep course is right for you. We compared the top NCLEX review courses on price, quality, pass rate and more. Top Rated NCLEX Prep Courses

What's on the NCLEX-RN Exam?

If you're preparing to take the NCLEX-RN, you're probably wondering what to expect? What will the test consist of? How long does it take to get your results? How should you prepare? We share everything you need to know about the NCLEX and how to get ready for it. What to Expect on the NCLEX and How to Survive It

What is the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)?

The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) is going to be the new version of the NCLEX exam that prospective registered nurses and licensed practical nurses must pass. Changes to the NCLEX exam are slated to begin sometime in 2023, although the exact date has not yet been determined by the NCSBN. If you’re a nursing student, or a prospective nursing student, you probably have some questions about the new NCLEX exam. So, we decided to answer some of the most common questions we’ve heard. What You Need to Know About the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

NCLEX Study Plans

This article will help you create an organized study plan for your learning style. We'll discuss how to study for the NCLEX, important NCLEX topics, and how to allocate time for your NCLEX prep schedule. We'll even provide a sample NCLEX study plan for you to build upon. How to Create an NCLEX Study Plan

What to Do If You Failed the NCLEX

A large number of new graduates fail their boards on the first attempt, but it’s rarely discussed. Including internationally educated nurses and repeat test-takers, the pass rate in 2021 was only 66% on the first attempt. If you fail, don't worry! This article will explain what your next steps are if you did fail the NCLEX, as well as signs that you may have failed to look out for. Signs You Failed the NCLEX (And What to Do If You Did Fail)

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