11 Best Scrubs For Males Nurses

4 Min Read Published November 8, 2022
11 Best Scrubs For Males Nurses

When you think about it, scrubs are the ultimate form of workwear: they have to perform, day and night, to grueling conditions of literal life and death. The right scrub top and scrub pants need to have functionality for moving patients and equipment, while still being breathable and displaying durability. 

Every nurse has that favorite pair of scrubs that just makes them feel ready to conquer any shift, so if you’re looking for the best scrubs for males, we’ve got you covered, from jogger scrubs to cargo scrub pants with all the pockets to drawstring scrubs. These are best picks for male nurses, or any medical professionals looking for a pair of durable, functional scrubs. 

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1. Cherokee: Workwear Originals Men Scrubs Pant Fly Front Cargo 4000

Buy it Now on Amazon starting at $17.00 

Can we get an amen for scrubs that are wrinkle-resistant and will maintain their shape even after washing? Sorry, but ain’t no one got time for ironing. (Unless that’s your thing, of course, which in that case, good for you.) These are a pair of workwear scrubs that will keep working as hard as you will. They come in a range of sizes, from small and short fits to 5X. 

2. Figs: Pisco Basic Scrub Pants for Men, Structured Straight Leg Fit, Anti-Wrinkle

Buy on Figs.com for $54

Figs is known for being a scrub brand that presents a tailored, professional look while still being incredibly durable and comfortable. These drawstring scrubs are a loose, comfortable fit thanks to a blend of spandex in the material that’s also tailored enough for a clean look. Plus, we especially appreciate how these scrubs come in extended sizing that also offer short lengths, from XS short and tall to XX tall and short. 

3. Carhartt: Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub Top

Buy on Amazon for $29

Carhartt is a name you probably recognize as being synonymous with work, so it only makes sense that Carhartt scrubs would give you the features you have come to expect, such as durable material, fabric you can move in, and extended sizing for nurses of all shapes and sizes. One of the perks of this Carhartt scrub top is that back length, because the back is 1.5 inches longer than the front to keep everything intact. Plus: no tags. 

4. Barco: Men’s Big 6 Pocket Zip Fly Drawstring Scrub Pant

Buy on Amazon Starting at $21

Turns out, Grey’s Anatomy is not just a TV show and they actually do produce medical scrubs. (Don’t get us started on how much work they need to do showing what doctors actually do in the hospital though…) These zip-fly scrubs are also drawstring and have plenty of (read: six) pockets plus a utility ring to store everything you need to get through your shift. The medical-drama-inspired scrubs also come in sizes from XS-5X and extra short to extra tall lengths. Reviews mention how they are the perfect blend of not too-loose and not too-tight. 

5. Koi: Lite 670PR Men’s Soul Scrub Top

Buy on Amazon starting at $35

This classic v-neckline scrub top features moisture-wicking fabric, two side entry pockets, a bungee loop for your ID badge, and a two-tone color design that comes in three different ombre color choices. Comes in sizes XS-XL. 

6. WonderWink: The Alpha Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top

Buy on Amazon starting at $9.14

These Unisex scrub tops can be used by anyone who is looking for a comfortable scrub top that’s functional and will hold up through washing. This scrub top is a looser fit and comes in sizes from XS to 5X. You’ll get three pockets and an ID bungee loop, plus an array of colors to choose from. 

7. Beyond Scrubs: Mens Bravo Jogger

Scrubs & Beyond, $35

We have to be honest with you: these jogger scrubs from Beyond Scrubs look like they could pass for your comfiest sweatpants at home, but they still somehow manage to be incredibly professional. Even the colors are professional, with five different muted olives and blues to choose from. Plus, you get a knit waistband (read: super comfortable) and seven pockets, which is clearly someone who knows what nurses actually want. 

8. Carhartt: Liberty Slim Fit V-Neck Top


Scrubs & Beyond, $35

For those of you looking for more of a slim fit, this Carhartt Liberty pocket scrub top is V-neck with front seaming that offers more of a streamlined look. Reviews say these scrub tops fit true to size, from S to 3X. 

9. Dickies: Balance Men's 5 Pocket Cargo Pants

Scrubs & Beyond, $33

Button front or elastic waistband? You don’t have to choose with these Dickies cargo pants—they look like a combination of a traditional work pants mixed with the workability of scrub bottoms. You’ll get not two, not four, but six pockets, including a hidden zippered pocket to keep things like a phone and keys secure. 

10. Landau: Proflex 7-Pocket Elastic Drawstring Joggers

Scrubs & Beyond, $29

This pair of scrubs might win for the most amount of pockets in a scrub pants, with the count coming in at 7 total pockets. A drawstring, elastic waistband offers comfort and extended sizing, while tapered leg cuffs provide a streamlined and professional look. Reviews praise how crisp and fresh these jogger scrub pants feel even after a long shift. 

11. Cherokee: Infinity Mens Polo Top

Scrubs & Beyond, $34

If you aren’t limited to scrub tops only at work, this Infinity polo is a great choice for healthcare professionals, especially because it has a zippered front pocket to keep supplies from falling out. Plus, it has antimicrobial properties to help prevent the growth of microbes within the fabric. (Nurses, take all the help you can get, but sorry, this still won’t help with staffing…)

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