Vegas Golden Knights Nurse Appreciation Night 2024

1 Min Read Published December 11, 2023
Vegas Golden Knights Nurse Appreciation Night 2024

Event Recap

The Las Vegas Golden Knights, reigning  Stanley Cup champions, celebrated the dedication and resilience of nurses and healthcare workers during this matchup against the Florida Panthers. 

Two remarkable nurses who have gone above and beyond the call of duty took center stage on the ice and rode the Zamboni to the cheers of a roaring crowd!

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Meet the 2024 VGK Nurses! 

The following nurses were nominated by the nursing community to be honored at Healthcare Heroes Knight! After a community, online vote, they were selected as the two nurses to be recognized at the game and ride the Zamboni. 

  • Carolyn Hafen: "Carolyn has been a nurse for over 15 years. She is currently the Emergency Department Director and has worked at Spring Valley Hospital for over 17 years. She is not only an amazing nurse, who provides compassionate and empathetic care to the patients, but she is also a great leader and mentor for the staff working in the emergency department. She is consistently helping to lead them to be great caregivers in our community. Carolyn worked during October 1 and since that night has made sure to be an active member in emergency preparedness. Carolyn works hard every single day to make sure that not only her department, but that the entire hospital is taken care of. She goes above and beyond!"
  • Sara Weaver: Sara is an outstanding registered nurse who always has a positive attitude and makes every day better. She is a two-time DAISY winner and an excellent relief charge in our times of need. She always goes above and beyond!

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