70 Nurses Compete For Podcast Hosting Spots!

45 Min Read Published November 14, 2023
70 Nurses Compete For Podcast Hosting Spots!

Nurse.org is launching a new podcast in 2024 and we recently ran a talent search to find our 10 hosts! We believe that the best way to determine which voices should be amplified is by letting the nursing community decide. 

Top 13!

After carefully tallying all the votes, the nursing community has spoken! Here are the top 10 nurses who received the most votes:

  • Carol Simpson
  • Cheyenne Starner
  • Ellaine Maala
  • Holly Kapusinski
  • Kasey Mundell
  • Leah Helmbrecht
  • Lily Chimenti
  • Nalina Mendez
  • Shenell Thompkins
  • Terrin Ramsey
  • Tina Loarte-Rodriguez
  • Valérie Sinady
  • Wali Khan

Podcasts have opened up a world of possibilities for nurses to connect, learn, and inspire one another. At Nurse.org, we have long recognized the importance of fostering this sense of community and providing a platform for nurses to amplify their voices. That's why we recently ran a talent search aiming to find the next wave of influential nursing podcast hosts to join our platform.

The response we received was nothing short of overwhelming! We were inundated with a multitude of nursing professionals, each with a unique and inspiring story to tell.

Audio and Video Clips

All candidates were asked to submit audio and video clips discussing why they should be Nurse.org's next podcast host. You can watch, and listen, to those clips by clicking here. 

>> Check out the candidate's submission videos! 

Candidate List

Adenike Okeowo, DNP, CVRN-BC, FNP-C

  • Article: Adenike Okeowo, DNP, CVRN-BC, FNP-C, discusses the importance of multidisciplinary involvement in the management of amyloidosis, including the crucial role of regional partners, such as primary care physicians, as well as the roles fulfilled by centers of excellence.

Alejandro Roldan, NP

  • Instagram: npalejandro  
  • TikTok: @npalejandro
  • News Video: CBS 58
  • Article: Biz Times
  • “With over 12 years in healthcare, first as a cardiac ICU nurse and now as a nurse practitioner, I am deeply passionate about nursing and constantly seek avenues to share, educate, and inspire. My experience extends beyond clinical practice. For the past six years, I’ve had the privilege of being an adjunct faculty member, educating and molding the next generation of nurses. Teaching has honed my communication skills, and I’ve developed an engaging and confident style that resonates with both my students and colleagues. Moreover, I proudly serve on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Hispanic Nurses in the Greater Milwaukee Chapter as the Director of Academic Affairs. In this role, I have cultivated vital relationships with academic institutions, fostering scholarship opportunities, promoting engagement, and building a sense of community. My dedication to nurturing and supporting students of color in their healthcare journey exemplifies my commitment to inclusivity and representation in the nursing field. Moreover, my remote recording availability aligns with the flexibility the position demands. My dedication to the craft and the nursing profession will ensure that the content and delivery are top-notch. In conclusion, the blend of my extensive nursing experience, educational background, leadership role within the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, and social media presence makes me a perfect fit for this role.”

Amanda Guarniere, NP

  •  Instagram: theresumerx | www.theresumerx.com/
  • “My name is Amanda Guarniere and I am the founder of The Résumé Rx - a content community that helps nurses and NPs with all things finding, landing, and loving your dream job. I'm the former host of the Nurse Becoming podcast, my own show that I produced on my platform that had 120+ episodes before its hiatus last year. I have written numerous articles for online platforms, including Nurse.org, and have guested on over 25 podcasts as a subject matter expert.

April Waddell, RN (Retired)

Aysia Bly, BSN, RN

  • motheringthemama.com/
  • “I have been doing influencer content for about the last 5 years with the last 2/3 of them being in the vlogging content sector.  I have done 3 podcast interviews over the course of my time and have interviewed for blogs 2 times.  I have worked with nurse.org on numerous occasions, one of them being the IG story takeover.  I LOVE working with the nurse.org group and would love to continue our working relationship by being a host for the podcast!”

Brett Buzzelli 

  • “Empowera Podcast is your go-to community podcast for all things health care. We were founded by health care professionals (HCPs) and community leaders who have been generating change by continuing to raise transparency and awareness, while also offering a space for listeners like you to answer “What in your opinion is happening in health care?” The answers not only have been genuine and authentic, they have been from different stretches of the globe as well"

Carol Simpson

  • “I do not have formal media experience however have been called upon to serve my organizations for TV interviews, radio interviews, and internal media. 


Cecilia Ndungu

  • “I have experience in media through my participation in various healthcare-related projects and initiatives that involved media engagement. While I don't have specific links to social media videos or podcasts, I can provide an overview of my media-related activities: Healthcare Workshops: I have been a speaker and facilitator in healthcare workshops and training sessions, where I have addressed healthcare topics relevant to my field. These sessions often included discussions recorded for internal use. Public Health Campaigns: I have contributed to public health campaigns, creating content for brochures, posters, and online platforms to educate the public about health issues. While I haven't hosted podcasts or videos, I have been involved in content creation for these campaigns. Interviews: I have been interviewed by local media outlets on topics related to healthcare and nursing. While I don't have direct links to these interviews, I can provide references and details upon request.”

Cheyenne Starner, msn, cnm 

  • Instagram: @midwife_chey 

    "While my podcast experience is limited, I am intrigued to learn more! I’m a talker so this is right up my alley! I have been a guest on a podcast in the past (most recently “Pretty in Practice” which can be found on my IG page). I have a social media presence and I love to educate my followers on women’s health topics. I am very big on women’s health and minority maternity care. I believe all women deserve healthcare without bias and to be heard and cared for equally. I am passionate about decreasing the maternal mortality rate in the state of Indiana. My particular patient population is that of other cultures and backgrounds and the underserved community.i have been a travel nurse and L&D nurse prior to becoming a nurse midwife.  I am also a promoter of positive sex, especially in women as it is often taboo. I have spoken on several panels as a Black midwife in the city of Indianapolis. Most of them are on inequities in women's healthcare. Most recently, I was honored to speak about minority issues in reproductive care at IUPUI College. I am an avid traveler and most recently returned from a medical mission trip in Johannesburg, South Africa! I am also a brand ambassador for a few corporations and love to interact and learn more about other fields of nursing. I have so many topic ideas and a wide variety of healthcare peers to help us bring a variety of topics to the Nurse.Org podcast! Happy voting!"

Christine Ruiz

  • “While my direct involvement in social media is limited, I recognize its impact on communication and community-building. I've taken steps to understand its dynamics and have witnessed its potential as a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and connecting with a broad audience.I believe that this platform presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the healthcare community in a meaningful way. Podcasts offer an intimate opportunity to discuss critical topics, share insights, and foster a sense of camaraderie among healthcare professionals. Through deep discussion and informative content, I aim to not only expand my own knowledge but also provide a valuable resource for fellow nurses. By engaging in a nursing podcast, I aspire to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare settings and the digital landscape. This endeavor aligns with my passion for continuous learning and my dedication to making a positive impact in the field of nursing.” 

Cindy Kruse 

  • “I am new to the podcast space. I’m comfortable recording reels, lives, and stories on Instagram and Facebook.”

Cleopatra Esan

  • Instagram: Nursingish Podcast
  • Nursingish Podcast
  • “I am the host of "Nursing-ish," a podcast where we delve into all things related to Nursing. We explore a wide range of topics, from the latest healthcare trends to personal stories from nurses on the frontlines. It's been an incredible journey since I started the podcast last year, and we've already released 10 insightful episodes. During my time in school, I had the opportunity to join the media and publicity team. This experience allowed me to assist in various aspects of production, from content creation to editing and promotion. It deepened my understanding of the media landscape and honed my skills in creating engaging content. I'm an active presence on all major social media platforms, where I share updates about "Nursing-ish," engage with our listeners, and stay connected with the vibrant online community.” 

Collin Nunnally

  • “I am active on social media, particularly through Facebook and Instagram. I desire to be more intentional and post more nursing content, which I think this position would allow me to do.”

Courtney Hogenson, RN

  • Website: Call-light.com
  • Podcast Clip: https://www.daughterhoodthepodcast.com/podcast/episode/2ce70312/providing-care-at-home-with-courtney-hogenson
  • “Courtney Hogenson is a registered nurse, entrepreneur, and innovator with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. She is the founder and chief caregiver of Call-Light, an on-demand healthcare platform that connects care seekers with trusted nurses and clinicians for in-home healthcare anytime, anywhere. Courtney's mission is to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare for patients and their families while empowering healthcare providers to choose their own work schedules and preferences. As a certified care manager and a legal nurse consultant, Courtney has extensive expertise in elder care and patient advocacy. She has owned and operated multiple successful healthcare businesses, serving as a primary liaison and medical advisor for patients, families, doctors, fiduciaries, attorneys, guardians, and trustees. She has also been an active member and leader of various professional and community organizations, such as the Aging Life Care Association, the Alzheimer's Association, and the Texas Nurses Association, where she advocates for better policies and practices in the healthcare sector. Courtney is passionate about using her skills and experience to create innovative solutions that address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving healthcare landscape.”

Demetrius Kirk, DNPc, MBA, MSN, RN, LNHA, LSSGB, PAC-NE, QCP 

  •  LinkedIn
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself – I'm Demetrius Kirk, DNPc, MBA, MSN, RN, LNHA, LSSGB, PAC-NE, QCP, also known as Yourhealthcareconsultant. I'm here to share why I'm the perfect candidate for Nurse.org. I am the voice behind the globally renowned podcast "Sound Leadership with DJ," which you can find at https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-sound-leadership-with-dj-115806146/.

    Here are the top five compelling reasons why I believe you should vote for me as your next podcast host:

    1. Unparalleled Healthcare Experience: I've dedicated my entire career to healthcare. I started as a CNA at 18 and worked my way up to become an LPN, RN, BSN, and MSN. I'm currently on the path to my DNP. I'm a lifelong learner, deeply passionate about nursing, and committed to staying on the cutting edge of healthcare.
    2. Passion for Connecting: I thrive on engaging with new people and fostering connections. As a healthcare professional, I relish conversations with fellow nurses and enjoy delving into thought-provoking discussions about our dynamic field.
    3. Proven Podcasting Success: Hosting the "Sound Leadership with DJ" podcast has been a tremendously rewarding experience, with a growing fanbase to attest to its success. Or at least that's what my mom tells me, and we all know moms don't lie!
    4. From Detroit to Hawaii: I wasn't always living in paradise. I originally hail from Detroit, which gives me a unique perspective on life and healthcare. I now reside in the picturesque paradise of Hawaii, and who wouldn't want to chat with someone enjoying life in such an incredible location? It's the perfect backdrop for inspiring and engaging conversations.
    5. The Perfect Blend of Wit: Laughter is the best medicine. I bring humor to the table when it's needed most, ensuring that our discussions are informative and incredibly engaging. I know how to sprinkle the right amount of humor to keep the conversation lively and entertaining.

    P.S. Oh, and let's remember that male nurses are fantastic, so you should vote for me! With my extensive healthcare background, passion for connection, proven podcasting track record, and a combination of Detroit grit and Hawaii charm, I'm your ideal candidate to take the reins as your next podcast host. Join me on this exciting journey, and together, we'll create a podcast experience you won't want to miss!


Ellaine Maala

  • Instagram: @nursewhoinvests | @nursingflowsheet
  • “I am a content creator who has been in social media for over 5 years. I used to play video games and was a partnered streamer at Twitch with over 10k followers back in 2013-2015 but started making content on nursing and finance in 2019. I have a Youtube channel, TikTok with over 60k followers, and Instagram with over 20K followers. I love everything nursing, money, and anything for personal development. I was told by a lot of my IRL friends and co-workers that I am a good storyteller. I am an introvert-- but if around the right people and audience-- could talk for hours about anything under the sun.” 

Emily Silver of @nurturebynaps and Sarah Nadimpalli, RN, PhD

  •  LinkedIn  | www.mymompros.com
  • That Will Never Work Podcast
  • Instagram: @nurturebynaps
  • "Sarah's bio: "For the past 2+ years I have been engaged in start-ups and nurse entrepreneurship.  After leaving a post-doc at Brown University due to a childcare crisis, I became curious about how the in-home care space could be improved upon or changed for the better. After exploring the lack of options parents have in securing in-home childcare coverage, I built a sizeable online community, a course for parents and nannies, and have been beta testing the MomPros platform for 10+ months and help parents find fractional family assistants: www.mymompros.com/ri  
  • In addition to helping 100s of parents and caregivers through my course, webinars, and the MomPro platform, the highlight of my entrepreneurial endeavors has been being featured on Marc Randolph's podcast. 
  • In the nurse entrepreneurship podcast episode, I will be joined by a veteran nurse entrepreneur, co-host Emily Silver of the famed Nurture by NAPS(Instagram @NurturebyNAPS) 
    From novice to expert we will explore how nurses can scratch their entrepreneurial itches by starting small, testing hypotheses, and creating real value to the world through a nurse-builder lens."

Enxhi Metani, BSN, RN

  •  TikTok:@aniascrubs
  • “Hello, my name is Enxhi Metani and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 6 years. During that time I worked in multiple different specialties. Ranging from Med-Surg to ICU and even remote Tele-health. Last year I did a Nurse.org takeover where I shared my experience as a remote Nurse. I had so much fun answering everyone’s questions and engaging with other Nurses. I’m also the founder of Ania, a scrub apparel line. I would love to be a part of the Nurse.org podcast. I enjoy talking to different nurses and sharing my knowledge. I also have experience with social media and marketing to a broader audience. Thank you for your consideration.”

Erika Browning, BSN, RN

  • Instagram: @blacksheepnurse  | https://blacksheepnurse.com/
  • “My social media platform is primarily on Instagram @blacksheepnurse. I have a podcast called Black Sheep Nurse with weekly episodes that are available on Spotify, Apple, Pandora, iHeart, and at my website https://blacksheepnurse.com/. Each week I interview nurses who are doing unique and cool jobs. The purpose of the podcast is to shine a positive light on the nursing profession and highlight the possibilities that exist for nurses.” 

Erin Ellsworth, RN

  •  Instagram: @themamafindingbalance  Facebook | www.erinellsworth.com
  • More To Nursing Podcast
  • What is Legal Nursing Podcast
  • “Hi! I am very interested in your position. Currently, I run Instagram @themamafindingbalance, which is primarily about A Mama/Legal Nurse Consultant finding a balance between work and family life. I have been posting daily on social media since 2020. I primarily post on Instagram, but I do occasionally post on Facebook, TikTok, and LTK. I have appeared on two different podcasts to give information about Nurses getting started as Legal Nurse Consultant. I have a passion for giving out the information for this career because a true guideline of what you actually need does not exist. I give my recommendations on my experience. Joining a podcast consistently has actually been a goal of mine.”

Erin Herrera, MSN, CRNA

"Erin Herrera is the Associate Vice Chair of Well-Being for the Washington University Department of Anesthesiology. In this role, she develops and oversees all cultural and well-being initiatives and programming for a department of over 1000 people, which encompasses physicians, advanced practice providers, trainees, staff, and research scientists.
She also serves as the Assistant Director of the CRNA division for Washington University in St. Louis, a division of nearly 200 CRNAs

She describes her job as “all things culture”- from helping develop psychological safety in the workplace to teaching strategies  to mitigate burn out, find work-life balance, and develop resiliency.

Her expertise is helping folks in healthcare find strategies to help them flourish as a healthcare provider while understanding and acknowledging the systemic problems that got us where we are today.

She is passionate about helping clinicians and nurses create a sustainable career in medicine- making sure they have the skills, knowledge, and passion to prioritize and care for themselves And do so with the same level of dedication and (evidence-based practice!) they give their patients!

She loves talking about all things well-being, nursing leadership, and nurse anesthesia!

Want to learn more about what I do professionally? Check out my podcast, Well-Developed- where I discuss all things well-being and professional development!

I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge with a broader audience!

She has been practicing clinically for 10 years at Washington University and specializes in cardiothoracic anesthesia.
She delivers didactic lectures for the Goldfarb Nurse Anesthesia program, the Goldfarb Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program, and continuing education programming for Acute care nurse practitioners at Washington University and Barnes Jewish Hospital. She is a Gallup Clifton Strengths certified coach and lectures extensively across the university and region about well-being and professional development. She is the co-host of the podcast Well-Developed, where she explores well-being and professional development concepts."


  • https://www.nursefarah.com/
  • YouTube: Guest Interview  NNBA YouTube ChannelFarah Coach
  • Nursepreneurs Podcast
  • The Conversing Nurse Podcast
  • -Article- Minority Nurse
  • -Article- NNBA Blog Feature   
  • “I am all about positive energy and motivating nurses to take action and step into their POWER!!  I am very comfortable and confident speaking in front of a crowd. I should be selected because I am Fabulous, and have a lot of passion and energy! I am a dynamic speaker, writer, author, and educator. I connect well with people and love to speak! I want to SHOW other nurses that they can do whatever it is that they want to provide for themselves and their families!! My mission is to EMPOWER nurses globally! I am an immigrant! First of my family to graduate from university and obtain my Bachelor's, Master and soon-to-be Doctorate. I am working full-time as the Director of Nursing, Full-time Student in a doctoral program, raising 2 young children, and running my business all at the same time.” 

Gloria E. Barrera, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Holly Kapusinski, MSN, RN, NC-BC

  • Instagram: lifecyclebalance | www.lifecyclebalance.llc                          
  •  -Article- NCSB
  • -Article- iNurseCoach
  •  iNurseCoach Podcast
  • “I have been a storyteller for most of my life.  It started with sharing my made-up stories around campfires and moved into my nursing career and role as a home-schooling mom with my children.  I began to write stories and journals to bring difficult emotions and circumstances within me out so I could release these and heal from the traumas.  When I became a board-certified integrative nurse coach over five years ago, I started writing blogs, creating awareness practices to share with my followers on Instagram, developing content for speaking events in my community, and now as a national conference presenter. I currently teach registered nurses and advanced practice nurses in a certification program for nurse coaching and hold bi-weekly group meetings with my students via teleconference where I use my experiences as an advanced practice registered nurse and nurse coach to reflect skills and tools used in deeper therapeutic communication with clients and families.  I have been interviewed by NCSBN, National Council of State Boards of Nursing in 2020, as well as podcast host for Integrative Nurse Coaches in Action episode #46 with Nicole Vienneau, and being a guest on the same podcast, #32.  I am currently serving on the practice committee with the American Holistic Nurses Association and have presented webinars with this organization on the Gifts and Challenges of Silence.”

Jacqueline Bortu, MSN, RN

  • Video: Atlanticare   
  • Atlanticare
  • “Most of my experience has been on the spot, in-person discussions with nurses, students, nurse leaders, and others working in healthcare. I have experience speaking in school auditoriums and organization-wide large groups. I have some writing experience writing for the NJSNA newsletter, although this was more template-based and not op-ed.”

Jacqui O’Connor

Jeffrey Mulvenna, BSN, RN

  • LinkedIn
  •  Instagram: nursecheck  | www.nursecheck.biz 
  • “Jeffrey Mulvenna (founder and CEO of @nursecheck - nurse coaching firm helping clients live healthier lifestyles, consulting with nurses and nursing students with a career path and speaking engagements for universities and educational programs advocating for the nursing profession. My website is nursecheck.biz.”

Jenn King

  • “I don’t have any social media videos or podcast experience. Just a lot of me to share with others that I know will resonate on all levels in all fields.”

Jennifer Fink, RN 

Jennifer Zahourek,  BSN, RN

  • Instagram: studentnurseplanner TikTok: jennrekmed |www.rekmed.org/pages/about-us
  • Interview Article: Business Insider
  • Article: Huffpost
  • “Well, thank you for this opportunity!  I have a following of 135k on TikTok. My Instagram business which I am the face of is 46k and an email marketing community I have built of 120,000 that all jump onto my social videos, YouTube, personal business videos, and so forth! I've been the keynote speaker for the Illinois ANA in 2022 - and I will be speaking at the Emergency Nurses Association Colorado conference this Dec 2nd!  and multiple new articles such as New York Weekly, the medium, and so on.” 

Jessica Garafola, BSN

  • About: Miami University-MHRT
  • Article: Nursing Journal
  • News Video: The Florida Channel
  •  Video: Influence Magazine
  • “I was a legislative aide for 3 years in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate (for Senator Shevrin Jones) before going to nursing school, serving as the main contact for all communications for the office. I prepared media advisories and press releases, hosted press conferences, wrote his speeches, and spoke on behalf of him. I had a huge presence in Florida Politics, and I was selected for the "On The Radar" section of Florida's Influence Magazine. I transferred my skills when in nursing school. I was awarded the ABSN Excellence in Leadership award, did nursing research in Colombia the summer after graduation, and was appointed to the VA Post-Baccalaureate Registered Nurse Residency at the San Diego VA. I have been featured in University of Miami publications for my research and its presentation at the XVII Pan American Nursing Research Colloquium. I now serve on the Sigma Theta Tau Publicity Committee to do media engagement for the nursing honor society and am a Nurse 2 at the San Diego VA.”

Jessica Varghese 

  • “I have minimal experience in the media but this is a bucket list item for me. I have a great “stage” presence and love interviewing. I am very engaged in professional development and have an active presence in social media. I’ve been told I am articulate and concise with words. I stress media readiness in the classes I teach (especially related to healthcare legislation/advocacy)and love preparing the next generation of nurses.”

Julie Kathman

  • “I want to build this skill after seeing how my son @HenryKathman has reached so many and showcased his vast knowledge of literature and children's TV.  Plus there is a huge gap in podcasts about specialty populations (obstetrics, pediatrics, and neonates) within the context of adult-focused institutions.  I'd love to help people understand that these populations are everywhere and that we have to be sure our systems acknowledge the similarities and differences in order to improve quality and safety.”

Karen Weidlich,  BSN, RN, CWS, CHRN

Kasey Mundell

Kashina Whitmore

  • Interview article: HealthcareIT News
  • “I launched and completed and series of First shift webinars that I created clinical content for.  2. I was in interviewed for an article in Healthcare-IT News concerning Pandemic era burnout.

Kelly Shafaie, MSN, RN

  •  Instagram: nursehub_gram
  • Video: Nurse Hub
  • “Nurse Kelly has an extensive background as a medical-surgical nurse, nurse faculty, and Associate Dean of Nursing. As a staff nurse, she was a preceptor for numerous new graduate nurses. As a nursing faculty, she taught everything from Basic Nursing Skills along with the students’ very first semester clinical to Advanced skills, Complex Health Alterations, NCLEX prep, rigorous 3rd and 4th-semester clinicals, simulations, and more. As Associate Dean, Nurse Kelly worked to get students' support as they transitioned from being accepted to the Nursing program to being actively in 1st-semester classes. She came to NurseHub to contact nursing schools to offer NurseHub for student success as they enter their program. She is also a full-time doctoral student looking at research that supports the mission to end the nursing shortage. A podcast is an excellent platform to share all the research and how it impacts the nursing community!"

Kelsay Irby, BSN, RN, CCRN

  • Articles: I’m The “Nurse Who Called 911” For Help With Unsafe Staffing - Here's My Story 
  • Podcast Appearances: 
  • "I gained a social media and news voice inadvertently when I reached out for help from EMS in our ER when our hospital system was a victim of a cyberattack. I’ve been honored to do multiple interviews and speak at several conferences. The opportunity to reach a wide audience really has made me think about what I would say, and how I would use that amazing (accidental) platform to try to help, empower, and support all of us in healthcare. My passion has become advocacy, of us for others, of course, that’s why most of us went into healthcare, but more importantly, of us for OURSELVES. Martyrdom and destroying our own physical and mental health because of things outside our control are not OK. Being able to hear the personal stories so many have sent me after that story blew up simultaneously breaks my heart and lights a fire in me to let other healthcare professionals reinforce for themselves and others that self-care is not a reason to feel guilty. I would love to discuss the conflicts we all feel and how we resolve them, interview people who have figured out how to survive and thrive in our rough environment, those who have switched their nursing focus, and people who have left the field altogether.  No matter who you vote for, I appreciate your proactiveness and involvement through this platform!"

Kirsten Anderson, BSN, RN, ENLS 

  • Current specialties: Adult Neuro ICU & pediatric PACU
  • Instagram: nurse.kirstenn
  • TikTok: nurse.kirsten
  • “My media experience dates back to nursing school where I began my nursing-related Instagram, blog and YouTube channel. With many collaborations and partnerships through social media, I would have to say one of my favorites would be with Elsevier Publishing Company. I was a student life ambassador and have my own personal blog page on their official website.”

Laina Bridges, BSN, RN

  • Instagram: @theenomadnurse 
  • FB: Thee Nomad Nurse
  • https://www.travel-queens.com/theenomadnurse 

Lauren Ghazal, PhD, FNP-BC

  • Interlude Women's Cancer Stories Podcast
  • Article: Cure 
  • Research Article: The ASCO Post
  •  Media Interviews: CNN   Oncology Data Advisor
  • “I am the partner of a tech-PR employee, so prior to our relationship, really did not pursue anything in media. Per her encouragement, my own patient experience, and research and clinical practices, I quickly realized if we (nurses) are not telling our story, no one will be.  I am a researcher of adolescent and young adult cancer, a family nurse practitioner, and a young adult cancer patient advocate. I have been told I am an emerging thought leader in nursing research and academia, and I'm proud of that recognition.

Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN, FNE/SANE

Leslie Catalano, MSN, RN  

  •  The Healthy Nurse Connection 
  • YouTube
  • "Hello. Please vote for me. I have been a nurse for 16 plus years and have experienced burnout more than once. I am a nurse educator and the founder of the Healthy Nurse Connection and the Healthy Nurse Connection podcast. If I am voted to be the next Nurse.org podcast host I will work hard to bring the hard nursing conversation to light. This is our time to make real changes in the healthcare field. Vote for me and I will raise the voices of nurses!
    You can also join our Facebook Page. Follow on Instagram @thehealthynurseconnection "


  •  Instagram: @wanderlilla TikTok: @wanderlilla 
    "My name is Lily and I have been a member of the nursing community since 2019, specializing in oncology. After working through the pandemic in New York, I started to deal with a nasty case of nursing burnout. I recently took a step back from the bedside to heal my relationship with nursing and I’ve traveled to 11 different countries in the past 6 months. I am now back home to the US and feel so refreshed after prioritizing my needs and living my life to the fullest extent. I have been documenting my journey and run the viral social media pages @wanderlilla on both TikTok and Instagram. 
    I’m very pro mental health awareness for nurses and feel that burnout is a topic that NEEDS to be addressed, especially post-pandemic. I cannot wait to share my perspective on nursing, life, death, burnout, and healing with nurses going through similar problems. Thanks for your consideration!"

Linda Suarez

  • Instagram: lindaamores143  
  • “I gotta say- no formal experience in media aside from my private Instagram pages but definitely an avid follower of all things nursing and the culture. I’ve been told by so many I have a great presence. I was born to be a storyteller!”

Lori Irvin, BSN, RN, CPN

  •  LinkedIn
  • “In May of this year, I was awarded the 2023 Magnet Nurse of the Year for Children’s National Hospital. I have appeared in multiple social media campaigns and received multiple Daisy Awards including one at the hospital level.  I am engaged in community volunteering, I was awarded Volunteer of the Year by the regional Washington DC chapter of the American Heart Association as well as being listed as a Leader of Impact during 2022.  I have multiple sources of engagement in the hospital. I am a nurse innovator with a patent on a medical device I invented with support from the hospital. I also sit on the Alliance for Pediatric Device Innovation, one of five consortia, that are FDA-funded in the United States. I am the co-chair of the Shared Nursing Leadership Research & Innovation Council at our hospital. I am also a bedside NICU nurse.  Feel free to browse my LinkedIn profile at the link below.” 

Madi Fogel, BSN, RN

  •  Instagram: lifewithmads.rn 
  • TikTok:lifewithmads.rn
  • “I have been part of the nursing social media world for about 3 years now. I created my brand (thenursemadi) and grew my page quite successfully (over 15K) over the course of two years, only for it to be hacked and taken down. I have been determined to rebrand and bring lifewithmads.rn to life. I now share well rounded content including life as a nurse in both surgical and aesthetic settings, being a first time home buyer, planning a wedding, dog/cat mom life, health/wellness and exercise, and everything in between. I have been passionate about sharing my life on social media since the beginning and hope to cultivate an even stronger audience than ever before. Perhaps my most relevant experience to podcasting was when I worked for NurseDeck doing Instagram/TikTok lives multiple times a week for about 8 months. I would research topics and collaborate with other healthcare workers to bring educational and entertaining content to the audience.”

Marissa Dennis, NP CANS

Martha Johnson

Morganne Skinner, BSN, RN

Nalina Mendez

    • TikTok: @nalinaann 
    • Nurse.org Social Projects: TikTok 1  TikTok 2  TikTok 3
    • “With the media experience I have, I have aimed to be relatable in the nursing community with humor and fun! I recently had the opportunity of being selected as one of the four nurses to be honored on the field for Dodgers Nurses Night. Nurse.org then gave me the opportunity to take over their instagram before, during and after the game. I really enjoyed this media presence, and already made several connections doing so! I also make tik toks for fun on the side, so while podcasting might be a new adventure for me, I am not shy of the camera. :)”

    Nancia Odom MMCi, MSN, RN-BC

    • YouTube  TikTok: computerandcoin Instagram: computerandcoin X: computerandcoin 
    • “Hello, I have been a registered nurse for 25 years. For the last year of those years, I have been an Informatics Nurse (ANCC-Board Certified). I worked in corporate healthcare tech as a Senior IT Manager. I love tech and by keeping up with current + future trends, observe and talk about how these innovations are constantly changing how nurses practice and patients are cared for.”

    Rachel Spalding, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

    • LinkedIn 
    •  Video Interview: Good Samaritan Hospital
    • “As a nurse leader, I am involved in many professional organizations and have had media training and been focused in videos regarding advocacy for AONL and have moderated panels for conferences and participated in panel discussions at conferences.  In my advocacy work, I have testified before many legislators and feel comfortable with my ability to connect with audiences to share my passion and ask engaging questions.  I am often interviewed for print articles and for local and statewide news pieces and feel very comfortable.  I give presentations on a regular basis to many different types of diverse audiences but most importantly my current role as a CNO gives me the opportunity to talk to nurses and other disciplines on all levels about what they do everyday and the why behind their work.  It is very fulfilling to know I can make a difference by engaging these individuals and validate their work, then give them the necessary resources to give them confidence.  As many times as I hear, "hope is not a strategy," I wholeheartedly disagree!  Hope is a strategy and my personal goal is to give hope to a workforce during a very trying and unknown time.”

    Rebekah Tobin

    • “I may not have much experience in media … and I promise my passion for podcast makes up for it! I am also an exceptional public speaker and interviewer/connector. Mother Earth gave me the gift of making people feel seen, heard and understood … in my opinion those individuals make the best podcast host. And let’s be honest… podcasting is a crowed space so you need to really figure out your special shine and magic in order to stand out!”

    Reva Lewis, RN

    •    Instagram: @revamoments  TikTok: @revamoments
    •   https://nursereva.com/    
    • “As of today my media journey includes hosting and cohosting instagram lives, most recently with Nomad Health. I've also been a guest blogger for travelnurse101.com and LeaderStat.”

    Rochelle Prosser, BSN, RN, NCCN

    •  www.orchidhealthcaresolutions.com/ 
    •     YouTube Interview Ronald McDonald House NY  
    • “I am a content creator for GRACE to represent patient storytelling and the experiences and outcome from Clinical Trials. I am a moderator and panelist for multiple conferences, and professional societies. I am a webinar content creator and presenter for SNO and ASCO. I am the  CNO committee co Chair for the Commission for Nursing Reimbursement. I am politically active under the Cancer X Moonshot. I am the founder of Orchid Healthcare Solutions.”

    Ruth Sable

    • “A lot of my social media experience has been in marketing business as a care designer since 2014. Articles and book writer- waiting for 3 to be published. Teaching health care industry about health teaching every client you come across in the community.”

    Sabrina Cook

    • LinkedIn
    • “This would certainly be pushing me outside my comfort zone. I have presented in front of nursing students, and I have presented at nursing conferences. In my current role, I often present webinars and hold client meetings, but I do not have any specific social media history.”


    Sandra Pagenta

    Shawny Logan, FNP

    •   Instagram: shawny.the.np  TikTok: shawny.the.np  
    • “I embarked on a social media journey in 2018 to capture the highs and lows of nursing / medical life, from personal stories to trauma experiences. I transitioned to a medical wellness advocate influencer in 2021, using Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram to raise awareness and share valuable healthcare insights. Recently, I have been featured in the CANP Connections article discussing social media platforms and healthcare. Canpweb.org”

    Shayne Bayer

    • Instagram: @shayneoo
    • “My last part-time job was at a med spa which required each employee to have active engagement and presence on Instagram. Through a year and a half, I became proficient at reels, and stories, and creating engaging and honest content.  On a personal level, a family friend has his own podcast set up but no formal podcast. We have had multiple conversations using his podcast equipment in practice to see if this was something he wanted to pursue further. This gave me experience with podcast flow, format, and microphone experience.  I have additional media experience through several employee spotlight videos highlighting my background, skills, passions, and the heart of nursing.” 

    Shenell Thompkins, BSN, RN

    •   https://allonenurse.com/about/ 
    • “I have experience with blogging and nursing articles. I love nursing and I love people! I am currently a nurse staff development specialist so I get the opportunity to see nursing through different lenses.  ### I don’t have any social media presence. However, I am willing to do so if it’s going to help get the message out there, which is “nurses must care for themselves while truly caring for others”. Nursing can be a tough job but it’s not just a job.”

    Sherri McNeil, BSN, RN

    Tasha Young, MBA, BSN, RN

    • LinkedIn  YouTube
    • "Hi there, I'm Tasha Young, MBA, BSN, RN, a trailblazer in nursing and a GA March of Dimes Nurse of the Year finalist. My journey took me from the structure of corporate nursing to the dynamic world of international healthcare consulting. With my ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering certifications, I'm on the frontline of integrating technology with healthcare, ready to usher in a new era. But I'm not just about healthcare tech; I'm here to inspire. As a certified life coach, I uplift women, igniting confidence and resilience. On TikTok, I bring energy and insight, breaking down complex healthcare innovations into fun, digestible content. Over on LinkedIn, it's about connecting with professionals, sharing knowledge, and leading robust discussions on the future of healthcare. I'm not just dreaming of a tech-savvy, empathetic healthcare future—I'm creating it. Whether it's through engaging videos, insightful posts, or empowering consultations, I'm dedicated to guiding healthcare professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs alike. Find me making waves on LinkedIn, getting creative on TikTok, and let's push the boundaries of what healthcare can be, together."

    Terrin Ramsey

    Tiffney Canterbury, DNP-VL, MSN-Ed RN

    •   LinkedIn
    • “I have been a nurse for over 20 years and recently finished my DNP. I do not have any experience with podcast but would love the opportunity to have my voice heard. As a black nurse in a rural community I have seen the discrimination between my counterparts and myself. I feel that having the opportunity to speak about different topics and explore the world through a different set of eyes would be beneficial to listeners.”

    Tina Loarte-Rodriguez 

    •   LinkedIn  
    • In recent times, I have graced numerous stages as a distinguished speaker and moderator. I have illuminated events like the New England Minority Nurse Leadership Conference, the National Latino Leadership Conference, CT Nursing Association Convention, and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Annual Conference where I shared my wisdom and empowered others. I have also participated in podcasts and panel discussions, addressing critical subjects such as mental health, Latinas in leadership, and colorism”.  

    Valerie Sinady, NP

    Wali Khan, DNAP, CRNA

    Wendy Garvin-Mayo, APRN, ANP-BC 


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