Nurse Converse Podcast, Season 2 Hosts Named!

18 Min Read Published July 16, 2024
Nurse Converse Podcast, Season 2 Hosts Named!

Welcome to Nurse Converse, a collaborative podcast, presented by! Picture this: In each episode, we bring you a fresh perspective with a rotating lineup of incredible nurse hosts from various backgrounds, specialties, and experiences. From seasoned nurse veterans to passionate newcomers, our hosts share the spotlight. What makes this podcast truly unique is that all of our hosts were selected by the nursing community. 

Season 2 Host Voting Results!

We are delighted by the enthusiastic response, with over 100 candidates applying to join the podcast. After carefully tallying all the votes, the nursing community has spoken! Here are the top 10 nurses who received the most votes and will record a podcast episode for Nurse Converse Season 2!

  • Joshua Condado
  • Everett Moss II, DNP, CRNA, CCRN, NRP
  • Shannon Jackson, The People’s Nurse
  • Joscel James, RN CPR LOL HYFR 
  • Ama Mathewos
  • Colton Lord
  • Jeri Ford
  • Dr. Gabrielle Abelard
  • Jana Alley 
  • Melanie Gomez

During the application process, we had some stellar topic pitches from nurses who didn't make the top 10, but our team believed these stories should be shared with the nursing community. After carefully reviewing each proposed topic, we've decided to include these additional nurses in Nurse Converse Season 2! They'll be recording their own podcast episodes, or collaborating with each other, to share their unique perspectives and experiences. 

  • Beatrice Nortey
  • Brian Benji
  • Casey Green, Critical Care Casey
  • Dan Weberg, PhD, MHI, BSN, RN, FAAN
  • Dr. James Q. Simmons, NP
  • Melanie Van Sistine
  • Melissa Mills
  • Nacole Riccaboni
  • Natasha Lukasiewich, DNP, MSN, MBA, LNC, RN, CCRN-K, CFRN
  • Nurse Courtney
  • Nurse Hailey
  • Portia Wofford
  • Raquél Pérez
  • Rebeca Leon - EnfermeraMami aka Nurse Reb
  • Rich G Kenny, MMCi, RN
  • Sarah Warren
  • Steph Suzadail 
  • Zac Shepherd

Season 1 Episodes and Hosts

New Episode:        

Upcoming Episodes:           

  • 7/23    Can Male Nurses Be Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs)? With Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN 

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Carol Simpson, MSN, RN, NEA-BC (Nurse Executive)

About the Episode: In this episode of the Nurse Converse Podcast, Carol Simpson dives into the topic of gratitude practice in nursing. She is joined by guest Jackie Noll, a nurse with over 40 years of experience. Together they explore the importance of gratitude in nursing, its benefits, how it can be practiced and its impact on nurses' well-being.

>>Listen to How To Practice Gratitude as a Busy Nurse with Carol Simpson and Jackie Noll


>>Read about gratitude practice in nursing

About Carol Simpson

Carol is a Nurse Executive in New York City.  She started her clinical career in 1998 as a nurse in pediatric oncology.  She continued within the field, moving from inpatient to outpatient, peri-anesthesia, and radiation oncology areas.  After completing her MSN in 2012, Carol moved into Nursing Leadership and has focused on nurse engagement, restoring joy at work, building high-functioning teams, and elevating the profession of nursing in a variety of clinical settings including OR, ED, and ICU.  Carol is a strong advocate for clinical nurses and works to elevate the voice of nurses.    

Cheyenne Starner, MSN, CNM 

Instagram: @midwife_chey 

    About the Episode: This episode of the Nurse Converse Podcast with Midwife Cheyenne Starner, MSN, CNM, and guest Sierra Woods, RN, IBCLC, who is a nurse and lactation consultant focuses on various aspects of maternal health, wellness, and postpartum care as well as the disparities that exist particularly within the Black community. They emphasize the necessity of diversifying healthcare providers to better meet the needs of communities, especially within the Black community. It underscores the importance of mental health support, acknowledging the barriers faced by vulnerable groups and the inadequacy of available resources. Throughout the discussion, the hosts stress the value of therapy for new parents, regardless of specific concerns, and highlight the urgency of addressing maternal mental health issues.

    >>Listen to Nurses Aim to Decrease Gaps in Black Maternal Health with Cheyenne Starner and Sierra Woods 


    >>>Read about maternal health, wellness, and postpartum care

    About Cheyenne Starner:

    Meet Cheyenne Starner, a dedicated certified nurse midwife based in Indianapolis. Beyond the world of women's health, Cheyenne finds joy in all things related to beauty and aesthetics. Her passion for women's empowerment is reflected not only in her professional life but also in her love for inspiring artists like Beyoncé. When not supporting women, Cheyenne can be found immersed in music, enjoying audiobooks, trying new restaurants with her friends, and exploring the richness of different cultures through travel. Join Cheyenne on her journey of compassion, women’s wellness, and cultural discovery.

    Ellaine Maala, MSN, NP-C, CFEI

    Instagram: @nursewhoinvests | @nursingflowsheet

    About the Episode: In this episode of the Nurse Converse podcast, Ellaine Maala, also known as The Nurse Who Invests, discusses whether it is a good investment to go back to school as a nurse practitioner. She shares her personal journey of becoming a nurse practitioner after working as a nurse for over six years and how she made the decision to pursue this career. She emphasizes the importance of weighing the pros and cons before making this choice, whether you're a nursing student, a nurse, or considering a career change. Tune in to gain insight into the decision-making process and determine if going back to school as a nurse practitioner is the right investment for you.

    >>Listen to Pros and Cons of a Nurse Practitioner Degree and How I Paid Off My $20K Loan in 2 Years with Ellaine Maala


    >>>Read about the pros and cons of pursuing a nurse practitioner career

    About Ellaine Malla:

    Ellaine Maala has been in the nursing profession for over a decade, a practicing pulmonary and sleep nurse practitioner, an investing nerd (she's known as the @nursewhoinvests), a certified financial educator, and owner of Nursing Flowsheet LLC- a career & finance blog for nurses. She built a 6 figure investment portfolio and paid off $20k in student loans in 2 years with her nursing salary. She loves all topics personal finance, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Her favorite role is being a mom to two of her children. Her goal is to empower nurses and help them invest their hard-earned money. She believes that nurses can have options and live their dream lives outside their work with the right strategy. Check her out at @nursewhoinvests, @nursingflowsheet, or check out her blog

    Nurse Erica 

    Instagram: @the.nurse.erica

    TikTok: @the.nurse.erica

    About the episode: In this episode of Nurse Converse, Nurse Erica sheds light on the critical issue of workplace violence in healthcare. She shares alarming statistics, emphasizing the importance of reporting any incidents and ensuring safe working conditions. Erica discusses the prevalence of violence against nurses and provides 12 key steps to take if faced with workplace assault. The episode serves as a powerful reminder of the rights of healthcare professionals to safe working conditions and the need for collective action to address this pervasive issue.

    >>Listen to the podcast, "Nurses Are NOT Punching Bags! Why We Must Report All Workplace Violence with Nurse Erica"


    >>Read about why nurses need to report all workplace violence

    About Nurse Erica

    Meet Nurse Erica, a seasoned RN with a career spanning since 1993. Starting as a CNA, she advanced through various specialties, including pediatrics and nursing leadership, currently excelling in pediatric hospice. With certifications in three specialties, she's held pivotal roles like chief nursing officer and director of nursing. Beyond her professional duties, Erica is a vocal advocate for nurses, using her social media platforms to champion workers' rights and combat issues like violence and corruption in the profession. As the founder of Nurse Erica, LLC, she mentors and empowers nurses and co-hosts the Nurses Uncorked Podcast. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and for her latest insights and advocacy efforts.

    Holly Kapusinski, MSN, RN, NC-BC

    Instagram: lifecyclebalance |  

    About the Episode: Holly Kapusinski, an advanced practice registered nurse and board-certified nurse coach, shares her reflections on fear, self-doubt, and the courage that it takes to step into the unknown. Listen in for inspiration and insight into navigating challenging moments in nursing and healthcare.

    >>Listen to Navigating Life's Hurdles as a Nurse, Finding Emotional Strength and Motivation


    >>>Read about navigating life's hurdles as a nurse

    About Holly KapusinskiHolly Kapusinski MSN, RN, NC-BC, CPNP-PC, APRN, is Senior Faculty and the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program’s Course Coordinator at the Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy.  She is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, board-certified nurse coach, and sole proprietor of her integrative nurse coaching practice, Life Cycle Balance, and nurse coach consultant with Vitalize Care, offering individual and group coaching for hospital employees and companies. Holly is a national conference speaker, presenter, and author. She is a practice board member of the American Holistic Nurse Association, as well as a member of AHNA, holds a certification in mental health first aid, is a trained SANE adolescent-adult, holds advanced clinical education in nutrition from the Institute for Functional Medicine, and is actively pursuing certification as an eating disorder specialist. Holly loves to cycle long distances, learn, create connections with others, and share with others her love for holistic philosophy and healing.                        

    Kasey Mundell, MSN, RN, CNL, CNE

    Episode: From Student to Pro, The Evolution of a Bedside Nurse

    About the Episode: For over a decade, the public has ranked nursing as the most trusted profession. We were thought of as true heroes, during the global pandemic. Nurses, however, are not all the same - we each have our own unique story to tell. 

    So, in this podcast episode, we invited various nurses at different stages in their professional journey to give us an inside perspective on their careers. From a nursing student to a new graduate nurse and a seasoned nursing professional, each interviewee was asked a series of questions. With these questions as a prompt, you, the listener, gain an in-depth exploration of their innermost thoughts and feelings as nurses.

    >>Listen to "From Student to Pro: The Evolution of a Bedside Nurse ft. Kasey Mundell, Nurse Educator"

    >>>From Student to Pro: The Evolution of a Bedside Nurse

    About Kasey Mundell:

    Kasey Mundell is a certified nurse educator who specializes in clinical instruction and simulation. For the last six years of Kasey’s bedside nursing career, she has been employed at a level 1 trauma center in Maryland. Additionally, she has taught at two accredited nursing schools, where she developed innovative and strategic ways to educate the next generation of nurses. Kasey loves to “keep it real” when it comes to what bedside nursing looks like in a post-COVID healthcare system. She is especially passionate about nurse mentoring and self-care. While not nursing, she is a busy mother of two active pre-teens and two even more active dogs, a Golden and a Bernese. Kasey loves to write and enjoys chatting with amazing nurses she has met along her journey on her podcast DrNursePRN Podcast.

    Leah Helbrecht, BSN, RN

    Episode: The Vital Role of Nurses in Combating Human Trafficking (With Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN, FNE/SANE)


    About the episode: In recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January, in this episode of the Nurse Converse Podcast, our host Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN, who works as a forensic nurse examiner and sexual assault nurse examiner, provides valuable insights into the nature of human sex trafficking, its impact on victims and how nurses are often the first line of defense in identifying and helping victims. 

    >>Listen To The Vital Role Of Nurses in Combating Human Trafficking with Leah Helmbrecht, Forensic Nurse Examiner


    >> Read The Article

    About Leah Helbrecht

    Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN currently works as a Forensic Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in Denver, CO. She graduated from Nursing School in 2009 and has experience in a variety of nursing specialties: Ortho/Trauma Floor Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Travel OR Nurse, Nurse Advice Line, and Discharge Nurse.

    Leah currently focuses on spreading awareness surrounding Sexual Assault, Human Sex Trafficking, and Domestic Violence through her Instagram platform @offtheclocknurse and is helping to create an online educational module system for Schools and Hospital staff to learn more about Human Sex Trafficking called Walking Wise, which will go live February 2024. Leah is dedicated to talking about uncomfortable topics to not only educate the public but also let survivors know they aren’t alone. She states, “Evidence collection is just a small part of my job. As a Forensic Nurse Examiner, I am always a Nurse first, and making sure the mental and physical well-being of my patients takes priority. During any assault, power, and control over a victim’s bodily autonomy were taken away. During my forensic exam I do everything I can to give my patient’s back that power and control. They are no longer victims, they are survivors.”

    LILY Madelyn, BSN, RN, OCN

     Instagram: @imlilymadelyn TikTok: @imlilymadelyn

    Episode: How Travel Farming Helped Me Heal From Nurse Burnout

    Trigger warning: This episode discusses death, loss, depression, and anxiety.

    About the episode: Burnout is a real and serious issue that many individuals, especially those in high-stress professions like nursing, face. In this episode of the Nurse Converse podcast, Lily Madelyn, RN, BSN provides a personal account of her experience with burnout and the steps she took to overcome it. 

    Lily shares her story of working as a new grad during the pandemic, diving into travel nursing, and burning out.  She discusses how spending 6-months solo traveling around the world helped her to not only overcome burnout but changed her entire life for the better.

    >>Listen to "How Travel Farming Helped Me Heal From Nurse Burnout: A Discussion With Nurse Lily Madelyn"


    >>>Read about burnout and steps you can take to prioritize your mental health

    Lily Madelyn is a Los Angeles-based nurse who graduated with her BSN and a minor in Theatre Arts & Music in 2019. After working through the pandemic as an oncology nurse, she experienced a severe case of burnout which inspired her to temporarily leave the bedside and travel to Europe and learn about something completely different; organic farming! Now that she is back, she is extremely passionate about advocating for mental health awareness in medical professionals and uses her platforms on social media (Instagram and TikTok) to shed light on the destigmatization and normalization of mental health issues. She is excited to bridge the world of entertainment and nursing together in’s newest podcast Nurse Converse and to speak about everything that the nurses of today want to hear.

    Nalina Mendez, BSN, RN

      TikTok: @nalinaann 

      About the Episode: Nalina Mendez discusses the world of travel nursing and how to find the best assignments and agencies. She is joined by guest Natalia Zapata, an experienced travel nurse of seven years. Natalia shares her insights and experiences, highlighting the diverse settings and cultural experiences she has encountered throughout her career. 

      >>Listen to How Long-Time Travel Nurses Land High-Paying Assignments with Travel Nurses Nalina Mendez and Natalia Zapata


      >>>How Long-Time Travel Nurses Land High-Paying Jobs

      About Nalina Mendez: I’m Nurse Nalina, and I am thrilled to be a host for the podcast Nurse Converse!  My nursing career spans various specialties, including ICU, ER, oncology, outpatient and even aesthetic nursing! This diverse background has been further broadened by my experiences as a travel nurse, exposing me to different healthcare systems and patient care techniques across the country. Currently, I am pursuing a degree to become a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) to raise awareness and promote education about mental healthcare in our communities. As a podcast host, I’d like to provide insights and personal stories that aim to enlighten and engage others in the nursing field. I am excited to begin this journey, connecting with listeners, sharing knowledge, and fostering a community of healthcare professionals dedicated to wellness and growth!

      Shenell Thompkins, BSN, RN

      Episode: 81% of Nurses Say They're Burned Out, Here's Advice To Put Your Happiness First

      About the Episode: In this episode of Nurse Converse, Shenell Thompkins, RN explores the topic of "Who's Caring for the Nurse?" She discusses the challenges nurses face, including high patient workloads and low staffing which can lead to burnout. Shenell emphasizes the importance of self-care and resilience. Shenell shares insights from the 2023 State of Nursing Report, highlighting the diverse perspectives of nurses across different specialties and educational backgrounds. This episode offers insights and inspiration for nurses to prioritize their own well-being while caring for others.

      >>Listen to "How To Heal From Burnout and Love Nursing Again. A Discussion With Nurse Shenell"


      >>>81% of Nurses Say They're Burned Out, Here's Advice To Put Your Happiness First

      About Shenell Thompkins:

      Shenell Thompkins is a blogger and registered nurse who resides in Memphis, TN. With over 12 years of nursing experience and a lifelong habit of journaling, she has worked in various nursing fields such as Progress Care Units, Cardiovascular ICU, and Staff Development. Shenell holds an MSN in Nursing Education and has a passion for helping others. You can connect with Shenell on LinkedIn and follow her All One Nurse blog on IG, TikTok, and Facebook using the username @Allonenurse.

      Instagram: @allonenurse

      Terrin Ramsey, DNP(C), MSN-PUBLIC HEALTH, BSN, RN

      Instagram: _madeinlove_13_4 

      About the Episode: In this episode of Nurse Converse, Terrin Ramsey, DNP(c), MSN-PH, RN is joined by Teih Taylor, APRN, FNP-C, a board-certified family nurse practitioner with over 11 years of experience in various medical fields. Teih shares insights on self-care, drawing from her own personal experiences and how she incorporates self-care into her busy life.  Tune in to gain valuable self-care tips and how it plays a crucial role in maintaining health and preventing illness. 

      >>Listen to "How Nurses Can Make Self-Care a Priority During Stressful Times with Terrin Ramsey and Teih Taylor"



      >>Learn more about how to make self-care a priority as a nurse

      About Terrin Ramsey:

      With over a decade of nursing experience, Terrin Ramsey has worked in many specialty areas, including Labor and Delivery Nurse Residency, Pediatric Private Duty Nursing for children with special needs, Infertility Medicine, Rheumatology Infusion Clinic, Triage Call Center Nurse, and Case Management. As a Registered Nurse at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Occupational Health Clinic, Terrin is dedicated to caring for those who care for the world. 

      Terrin collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team and provides optimal occupational health care to the nation’s highly skilled public health professionals who conduct research and respond to public health issues. Raised in Toledo, OH, Terrin relocated to Louisiana to attend the illustrious Grambling State University. In December 2010, Terrin earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. As a lifelong learner, Terrin earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree with an emphasis in Public Health from Grand Canyon University in December 2017 and is pursuing a Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree from Capella University. Terrin is an advocate for women’s health and domestic violence. Terrin’s zeal for life while implementing self-care has been the drive she needs to show up as her best self while being entrusted to care for others.

      Tina Loarte-Rodriguez, DNP, RN, CPPS, CPHRM 


      Episode: Black and Brown Male Excellence in Nursing

      About the Episode: In this episode of Nurse Converse, Dr. Tina Loarte-Rodriguez discusses the lack of diversity in the nursing profession, particularly among Latinx and Black nurses, as well as the underrepresentation of Black men in nursing. She is joined by four Black male nurses from DNPs of Color, who share their experiences and insights. Dr. Michael WilliamsDr. Timothy OnserioTheo Jones, and Dr. Asa Briggs discuss their years of experience in nursing as Black men. Tune in to hear their perspectives on the need for more diversity in the field and the importance of having conversations and taking action to address this issue.  

      >>Listen to "Black and Brown Male Excellence in Nursing with Dr. Tina Loarte-Rodriguez and 4 Guests"

      >>Read the article

      About Tina Loarte-Rodriguez:

      Dr. Tina Loarte-Rodriguez is dedicated to leaving the world a little better than she finds it. She is an eternal optimist who believes in the power of community, kindness, and growth.

      Her professional experience includes teaching and over seventeen years of nursing, in various healthcare settings and specialties. A first-generation college graduate, she is a graduate of Cornell University, UCONN, and Quinnipiac University. A perpetual learner passionate about innovation, health equity, and advocacy, she completed the American Nurses Association’s Innovation Accelerator Program and is a fellow of the American Nurses Advocacy Institute in the fall.

      Tina is a Hartford Business Journal Healthcare Hero Award and the Ct Nursing Association Excellence in Team Award winner. She is active with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, the CT Nursing Association, and DNPs of Color. Tina has published several works, including her recent book, Latinas In Nursing.

      Tina works hard and she plays even harder. She loves dancing, traveling, and reading. An Afro-Latina Boricua, born and raised in the Bronx, NY, she now resides in CT with her incredibly supportive husband, their three phenomenal children, her father, and two rescue dogs. 

      Wali Khan, DNAP, CRNA

      About the Episode: In this episode, Dr. Wali Khan, DNAP, CRNA, gets real about the so-called nursing shortage and leads an insightful conversation about the systemic reasons behind the mass exodus of nurses from bedside roles, where they're headed next, and how to reignite your passion for nursing while maximizing your happiness as a nurse. It's a powerful, controversial, empowering and raw discussion that will hit home for all nurses.

      >>Listen to The Mass Exodus of Nursing: Why Are Nurses Leaving The Profession? With Dr. Wali Khan, DNAP, CRNA


      >>Read the article

      About Wali Khan:

      Dr. Wali Khan, DNAP, CRNA, is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist, motivational speaker and humanitarian. His writing entails a powerful narrative and perspective on the balance between faith and medicine. Passionate about personal development, faith, and community service, he uses his voice on social media (Instagram) to highlight the intersection between the three. 

      As a Muslim Pakistani-American immigrant and first-generation college graduate, his journey entails a story of perseverance, balance, and compassion that students and practitioners can relate to. His professional and personal goal has always been to advocate for human rights, diversity, and equality. 


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      About The Host Selection Process

      Podcasts have opened up a world of possibilities for nurses to connect, learn, and inspire one another. At, we have long recognized the importance of fostering this sense of community and providing a platform for nurses to amplify their voices. That's why we recently ran a talent search aiming to find the next wave of influential nursing podcast hosts to join our platform.

      The response we received was nothing short of overwhelming! We were inundated with a multitude of nursing professionals, each with a unique and inspiring story to tell. So, we decided to let the nursing community vote for the hosts they wanted to hear more from - all 12 hosts you hear in Season 1 of the podcast were chosen by the nurses! 

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