Ellaine Maala


Host, Nurse Converse Podcast

Ellaine Maala has been in the nursing profession for over a decade, a practicing pulmonary and sleep nurse practitioner, an investing nerd (she's known as the @nursewhoinvests), a certified financial educator, and owner of Nursing Flowsheet LLC- a career & finance blog for nurses. She built a 6 figure investment portfolio and paid off $20k in student loans in 2 years with her nursing salary. She loves all topics personal finance, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Her favorite role is being a mom to two of her children. Her goal is to empower nurses and help them invest their hard-earned money. She believes that nurses can have options and live their dream lives outside their work with the right strategy. Check her out at @nursewhoinvests, @nursingflowsheet, or check out her blog nursingflowsheet.com

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