Leah Helmbrecht


Host, Nurse Converse Podcast

Leah Helmbrecht, BSN, RN currently works as a Forensic Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in Denver, CO. She graduated from Nursing School in 2009 and has experience in a variety of nursing specialties: Ortho/Trauma Floor Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Travel OR Nurse, Nurse Advice Line, and Discharge Nurse.

Leah currently focuses on spreading awareness surrounding Sexual Assault, Human Sex Trafficking, and Domestic Violence through her Instagram platform @offtheclocknurse and is helping to create an online educational module system for Schools and Hospital staff to learn more about Human Sex Trafficking called Walking Wise, which will go live February 2024. Leah is dedicated to talking about uncomfortable topics to not only educate the public but also let survivors know they aren’t alone. She states, “Evidence collection is just a small part of my job. As a Forensic Nurse Examiner, I am always a Nurse first, and making sure the mental and physical well-being of my patients takes priority. During any assault, power, and control over a victim’s bodily autonomy were taken away. During my forensic exam I do everything I can to give my patient’s back that power and control. They are no longer victims, they are survivors.”

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