Balancing Motherhood and a Nursing Career

2 Min Read Published May 14, 2024
Balancing Motherhood and a Nursing Career

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Motherhood makes me a better nurse. This statement rings true in the heartfelt and personal podcast shared by Kasey, a nurse and mother, who candidly shared her experiences of juggling motherhood and nursing school. Through her story, Kasey highlighted the struggles, challenges, and joys of balancing the roles of a mother and a nurse. She shared moments of triumph and moments of defeat, showcasing the raw and real emotions that come with being a working mother in the nursing profession.

Kasey's story exemplifies how motherhood has shaped her as a nurse. The challenges she faced, such as feeling torn between studying and spending time with her children, the guilt she felt for neglecting her family during her nursing program, and the emotional toll of balancing work and family responsibilities, all contributed to her growth as a nurse. Through these challenges, Kasey learned the importance of flexibility, resilience, and adaptability in both motherhood and nursing.

As a mother, Kasey learned to prioritize her family while also pursuing her passion for nursing. She navigated the demands of motherhood and nursing school with grace and determination, showing her children the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Her children witnessed firsthand the sacrifices she made to achieve her goals, and they admired her dedication to her profession.

Motherhood also taught Kasey empathy, compassion, and patience, qualities that are essential in the nursing profession. As a mother, she learned to care for her children with love and understanding, and she carried these same qualities into her role as a nurse. Kasey's experiences as a mother allowed her to connect with her patients on a deeper level, understanding their fears, concerns, and needs with empathy and compassion.

Furthermore, motherhood taught Kasey the importance of communication, teamwork, and collaboration, skills that are vital in the nursing profession. As a mother, she worked together with her family to support each other and overcome challenges. Similarly, as a nurse, she collaborated with her colleagues to provide the best care for her patients, working as a team to achieve common goals.

Motherhood has undoubtedly made Kasey a better nurse. Through her experiences as a mother, she has developed valuable skills, qualities, and perspectives that have enriched her nursing practice. Her journey as a working mother in the nursing profession has taught her resilience, empathy, compassion, and teamwork, qualities that have shaped her into a compassionate and dedicated nurse. Motherhood has not only made Kasey a better nurse but also a better person, as she continues to grow and evolve through the challenges and joys of balancing work and family responsibilities.

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Kasey Mundell
Kasey Mundell
Host, Nurse Converse Podcast

Kasey Mundell is a certified nurse educator who specializes in clinical instruction and simulation. For the last six years of Kasey’s bedside nursing career, she has been employed at a level 1 trauma center in Maryland. Additionally, she has taught at two accredited nursing schools, where she developed innovative and strategic ways to educate the next generation of nurses. Kasey loves to “keep it real” when it comes to what bedside nursing looks like in a post-COVID healthcare system. She is especially passionate about nurse mentoring and self-care. While not nursing, she is a busy mother of two active pre-teens and two even more active dogs, a Golden and a Bernese. Kasey loves to write and enjoys chatting with amazing nurses she has met along her journey on her podcast DrNursePRN. 

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