Fake Nurse, Sex Offender, Stole Nurse's Identity To Work With Hospice Patients

1 Min Read Published May 21, 2024
Fake Nurse, Sex Offender, Stole Nurse's Identity To Work With Hospice Patients

According to Indiana authorities, a convicted sex offender has been charged with multiple level-six felonies for impersonating nurses and treating unsuspecting patients at hospice facilities throughout the state. Zachary Hartley, a 39-year-old from Evansville, has been charged with, 

  • Three counts of forgery. 
  • Two counts of identity deception impersonating a healthcare professional and failing to register as a sex offender.

In addition to the felony charges, Hartley also faces a misdemeanor charge for fraud and practicing nursing without a license. 

About The Case

According to court documents, Hartley allegedly lied about his identity and worked as a nurse and CNA without a valid license at multiple hospice facilities in the state. The alarming case emerged when Hartley's new employer, a hospice facility, received a disturbing call from an employee about allegations from his previous employment at another hospice facility. His employer alerted the police. An investigation revealed that Hartley had stolen the identity of another person named Zachary Hartley and was using this person’s nursing license and credentials to work as a nurse.  

Hartley's deception was deep-rooted, as he had been using an alias and falsified documents to conceal his past convictions. Authorities revealed that Hartley had previously been convicted of sexual battery and exploitation of a minor in Illinois.

In addition to using a fraudulent social security number and the name "Zachary Harley", he also allegedly used the names Zachary Carter, Zachary Dailey, and Zachary Runser.

A Nationwide Concern

Unfortunately, incidents of nurse impostors are not isolated to Indiana. Similar cases have been reported in various states across the country.

If convicted, Hartley could face significant fines and imprisonment.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust safeguards and the collective responsibility to protect the integrity of the nursing profession.

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