Is Queens University School of Nursing Worth It? Nurses Review

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Queens university school of nursing review

North Carolina has over one hundred approved nursing programs, according to the NC Board of Nursing. With so many choices, finding the right school can challenge and overwhelm aspiring nurses.

If you're looking for a private nursing school in North Carolina or online, you may consider Queens University of Charlotte. From the degrees offered to tuition and education quality, you want as much information as possible before committing to a nursing program.

So, we created this comprehensive review of Queens University of North Carolina’s School of Nursing to help you better understand whether it’s right for you!

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About Queens University School of Nursing 

Queens University of Charlotte’s Presbyterian School of Nursing offers undergraduate and graduate nursing programs to aspiring students. You can take three tracks to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at this school.

Traditional BSN

Queens University of Charlotte welcomes traditional BSN students in the fall and spring semesters. Students who enter this program must complete pre-nursing requirements within their first two years. Then, they go through a competitive application process to gain admission into the upper-division nursing program.

BSN Direct Admission

The BSN direct admit option is open to recent high school graduates with a GPA of 3.5 or above. This track requires nursing candidates to complete two years of prerequisite courses while maintaining at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. After meeting these requirements, students may bypass the application process and enter the upper-division nursing program.

Accelerated BSN

You can also earn a BSN at Queens University through the accelerated BSN (ABSN) program. This course is available to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree. The program begins in the summer and takes just three semesters to complete.

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Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Queens University also offers two online MSN programs for working registered nurses (RN). One is a two-year MSN program for nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The other is a 2.5-year RN-to-MSN path for associate-degree-trained RNs. may be compensated by some of the nursing schools we review. However, this does not affect our review process or the ratings these schools receive. All reviews are created independently by our editorial team. We review products and services from partner schools as well as schools we do not work with. 


  • Private or Public: Private 

  • General Tuition: $832 per credit hour 

  • Acceptance Rate: 50-60% 

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 93% 

  • Application Deadlines: 

    • Priority Deadline for Direct Admit Program: November 15th

    • Spring traditional track deadline: September 12th

    • Fall traditional track deadline: March 1st

    • Accelerated BSN track, summer entry: February 1st 

Contact Information 

  • Address: 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28274

  • Email: 

  • Phone Number: (704) 337-2212 

  • Social Platforms: 

Additional Information

  • Rankings (According to the U.S. News & World Report):

    • #4 in Alumni Giving Percentage for Regional Universities

    • #9 overall  for Regional Universities South

    • In Regional Universities South:

      • #8 in Alumni Giving Percentage

      • #16 in Most Innovative Schools

      • #19 in Best Undergraduate Nursing Program

      • #23 in Best Value

      • #25 in Best Colleges for Veterans

  • Graduation Rate: 52.5% 

  • Student/Faculty Ratio: 9:1

  • Total Number of Students: 2,463 

  • Job Placement Rates:

    • 87% of graduates found jobs within six months

    • 87% of graduates felt prepared for their careers

    • 88% of graduates accepted a career-goal-related job

Degrees Offered 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Direct Admit and Traditional  

  • Tuition: $39,030 per year 

  • Program Length: Four years 

  • Online Options Available? No 

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

  • Tuition: $832 per credit hour 

  • Program Length: One year 

  • Online Options Available? No 

Online Master of Science in Nursing 

  • Tuition: $609 per credit hour 

  • Program Length: Two years 

  • Online Options Available? Yes 

Online RN-to-MSN 

  • Tuition: $609 per credit hour 

  • Program Length: 2.5 years 

  • Online Options Available? Yes 

Specialties Offered

 Online MSN Track:

Is Queens University a Good Nursing Program? 

Queens University’s Presbyterian School of Nursing has prepared nurses for leadership and service for over a quarter century. Students attending the school can work with accomplished healthcare professionals at two of North Carolina’s best hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The school also maintains national accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Queens University’s nursing program also meets the state board licensure requirements everywhere in the US except:

  • Massachusetts

  • New Mexico

  • Oklahoma

  • Virginia

Combined with the school’s national ranking and NCLEX pass rate, these facts indicate that Queens University has a quality nursing program.

What Do You Need to Get into Queens University’s Nursing Programs? 

For admission to the Direct Entry BSN program, incoming students must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduate from high school within 12 months of enrollment

  • Graduate high school with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout prerequisite courses

  • Meet pre-nursing course requirements within four semesters

Pre-nursing and transfer students following the traditional track have different nursing school requirements. All applicants must submit a nursing application by the deadline. Transfer students must also submit a Queens University application and provide their transfer transcripts.

Queens University of Charlotte encourages students to submit their application packets before the deadline to ensure timely processing. The admissions committee releases its decisions within six weeks of the deadline and will only consider complete applications.

How Hard is the Nursing Program at Queens University? 

Queen’s University’s Presbyterian School of Nursing is competitive. Only 50 to 60% of applicants get accepted into the BSN program. The school’s acute discretion indicates a rigorous academic program with high standards.

What Kind of Support Does Queens University Offer its Nursing Students? 

Nursing students at Queens University can access support services through the school’s Center for Student Success, which offers:

  • Academic advising

  • Disability services

  • Student success mentorship

  • Peer tutoring

Plus, the Presbyterian School of Nursing provides students with cutting-edge technology at the Hunt Nursing Simulation Center alongside its award-winning faculty.

Finally, Queens University of Charlotte is home to Thrive Institute. This invitation-only summer bridge program is for first-time, full-time students from historically marginalized groups. It’s designed to help them succeed as they transition to college life.

How Much Is the Nursing Program at Queens University? 

The undergraduate tuition rate at Queens University is $39,030 per year for most programs. However, the ABSN program costs $832 per credit hour, and online graduate students pay $609.

In their first semesters, undergraduate and graduate nursing students will also incur fees associated with the following:

  • Books 

  • Uniforms

  • Stethoscopes

  • Background checks

  • Immunizations

  • Drug screens

These fees range between $1,000-$5,000 for in-person students and $300 to $500 for online students. Also, some of these costs may recur on an annual or as-needed basis.

Finally, Queens University of Charlotte expects all nursing students to have reliable transportation. These costs will change depending on the mode of transportation you use.

Is Queens University Worth It?

The nursing program at Queens University of Charlotte is very competitive, with a high NCLEX pass rate and student satisfaction. But the school's annual tuition rate of $39,030 plus fees warrants a careful assessment of its value. 

According to College Board, Queens University students receive an average financial aid package of $35,060. That aid won't cover a single year of the nursing program, let alone all four years, which costs at least $156,120. Considering these figures, the average nursing student may have around $120,000 in debt after graduating from this nursing program.

The average median pay for RNs is around $77,600 a year. It may take a few years to pay off that debt after you get a nursing job. Whether you consider this program worth it will depend on these factors:

  • Your nursing education goals

  • Where you plan to practice nursing

  • Whether you desire an advanced degree

  • Your tuition budget

Think about whether Queens University of Charlotte meets your education needs and stays within your tuition budget to decide whether it's worth it for you.

What is Queens University’s Transfer Policy? 

Queens University has strict policies regarding transferring credits from another institution. To transfer into an undergraduate nursing program, you must:

  • Earn a minimum of 45 of 120 credit hours from Queens University OR

  • A minimum of 30 of 120 hours if you already have a bachelor's degree

  • Transfer no more than 64 out of 120 semester hours from a two-year school

Queens University only includes courses taken at their school when calculating students' cumulative GPAs. Also, transfer students must complete at least 60 credit hours at Queens University to graduate with honors. 

Queens University of Charlotte Nursing School Reviews 

“Ever since the day I inquired about transferring to Queens University, employees and staff have been nothing short of welcoming! From the moment I spoke with an admissions counselor, I had a great feeling about my future potential of being a queens student. Since, I have absolutely fallen in love with the nursing program and feel so lucky to have such supportive professors who go out of their way to assist us in reaching our best potential. I would recommend Queens to anybody who is looking for a smaller campus that fosters an incredible community, and not to mention the beautiful campus, too!”  - Senior Nursing Student

“Queens is such an amazing school! As someone who is going back to get their second degree, they have been nothing but nice and caring! I got accepted into the accelerated school of nursing and they have been quick to respond with any questions and been super helpful with helping with any issues I have. They have kept me updated with any and all changes too! Good school with a good location!” - Anonymous 

“Queens is a small but very good university. I am a student in the Queens university bachelors of nursing program. The program cares about the students success in the program.” - Junior Nursing Student

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