Nurse Stabbed In The Neck At Heywood Hospital, Patient Charged With Attempted Murder

2 Min Read Published June 13, 2023
Nurse Stabbed In The Neck At Heywood Hospital, Patient Charged With Attempted Murder

On Monday, June 12th a nurse at Heywood Hospital in Massachusetts was cut in the neck by a patient. She was transported to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester.

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About The Case

David Nichols, 76, from Greenville, New Hampshire was arrested after allegedly stabbing his nurse while receiving care in the Emergency Room for his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

According to reports, Nichols had removed his oxygen and monitoring devices, and the nurse was attacked when she tried to replace the oxygen. At the arraignment, prosecutors stated that the nurse was cut in the neck near the carotid artery but the artery was not cut. 

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Nichols was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon and attempting to commit a crime. A non-guilty plea was entered. An individual spoke to NBC 10 Boston on Nicols’ behalf stating that “Nichols has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer and is on hospice care, having been told he has six months to live.”

Prosecutors told the court that Nicols grabbed the nurse’s neck and used a pocket knife to cut her. He was restrained by security in the ER and handcuffed to the bed. 

Nicols was given a court-appointed lawyer and appeared at the arraignment from a hospital bed. According to his representative, Nicols is currently bed-bound after having five surgeries on his lungs and the need for oxygen. 

Currently, Nicols is being held on $100,000 bail with house arrest and no contact with the alleged victim. The next court date is set for July 14th. 

The name of the nurse has not been released at this time. 

"The Heywood staff are second to none. Last night, they demonstrated teamwork, compassion, cohesiveness and dedication to each other and to our community. Our primary responsibility as leaders is to take care of our staff, and we do not take this responsibility lightly," said Rozanna Penney, CEO of Heywood Healthcare. contacted Heywood Hospital for additional comment and has yet to receive a response. 


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