These Hospitals Offer Internal, Direct-Hire, Travel Nurse Programs (List)

5 Min Read Published September 26, 2023
These Hospitals Offer Internal, Direct-Hire, Travel Nurse Programs (List)

In an effort to combat some of the staff nursing exoduses to travel positions, more and more hospitals across the nation are offering internal travel nurse programs. Like traditional travel nursing contracts through staffing agencies, these internal travel nurse programs offer short-term contracts, high pay, and sometimes, limited benefits. 

Designed to attract healthcare professionals to hard-to-fill areas and offer the same high pay as travel nurse jobs, hospitals hope that they will be able to retain local staff and ultimately lower the costs they will be forced to pay to travel nurse agencies. For instance, Bronson Healthcare in Kalamazoo, MI, recently announced the launch of its internal travel contract program for both nurses and other healthcare clinicians. 

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"These positions are enticing for anyone who is interested in a higher base pay, while foregoing many traditional health and wellness benefits — perhaps nurses who are still eligible for health insurance under their parents or guardians, or those who already have coverage through a spouse's employer," Denise Neely, BSN, senior vice president and COO for Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Bronson Methodist Hospital and chief nursing officer for Bronson Healthcare, stated in a news release. 

In late 2021, UPMC also started an internal travel nursing program - launching with over 800 open positions.  

Large hospitals systems are beginning to launch travel nurse program across multiple states and large geographical areas. For instance, 

  • Mercy Health System a system across four states (more than 40 hospitals and more than 40,000 co-workers) piloted their program in Springfield, Missouri, and now it has expanded across their four-state footprint. 
  • Advent Health the internal travel nurse program is offered in their hospitals in all states: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin
  • UC Health Colorado, traveling nurse program is across all UCHealth hospitals. That includes hospitals in all regions in northern Colorado, southern Colorado and in the Denver Metro area.
  • OSF HealthCare has 14 hospitals in the state of Illinois all w/ internal travel nurse programs

There are lots of lists floating around on social media of hospitals that might (or might not) offer internal travel contracts for healthcare workers. was able to verify this list of hospitals directly with the hospital representatives themselves. 

List of Hospitals By State Offering Internal Travel Nurse Programs

The benefits of a hospital offering internal travel nursing programs can be considerable—it might give applicants the opportunity to “try-out” a hospital, or even current staffers to try out different areas of the hospital without fully switching facilities or quitting. It could also be ideal for parents or caregivers who may not be able to commit to long-term work. 


  • Mercy Health System


  • Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ

  • HonorHealth, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Scripps, San Diego

  • Trinity Health


  • UC Health Colorado 


  • Advent Health 
  • Orlando Health
  • Health First
  • Trinity Health


  • Advent Health
  • Emory Healthcare


  • Advent Health
  • OSF Illinois 


  • CHI Health

  • Trinity Health


  • Advent Health
  • Mercy Health System


  • Advent Health
  • Bon Secours Mercy Health


  • Trinity Healthcare

  • Bon Secours Mercy Health


  • Chi Health

North Carolina

  • Advent Health


  • Mercy Health, Portland ME
  • Mercy Health, Bangor ME


  • Mercy Health System 

New York

  • Trinity Health

North Carolina

  • Chi Health


  • Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • University Hospitals Health Systems, Cleveland, Ohio


  • Mercy Health System


  • Well Span York
  • Trinity Healthcare

  • UPMC

South Carolina

  • Bon Secours Mercy Health

South Dakota

  • Sanford Health


  • Advent Health
  • Christus Health


  • Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • UVA Health Charlottesville

West Virginia

  • MON health Morgantown, WV


  • Advent Health

Don’t see your hospital on the list? Email us at to get it added. 

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Who Qualifies for Internal Travel Nurse Jobs?

Qualifications for internal travel nurse jobs can vary depending on the specific healthcare facility and its requirements. However, in general, candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • RN License: Candidates must have a valid and active RN license in the state where the facility is located.

  • Experience: Typically, healthcare facilities prefer nurses with a certain amount of experience, often requiring a minimum of 1-3 years of clinical nursing experience. Having a diverse background in various nursing specialties can be advantageous.

  • Skills and Competencies: Nurses applying for internal travel positions should possess strong clinical skills, adaptability, the ability to quickly learn and navigate different units, and excellent communication skills.

  • Certifications: Depending on the facility's requirements, certain certifications might be necessary. For instance, depending on where the nurse will work, certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), or others may be a requirement for consideration to work in an internal travel nurse position.

  • Flexibility: Internal travel nurses must usually agree to be flexible in terms of scheduling, shifts, and the units they are assigned to. They should be comfortable with working in different departments as the facility's needs change. Many institutions offer internal travel nurse contracts for up to six months or longer.

Internal travel nurses usually also undergo an orientation or training period to become familiar with the specific protocols, procedures, and electronic medical records system of the unit(s) they will be working in.

How much does an internal travel nurse make?

The compensation for internal travel nurses can vary based on several factors, including the nurse's experience, location, the specific healthcare facility, and the nurse's contract terms. Since internal travel nurses work within a single healthcare institution, their pay structure is likely different from that of traditional external travel nurses who work through staffing agencies.

Internal nurses typically earn a higher per-hour rate than staff nurses at the hospital. However, many hospitals with internal travel contracts may not offer some benefits that staff nurses receive as a part of their agreement.

​​What is the Difference Between Internal and External Travel Nurses?

Internal and external travel nurses are both types of nurses who provide temporary staffing solutions to healthcare facilities, but they differ in terms of where they work and how they are employed.

Internal Travel Nurses

Internal travel nurses, or "internal agency" nurses, work within a single healthcare institution. They are employed by the facility itself and are part of the facility's nursing staff.

Internal travel nurses are assigned to different units or departments within the same institution based on the facility's staffing needs. These nurses may also work in a variety of specialties and units within the same hospital. In some cases, internal travel nurses may also travel between local “sister” hospitals. Contracts for internal travel nurses are often six months or longer, and nurses may have the option to renew their contracts upon completion.

External Travel Nurses

External travel nurses, often simply referred to as "travel nurses," work for external staffing agencies that specialize in providing temporary nursing staff to various healthcare facilities.

They are not employed directly by the facility where they work. Instead, they are contracted by the staffing agency to work at different healthcare institutions.

Travel nurses are assigned short-term contracts at various facilities, which could be located in different cities or even different states. External travel nurses need to quickly adapt to different environments, protocols, and charting systems at each new facility.

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