Is Rasmussen University’s Nursing School Worth it? Nurses Review

7 Min Read Published September 8, 2022
Is Rasmussen University’s Nursing School Worth it? Nurses Review

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Rasmussen University’s nursing school offers three pathways to help you earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and start practicing as a registered nurse. Students can earn a BSN in as little as 12 months, depending on the program and previous education. Those without a nursing background or bachelor's degree can earn their BSN in as little as 33 months.

In addition to a BSN, the college offers other nursing programs ranging from a practical nursing diploma to an Associate  Degree in Nursing (ADN) to a Doctorate in Nursing (DNP).

With 23 campuses across the country, Rasmussen University offers students with any background an opportunity to earn a BSN. Most programs are even entirely online! may be compensated by some of the nursing schools we review. However, this does not affect our review process or the ratings these schools receive. All reviews are created independently by our editorial team. We review partner schools as well as schools we do not work with.


Private or Public: Private

General Tuition: $155 to $865 per credit hour

Acceptance Rate: 100%

NCLEX Pass Rate: Between 66.88% to 93.02%, depending on the campus

Application Deadlines: Rolling

Accreditation: CCNE, Higher Learning Commission

Diversity: Dependant on-campus location

Additional Info:

  • Total number of students: 8,500

  • Graduation rate: 49.4% to 70.7%, depending on the campus

  • Student/faculty ratios: Ratios vary between 11 and 19:1 depending on the campus location

Contact Information

  • Addresses:

    • Florida campuses

      • Central Pasco: 16418 State Road 54, Odessa

      • Fort Myers: 9160 Forum Corporate Parkway, Suite 100, Fort Meyers

      • North Orlando: 385 Douglas Ave, Suite 1000, Altamonte Springs

      • Ocala: 4755 SW 46th Court, Ocala

      • Ocala: 1227 SW 17th Avenue, Ocala

      • Tampa/Brandon: 330 Brandon Town Center Drive, Brandon

    • Illinois campuses

      • Aurora/Naperville: 2363 Sequoia Drive, Aurora

      • Mokena/Tinley: 8650 West Spring Lake Road, Mokena

      • Rockford: 6000 East State Stree 4th Floor, Rockford

      • Romeoville/Joliet: 1400 West Normatown Road, Romeoville

    • Kansas campuses

      • Kansas City/Overland Park: 11600 College Boulevard, Suite 100

      • Topeka: 620 SW Governor View, Topeka

    • Minnesota campuses

      • Bloomington: 4400 West 78th Street 6th Floor, Bloomington

      • Eagan: 1305 Corperate Center Drive, Eagan

      • Hemmepin/Anoka: 5555 96th Avenue North, Brooklyn Park

      • Lake Elmo/Woodbury: 8565 Eagle Point Circle, Lake Elmo

      • Mankato: 1400 Madison Ave, Makato

      • Moorehead: 1250 29th Ave South, Moorehead

      • St Cloud: 226 Park Ave South, St. Cloud

    • North Dakota campus

      • Fargo: 4012 19th Ave South, Fargo

    • Wisconsin campuses

      • Green Bay: 904 South Taylor Street, Suite 100, Green Bay

      • Wausau: 1101 Westwood Drive, Wausau

Degrees Offered

Practical Nursing Diploma

  • Tuition: $18,760

  • Program Length: As little as 12 months

  • Online Options Available? Yes

Professional Nursing/Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN)

  • Tuition: $41,718

  • Program Length: As few as 18 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 

  • Tuition: $335 per credit

  • Program Length: As few as 33 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

BSN Second Degree

  • Tuition: $335 per credit

  • Program Length: As few as 33 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

RN to BSN*

  • Tuition: About $335 per credit

  • Program Length: As few as 33 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

  • Tuition: $155 per credit

  • Program Length: 18 to 27 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner

  • Tuition: $155 per MSN credit, $865 cost per NP specialization credit

  • Program Length: 27 months

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

Doctor of Nursing Practice

  • Tuition: $695 per credit

  • Program Length: 21 months (full-time)

  • Online Options Available?  Yes

Specialties Offered


  • Nursing Leadership and Administration

  • Nursing Education

  • Healthcare Technology, Simulation, and Informatics


  • Adult-Gerontology Primary Care

  • Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Pediatric Primary Care

  • Psychiatric-Mental Health


  • Executive Leadership 

  • Public Health and Policy

Is Rasmussen University a Good Nursing Program?

Rasmussen University’s nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) for all bachelor's and MSN degree programs, which means that it adheres to the highest educational standards for nursing programs in the US.

What Do You Need to Get Into Rasmussen University’s Nursing Program?

Rasmussen University’s Nursing program has a 100% acceptance rate for students who complete the required application and education requirements. There are no waitlist or pre-requisite courses at most locations. 

Students must complete the following for acceptance into the program:

  • Attend a nursing information session

  • Complete an online application

  • Take an entrance placement exam, or TEAS exam (students may be exempt from this step depending upon the program and transfer credit)

  • Complete financial aid paperwork

  • Sign enrollment documents

  • Complete a background check 

  • Turn in any previous college transcripts

How Hard is the Nursing Program at Rasmussen University?

Like every accredited nursing program, Rasmussen University’s nursing program is challenging and requires significant dedication to succeed.  

Many students report that the nursing programs at Rasmussen Unversity are rigorous but also helped them achieve their desired nursing career after graduation. However, as with any university, students only get out what they put into their studies.

What Kind of Support Does Rasmussen University Offer Their Nursing Students?

With over 19,500 nursing alumni and 600 current nursing faculty, Rasmussen offers support to help nurses succeed in their programs.

The university website reports that on-campus and online students have the same kind of student support.  Students can access all the same resources online—including real people in real-time.

Additional support includes:

  • Access to 24/7 technical support

  • Access to a dedicated advisor

  • Tudor assistance

  • Connect with subject-expert librarians

  • Carreer planning help

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How Much Is the Nursing Program at Rasmussen University?

Rasmussen University’s nursing school fees and total costs may vary depending on the campus.  The university recommends that prospective students speak with an admissions advisor or use the tuition estimator tool to calculate thier costs.

However, the school’s website does report total costs for the Nursing (ADN/RN) Program:

  • $409 cost per credit x 102 total credits = $41,718 total tuition

  • Plus $6,845 total fees

  • = $48,563 estimated total program cost

Is Rasmussen University’s Nursing School Worth It?

Many students want to know if the cost of Rasmussen University’s nursing program is worth the expected salary. Some of the factors that students must consider before choosing a nursing program include:

  • The type of healthcare institution where you will be employed

  • The city and state will you live

  • Whether you work part-time or full-time

  • Whether you pick up overtime shifts or weekends (for a higher hourly wage)?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nurses earn a median annual salary of $77,600/hr or $37.31/hr. However, the range and vary widely depending on many of the factors mentioned above. 

According to ZipRecruiter, nurse salaries range from $35,500 to $123,500, with an annual mean salary of $76,289.  Keep in mind that nurses who live in cities and states with a higher cost of living typically earn much higher salaries than nurses who work in more rural areas.

Another feature that may make Rasmussen an excellent choice for some is that the university offers online courses that are available to students anytime and from practically anywhere to help them better balance their schedules.

Students can also complete practicum experience in their own communities and on their own schedules.

Although Rasmussen University’s nursing program isn’t cheap, they offer grants that may save BSN students up to $9,530 in tuition and fees.

What is Rasmussen University’s Nursing School Transfer Policy?

The Rasussman website reports that they believe students bring valuable knowledge and experience to their education and that they should get credit for every step they have taken so far. They offer a program called Knowledge Credit that can help students save time and money in three ways:

  • Transfer in college-level credit

  • Take $149 self-directed assessments to show that you don’t need to take a specific course

  • Gain credit for military training or professional certifications that align with your program

Rasmussen University Nursing School Reviews

One 2021 Rasmussen nursing alumni stated:

"Have to say I enjoyed my experience at Rasmussen University, especially compared to what I hear about other institutions. Classes had varying degrees of difficulty, but ultimately they prepared me to work as a Registered Nurse and more importantly how to pass my boards. You'll find similar complaints about Rasmussen as any nursing school, as the students seem pretty hard to please, but the success rate for students is pretty high from this school. Being able to enter the program without being placed on a wait list was one of the biggest reasons I entered the program, but it seems that what they offer to students for services has gotten better every year. Overall, I would recommend Rasmussen if you are looking to get into a program and start working as soon as possible."

Anna, a 2019 nursing graduate from Rasmussen explained:

"Rasmussen is a great nursing program. They are creating nurses that can think on their feet. They are giving all the necessary information that a nurse needs to begin their career and the students are eager to learn more in their career. All nurses should start at Rasmussen."

A Rasmussen University Alumni from the Oscal campus named Jose reported on how prepared he felt for the workforce upon graduating:

“The skills I learned definitely prepared me to be a strong nurse. I take everything I learned in nursing school with me to every single assignment I do. My strong foundation as a nurse is all thanks to Rasmussen.”

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