June 29, 2023

Retired Trauma Nurse Wins $3.8 Million in Colorado Lottery

Retired Trauma Nurse Wins $3.8 Million in Colorado Lottery

Bill S. of Carbondale won $3.8 million on the Colorado Lotto+ jackpot. (Colorado Lottery)

It’s safe to say that we all dream of hitting the lottery. The long days at the hospital, overworked and understaffed, winning the lottery sounds perfect but it’s not exactly reality. Except for one retired nurse!

Bill S., whose last name has not been released, won $3.8 million on the June 10th drawing of Colorado Lotto+. The winning ticket only cost $2 and matched all six numbers: 5-13-14-16-30-33.

Bill, 69, of Carbondale, Colorado is a retired NYC trauma nurse. Having worked for over 30 years at some of the top trauma hospitals in the city he moved to Colorado and worked at Aspen Valley Hospital until he retired in 2022. In fact, he worked throughout COVID.

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He decided to move to Colorado after his parents passed because he learned to ski there in 1972 during a family vacation. The place stuck with him. A dedicated nurse, he has been living on a fixed income since his retirement. He hasn’t gotten to really enjoy everything Colorado has to offer especially with the cost of living increasing. Two of his favorite activities, horseback riding and paragliding, he had to stop because of the rising costs. 

According to the Colorado lottery press release, he has been playing the lottery weekly for the last 10 years, winning smaller prizes. After deciding to take the cash option, Bill will collect $1,948,019. 

Colorado Lottery Winner Bill (Colorado Lottery)

When asked about his plans for his big winnings, he said, “Maybe taking a train trip and buying a new vacuum.” Bill also plans to purchase 100 gift cards to hand out to others at the local City Market, where he purchased the winning lottery ticket, because “they are nice” to him.

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