Nurse Juror Excused from Trump Hush Money Trial Over Bias Concerns

1 Min Read Published April 19, 2024
Nurse Juror Excused from Trump Hush Money Trial Over Bias Concerns

The highly publicized criminal trial of former President Donald Trump over alleged hush money payments hit a snag this week, as a potential juror -- a nurse by profession -- was excused after expressing doubts about her ability to remain impartial.

The juror, whose identity was not disclosed by the court, told the judge, "I don't believe at this point I can be fair and unbiased and let the outside influences not affect my decision-making." She continued, “Yesterday alone, I had friends, colleagues, and family push things to my phone, questioning my identity as a juror. I don’t think at this point I can be fair and unbiased.”

While the identities of the jurors have not been released there has been some information released about them. The information released about the nurse stated, “a female oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering who lives on the Upper East Side” - and that was enough to tip her friends and family off that it might be her.

Her candid admission prompted Judge Juan Manuel Merchan to excuse her from the jury pool.

Media Blackout on Jurors' Workplaces Ordered

In a move aimed at shielding potential jurors from public exposure, Judge Merchan also instructed the media not to report where the individuals being considered for the jury work. This decision underscores the court's concerns about the intense scrutiny surrounding the case and the potential for jurors to face external pressures or influences.

The Charges Against Trump

The charges against Trump stem from an alleged hush money scheme orchestrated during the 2016 presidential campaign. Prosecutors allege that the former president falsified business records to conceal payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claimed to have had sexual encounters with Trump.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has characterized the case as a politically motivated "witch hunt" aimed at undermining his potential 2024 presidential bid.

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