NICU Nurse Couple Adopts Baby Who Was Their Patient

1 Min Read Published March 18, 2024
NICU Nurse Couple Adopts Baby Who Was Their Patient

The NICU at Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska is where Drew and Taylor Deras met as NICU nurses and fell in love. Little did they know that years later, they would find their daughter in the NICU where they first met. Her name is Ella, and she was one of their patients.

A Fragile Beginning

Ella was born prematurely and spent over 11 months in the NICU under the excellent care of the nursing team, including Taylor and Drew Deras. 

Taylor says she felt an instant connection to Ella. The nurses became very attached to Ella as they supported her through the difficult first months of life. 

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An Unbreakable Bond

Taylor fell in love with taking care of the baby and, knowing that the baby would be put up for adoption, felt called to give her a loving home and family. The nurses had already developed a strong attachment to Ella while caring for her. They were heartbroken to think of her ending up in the foster system. The Deras went through an extensive process to be approved as foster parents and were able to take baby Ella home. 

 Drew and Taylor had frequent visits from case workers monitoring Ella's care and growth. She thrived in their home and, after the adoption was finalized, the Deras officially became Ella's forever family.

Ella's story is a beautiful example of the bonds that can form between NICU nurses and their patients. It highlights the joys and challenges of working in this demanding but rewarding corner of healthcare. Nurses like Taylor and Drew devote their lives to giving fragile infants a fighting chance. They celebrate the small triumphs along an infant's path to health. And sometimes, when the situation aligns, they are able to provide a baby with far more than just medical care. For Ella, their NICU ended up being her doorway into a loving adoptive home.

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