Fake Nurse Who Posed as RN and Physical Therapist Faces Multiple Felony Charges

1 Min Read Published February 21, 2024
Fake Nurse Who Posed as RN and Physical Therapist Faces Multiple Felony Charges

Amanda Maynard-Murphy, a 33-year-old woman from Sandusky, Ohio, faces charges this week with 2 felony counts of identity theft and tampering with records after allegedly posing as a nurse and physical therapist to gain employment at multiple healthcare facilities. She was arrested while wearing scrubs and a stethoscope though she was not employed anywhere. 

Police state that she purportedly utilized the Physical Therapy contact information belonging to another individual named Amanda Maynard, along with the Social Security Number of a distinct woman in North Carolina, to successfully navigate through background checks.

Subsequently, Maynard-Murphy stands accused of employment within the medical domain at Parkvue and NOMS Healthcare, situated in Perkins Township, outside Sandusky, Ohio. She also allegedly worked at several other facilities throughout the state. 

Facing Felony Charges

“We have charged her with a couple felonies. That was just to kind of get the ball rolling. We expect a very large indictment,” said Detective Joe Rotuno with Perkins Twp. Police.

Healthcare officials warn that cases like this can seriously endanger patient safety by allowing unqualified individuals access to patients and medical records.

Investigation Ongoing

The investigation into Maynard-Murphy’s actions is ongoing. Authorities are working to determine the full scope of her fraudulent activities and whether her role may have negatively impacted any patients under her care. 

Parkvue Community provided the following statement to 13 Action News:

“All allegations of misconduct are met with extensive internal investigation, cooperation with external oversight agencies, and corrective action if and when needed. While we understand this matter is of interest to the community, United Church Homes and The Parkvue Community are unable to comment specifically on matters under law enforcement investigation.”

Maynard-Murphy is currently being held in police custody pending further court proceedings. 

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