Top 5 Influential Nurses To Follow On LinkedIn

6 Min Read Published May 15, 2023
Top 5 Influential Nurses To Follow On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, boasting over 930 million members. LinkedIn creates an opportunity to reach a previously unattainable audience of healthcare executives and leaders, so it's no wonder nurses are using the platform to drive meaningful change within the nursing profession.

Here are 5 influential nurses you should follow on LinkedIn:

1. Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL

Current Role: Chief Clinical Officer at IntelyCare

LinkedIn Follower Count: 29.5k

What she talks about on LinkedIn:

Rebecca Love is a nurse executive, entrepreneur, and author with many accolades to her name, including being the first nurse to ever do a TED Talk. On LinkedIn, she talks a lot about the future of healthcare, emphasizing the irreplaceable role nurses play in determining healthcare’s trajectory. She is a vocal advocate for the nursing profession, posting often about the need for safer working conditions, better pay, and improved support.

"LinkedIn is one of the only platforms that allows for nurses to reach a greater audience than themselves—healthcare leaders who would otherwise never hear nurses,” Love told “And the ability to engage in productive, yet challenging conversations, exists on LinkedIn unlike any other social media channel, as how and what you say on LinkedIn represents you and has a direct impact on your career.  LinkedIn is the best place for us as nurses to reach an audience that previously was unreachable for nurses to be heard or seen. Stop being hidden, get out on social media, and if you don't feel comfortable making a post, start commenting on the posts or liking the posts of those nurses who are being brave enough to do so.  The truth is, it's time for us as one profession to come together and control the narrative that everybody else has controlled for a very long time."

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Current Role: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Triumph Treatment Services; Associate Professor at Rasmussen University School of Nursing

LinkedIn Follower Count: 3.7k

What he talks about on LinkedIn: 

Dr. Rhone D’Errico is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and nursing professor who is establishing himself as a thought leader on LinkedIn. He posts often on LinkedIn about his passion for mental health, the challenges of modern nursing, and the need for systemic change in healthcare. 

“Every nurse needs a professional network, and the best way to build that network is on LinkedIn,” D’Errico told “My activities as a creator on LinkedIn have brought me many opportunities, from job offers, to speaking engagements, to partnerships, and so much more. As nurses and nurse practitioners we have so much to offer the world, and linked in gives us a way to spread our reach and influence.”

3. Dan Weberg, PhD, MHI, RN, FAAN

Current Role: Owner at Simovative Solutions, LLC; Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University College of Nursing

LinkedIn Follower Count: 28.6k

What he talks about on LinkedIn:

Dr. Dan Weberg is a nurse executive, healthcare innovator, and nursing professor who is passionate about leading solutions in healthcare. On LinkedIn, he talks frequently about the need for transformational change in healthcare processes, the importance of growth, and the role nurses play in healthcare innovation.

“Nursing needs a new narrative that shows the positive and innovative work happening to support the future of nursing. LinkedIn provides a platform for that message away from the negativity of other social networks,” Dr. Weberg told

4. Bonnie Clipper, DNP, MA, MBA, RN, CENP, FACHE, FAAN

Current Role: Founder and CEO of Innovation Advantage; Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary School of Nursing

LinkedIn Follower Count: 40k

What she talks about on LinkedIn:

Dr. Bonnie Clipper is a nurse executive, entrepreneur, author, and nursing professor who is passionate about the future of the nursing profession. A self-proclaimed “nurse futurist”, Dr. Clipper shares her insights regularly on LinkedIn, particularly about developing healthcare technologies that have the potential to influence the nursing profession in the years to come. 

When asked why she felt sharing on LinkedIn was important, Dr. Clipper responded, “As a profession that is 4.5M strong, we have never had more nurses, yet there is a significant shortage of nurses who are in the workforce. There is so much noise and gaslighting in social media that I think it is important to share the data and engage nurses to develop solutions because it impacts all of us! Our profession is at a very pivotal moment in our history where WE have to come up with sustainable solutions. Our challenges are not simple, it ranges from retention to recruitment, workload and staffing, the lack of reimbursement for nursing services, and quite honestly the lack of understanding of the value that nurses bring. I encourage nurses to be informed and follow influencers who use the evidence from strong sources to lay out information and discourage nurses from following social media sites that make fun of nurses and patients- we don't see physicians behaving that way. I share on social media regularly and I am always open to hearing different perspectives as long as we participate in civil discourse. I have my share of mean-spirited posts and emails and I don't pay attention to those but rather focus on the tough questions of ‘how might we?’”


Current Role: Owner at Critical Care Casey; Assistant Nurse Manager at LifeBridge Health; Adjunct Clinical Faculty at the Towson University School of Nursing

LinkedIn Follower Count: 11.8k

What she talks about on LinkedIn:

Casey Green is a nurse manager, critical care nurse, clinical faculty, and entrepreneur. As only the 85th nurse to ever obtain all 5 emergency nursing certifications, she is passionate about supporting and elevating other nurses through mentorship and social media influence. She frequently posts on LinkedIn about the importance of support and representation within the nursing profession.

“I think sharing on LinkedIn is important because it gives a unique viewpoint into nursing, helping to give nursing a voice,” Green told “Unless someone has been a patient or knows a nurse, the public doesn't really know what we do or our role. So many things start as LinkedIn discussions and become knowledge sharing and sometimes even policy. The networking aspect is so important and sharing on LinkedIn helps to facilitate all of those things."

Nursing Brands to Follow on LinkedIn

Nurse influencers aren’t the only ones sharing useful information on LinkedIn. Many nursing brands also use the platform as a way to distribute information that nurses may be interested in. Here are a few brands pages to check out on LinkedIn:

  • Focused on impacting the lives of nurses and nursing students with thought-provoking content,’s presence on LinkedIn is growing rapidly. posts frequently about important news and useful career resources. We also have a new LinkedIn group and a weekly LinkedIn newsletter, both of which offer career resources and breaking news that nurses are most interested in.

  • The American Nurses Association. With nearly half a million followers on LinkedIn, the ANA has a strong presence on LinkedIn. The ANA posts frequently about free resources, webinars, and news updates relevant to their missions, including fostering high standards of nursing practice, supporting the health and wellness of nurses, and advocating for healthcare issues that affect both nurses and the general public.

  • The Nursing Beat. With a goal of providing the most up-to-date healthcare information, The Nursing Beat is the only daily email newsletter of its kind dedicated to meeting the needs of nurses and allied professionals. They often post about nursing-related news, free webinars, and nursing giveaways.

  • Nurse Fern. The brainchild of Emma Geiser, BSN, RN, Nurse Fern offers support to nurses who want to transition into remote work through job search resources and a remote nursing job board. 


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