Top 50+ Nurses to Follow on TikTok

10 Min Read Published July 21, 2023
Top 50+ Nurses to Follow on TikTok

TikTok has become a popular platform for nurses to share their experiences, offer advice, and connect with other healthcare professionals. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, TikTok is a great way to connect with nurses from all over the world. Whether you're a nurse yourself or just interested in learning more about the profession, these accounts are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in nursing, learn new skills, and connect with other healthcare professionals.

1.  Georgina Villarreal MSN, RN @nursehealthcoach

Georgina Villarreal is a fitness guru, health coach, and bodybuilding enthusiast who shares her expertise on TikTok. With a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and a registered nurse (RN) credential, Georgina combines her nursing knowledge with her passion for fitness to provide valuable advice and tips to her 2,601 followers. Her content focuses on biohacking techniques, fitness routines, and health coaching specifically tailored for nurses.

2. Kala Baker, RN @nursekala

Nurse Kala Baker is a TikTok sensation known for her energetic dance videos that she often shares from her workplace and with her coworkers. With 61.1K followers, Kala brings joy and positivity to the nursing community through her entertaining TikTok dances. As an RN, Kala uses her platform to spread happiness and inspire others to find moments of fun even in a demanding work environment.

3. Miki Rai BSN, RN @mikiraiofficial

Miki Rai is an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. With an impressive following of 2.5 million, Miki's TikTok content revolves around various topics, including nursing interviews, lifestyle tips, and shopping recommendations. She offers valuable insights into the nursing profession while showcasing her own personal style and interests.

4. Godslove Eloka, RN @nurseloveofficial

Godslove Eloka is a travel ICU nurse who thinks he's funny, and he is. His content focuses on humor with a blend of fitness. With 105.7K followers on TikTok, he brings endless laughs to the nursing community using experiences that all nurses can relate to.

5. Tara Sonnenberg, BSN, RN @officialtiktoknurse

Tara Sonnenberg is a nurse who specializes in school nursing and education. With 2,998K followers, Tara's TikTok content primarily focuses on the experiences and challenges faced by school nurses. She shares humorous anecdotes, educational insights, and school nurse-related comedy skits, providing both entertainment and valuable information to her followers.

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6. Krystal Dorn, RN @krystal_dorn

Krystal Dorn is a nurse who uses her TikTok platform to share her nursing experiences, dating stories, and fashion inspiration. With a follower count of 56.1K, Krystal combines her passion for nursing with her love for fashion and relationships, creating content that is relatable and engaging for her audience.

7. Lucio Arguijo, RN @nursenunu

Lucio Arguijo, also known as Nurse Nunu, brings daily nursing comedy to TikTok. With 184.7K followers, Lucio uses humor to shed light on the everyday challenges and unique situations nurses encounter in their profession. Through his lighthearted content, Nurse Nunu brings smiles and laughter to the nursing community.

8. Kathleen Green, BSN, RN @nursekathleengreen

Kathleen Green is a nurse who uses TikTok to share her nursing education journey and bring laughter to her 29.4K followers. Kathleen's content revolves around nursing education, nursing life comedy, and relatable experiences. Her TikTok provides valuable insights into the nursing profession while keeping the mood light and entertaining.

9. Andrew Rattay, BSN, RN @nurse_andy

Andrew Rattay is a PICC Nurse. With 142.7K followers, Andrew's TikTok content focuses on his expertise in PICC nursing, IV insertions, and nursing comedy. He shares educational tips and humorous skits related to his nursing specialty, providing entertainment and knowledge to his audience.

10. Nurse John, BSN, RN @nurse.johnn

Nurse John is a nurse comedian with 5M followers. His comedic content revolves around the experiences and challenges faced by nurses, resonating with both healthcare professionals and those interested in nursing. He currently works in the emergency room after starting on a medical-surgical floor.

11. Kristine Tuttle, BSN RN @nurseinthemakingkristine

Kristine Tuttle, with 903.2K followers, focuses on nursing education and nursing school. Her content provides valuable tips and insights for aspiring nurses and those currently pursuing their nursing degrees. With her wealth of knowledge and relatable content, Kristine provides a guiding light for navigating the intricacies of nursing education.

12. Nurse Alex RN @nurse.alexrn

Nurse Alex specializes in travel pediatric nursing, nursing comedy, and nursing lifestyle. With 256.6K followers, he takes his audience on his nursing journey while showcasing the fun and rewarding aspects of his career.

13. Ciara Dela Cruz BSN, RN @ciaramelle_

Ciara is a pediatric nurse who shares her experiences, lifestyle tips, and nursing education insights. With 138.4K followers, Ciara is a highly-respected educator and an invaluable resource for aspiring and current pediatric nurses.

14. Nurse Layla, RN @laylathenurse

Nurse Layla focuses on travel nursing and lifestyle routines; discover her tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the go! With a following of 98.6K, you'll be captivated by her unique perspective and experiences working in different locations.

15. Vivian Nguyen MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC @viv_whnp

Vivian Nguyen, WHNP-BC, is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner who shares her expertise in women's healthcare, labor, and delivery nursing. With 130.7K followers, she educates and empowers women through her content.

16. Kojo Sarfo, DNP, PMHNP-BC  @dr.kojosarfo

With 2.4 million followers, Kojo Sarfo, DNP, PMHNP-BC, is a sought-after nurse practitioner focused on mental health. He offers crucial insights and tips on psych nursing, mental health, and overall well-being.

17. Nurse Nicole, RN @lifeofpresleyandme

Nurse Nicole brings humor to the nursing profession. With 166.8K followers, she shares nursing humor and comedic anecdotes from her daily experiences in the healthcare field. She also provides useful tips and tricks for nurses and equipment recommendations.

18. Joscel James BSN, RN @josceljames

Joscel James, BSN, RN, is a nurse known for his nursing humor and relatable content. With a following of 29.7K, Joscel's TikTok account is full of nursing humor, relatable stories, and glimpses into the world of travel nursing.

19. Nurse Blake BSN, RN @nurseblake

Nurse Blake is an influencer with 925.3K followers, known for his entertaining nursing humor and relatable content. He provides a lighthearted take on the challenges and joys of being a nurse. He is currently traveling on his comedy tour called Shocked Advised. 

20. Nurse Claudia, RN @claaudiiiaa_

Nurse Claudia specializes in neonatal intensive care (NICU) nursing. With 8,372 followers, she shares her experiences in the NICU, offers fashion inspiration, and provides insights into her lifestyle.

21. Rowenna Campbell, RN @thatonenurseincomo

Rowenna Campbell is an RN who shares her adventures as a travel nurse. With 19.5K followers, she showcases her travel experiences, participates in TikTok dances, and offers glimpses into the life of a travel nurse.

22. Nurse Kev, BSN, RN @thatnursekev

Nurse Kev is an RN and nursing informatics graduate student. With 131.3K followers, she documents her journey in graduate school, provides insights into nursing informatics, and shares aspects of her nursing life. 

23. Rastisha Smikle RN @nursestisha

Rastisha (Nurse Stisha) is an RN and healthcare educator. With 191K followers, she shares educational content for healthcare professionals and discusses various aspects of nursing education. She focuses on health literacy and patient advocacy, as well as health and wellness. 

24.  Nurse Hilary APRN, BScN student  @nursehilary

Nurse Hilary is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) and BScN student. With 144.7K followers, she shares her experiences as a nursing student, showcases nursing equipment and items, and offers insights into the nurse's life.

25. Abby Flaherty BSN, RN @abbyrn_

Abby Flaherty is an RN specializing in emergency room nursing. With 11.8K followers, she shares her experiences in the ER, discusses her travel nursing adventures, and provides a glimpse into her lifestyle.

26. Nurse Angela, BSN, RN @nurseangelaknows

Nurse Angela is an RN who focuses on nurse aesthetics and beauty. With 355.5K followers, she shares skincare and beauty tips specifically tailored for nurses. Angela covers topics and views of aesthetic nursing and procedures being performed. 

27. Nurse Zoey BSN, RN @nurse.zoey

Nurse Zoey is an RN with 202.9K followers on TikTok. She shares valuable nursing school tips and educational content to help aspiring nurses succeed in their studies and prepare for their nursing careers.

28. Xena Allen, BSN, RN @nursernxena

Nurse Xena Allen is an RN with 11.3K followers. She provides helpful information about nursing supplies, study guides, and nursing advice, aiming to support fellow nurses in their professional journey.

29. Marki Mayle BSN, RN @nurse_marxx

Nurse Marxx, with 370.5K followers, specializes in hospice care and hospice nursing; she offers insights, emotional support, and educational content about end-of-life care for nurses.

30. Daneel Duncan RN, BSCN @nurse_lady_daneel

Daneel Duncan is a nurse with 19.2K followers. She shares content about the nursing lifestyle, singing, and travel, offering a unique perspective on being a nurse and exploring personal interests.

31. Nurse.a, RN @nurse.a

Nurse.a is an RN with 151.9K followers. She specializes in emergency pediatric nursing and shares experiences related to motherhood and nursing, providing insights into balancing professional and personal life.

32. Nurse Carly, BSN, RN @nurse.carly

Nurse Carly is an RN with 260.8K followers. Her content revolves around pregnancy, birthing, and baby tips, helping expectant mothers navigate the journey to parenthood with expert nursing advice.

33. Nurse Ticia, RN @nurse_tm

Nurse Ticia is an RN with 58.5K followers. She shares content about match-making couples, lifestyle, and family life, showcasing the diverse aspects of being a nurse while offering entertainment and relatability.

34. Nurse Conner, BSN, RN @nurse.conner

Nurse Conner has a BSN, and RN with 144.9K followers. Specializing in ICU nursing, he shares his experiences as a nurse, offers insights into the critical care field, and sheds light on the everyday life of an ICU nurse.

35. Nurse Meg RN @nursemegrn

Nurse Meg is an RN with 698.7K followers. Her content focuses on NCLEX and nursing education tips, providing guidance and support to nursing students preparing for exams and entering the profession.

36.  Nurse Alex Hague @thenursery_nurse

Nurse Alex Hague is an RN with 2.3M followers. Specializing in pediatric nursing and hospital nursery care, she shares heartwarming and informative content related to the care of children and newborns.

37. Nurse Kacy @nurse_kacy

Nurse Kacy is an RN with 217.7K followers. Her content covers various aspects of life, home life, motherhood, and trending TikTok challenges, offering a glimpse into the personal side of being a nurse.

38. Rachel Pascas RN @fightingforbabytessa

Nurse Rachel Pascas is an RN with 3.1M followers. She shares her nursing experiences, highlighting the care provided to ATRT (Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor) infants and raising awareness about pediatric oncology.

39. Archie Parafina PhRN, BSN, RN @nurse.archie

Archie Parafina is an RN with 318K followers. With a focus on nursing humor, he creates entertaining content that resonates with fellow nurses and provides lighthearted moments amidst the challenges of the profession.

40. Merit Jared RN, BSc, MSc @dfitnurse1

Nurse Merit Jared has 312.8K followers. Specializing in nephrology nursing, she combines herhis passion for nursing care with fitness content, inspiring others to prioritize their well-being while pursuing nursing knowledge. 

41. Maddi Ward RN @nurse.maddi

Nurse Maddie has 20.2K followers with insightful content on ICU nursing, CVICU nursing, invaluable nursing tips, and engaging discussions through her podcast 'Life in Scrubs.'

42. Nataly Gold BSN, RN @iglowmedspa

Nurse Nataly Gold has 814.8K followers. As a nurse, she focuses on nurse aesthetics and provides insights into beauty treatments and procedures. She provides valuable insight into products to use as an aesthetics nurse. 

43. Nurse Nya BSN, RN, PMH-BC @nurse_nya

Nurse Nya has 512.5K followers. She shares content about nursing life, her journey through NP school, and lifestyle tips. She shares her opinion and insights into recent nursing news and practicing cultural awareness.

44. Nurse Tori BSN RNC-NIC @nurse.tori

Nurse Tori has 59.5K followers. Specializing in NICU nursing, she shares her experiences, travel adventures, and insights into caring for newborns.

45. Nurse Emma Geiser, BSN, RN @nursefern

Nurse Emma Geiser, BSN, RN has 128.2K followers. She provides information on nursing jobs, tips for writing nursing resumes, and career advice. She owns and operates Nurse Fern helping nurses with job searches and remote nursing opportunities. 

46. Hadley Vlahos, RN @nursehadley

Hadley Vlahos, RN has 1.5M followers. With a focus on hospice nursing, she shares her experiences and insights into end-of-life care. Hadley is also the author of the book "The In-Between."

47. Amirah Ali BSN, RN @nursebrat

Amirah Ali BSN, RN has 192.6K followers. She shares content about her work as an ER nurse and her adventures while traveling.

48. Nurse Lexa RN @lexacaylee

Nurse Lexa RN has 54.4K followers. Specializing in postpartum nursing, she shares insights into caring for new mothers, newborns, and the postpartum period.

49. Nurse Kayce Maraj, RN @theboujienurse

Nurse Kayce Maraj has 114.6K followers. She shares content about lifestyle, travel, and her experiences as a nurse.

50. Nurse Doza DC, RN, NP-C @nursedoze

Nurse Doza DC, RN, NP-C has 149.5K followers. With a focus on holistic nursing care and holistic health, he provides insights into a well-rounded approach to patient well-being.

51. Suzette Sandrin, RN @nurse.suzette

Nurse Suzette has 427.7K followers. Specializing in aesthetics nursing, she shares information and tips related to cosmetic treatments and procedures.

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