This Story of 6 Homeless Sisters Becoming Nurses Together Will Make You Tear Up

1 Min Read Published October 23, 2023
This Story of 6 Homeless Sisters Becoming Nurses Together Will Make You Tear Up

Cover image: PEOPLE

The six oldest Lawrence sisters, ages 19-25,  have experienced homelessness for a decade after losing their family home.  As challenging as their upbringing was, they didn't allow their circumstances to stop them from pursuing higher education and working towards their dream of becoming nurses. All six sisters were homeschooled, obtained their GEDs, and then went on to college where they graduated with Bachelor Degrees in Public Health. The siblings are currently working on their Master’s Degrees in Public Health at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University and will go on to enroll in nursing school. 

The Lawrence sisters told PEOPLE that their unbreakable bond has sustained them through immense challenges. Now, they aim to complete nursing degrees and find work serving others in their community.

A Difficult Upbringing and Early Struggles

The Lawrence family’s struggle with homelessness began after losing their home ten years ago. For a decade they faced homelessness and were forced to move every few months. Through it all, their father encouraged them to pursue higher learning and to not allow their circumstances to limit their dreams. 


“I’m so happy they’ve done this together,” their dad, David, told PEOPLE. “I always tell them, ‘Life’s not fair. And when it throws you a curveball, you gotta adjust to it and keep going.’”


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