April 10, 2023

Two School Nurses Are Asking The Public For Donations

Two School Nurses Are Asking The Public For Donations

Memminger Elementary School nurses Diana Cox and Cynthia O’Brien of Charleston County, South Carolina have set up a Donor’s Choice project asking for monetary support to help purchase toys that can be used to distract children that come to the nurses' office. Cox and O’Brien work at an elementary school that serves students from low-income households.

Cox and O’Brien see roughly 30 students a day and treat anything from cuts, bruises, and broken bones, to stomach aches. Cox’s Donor Choice page says “Our children love their school. Sometimes they have to visit the nurse's office. This can be scary for the little ones. I am trying to get supplies that will help distract the children and ease their anxiety while they are in the clinic. I have found over the years as a pediatric nurse I have incorporated play therapy in caring for children. This has helped in many situations supporting the child while undergoing a stressful event. Our children go on many field trips and we need first aid kits and bandaids for their safety. Our children are our future and let's support their well-being. With much appreciation for any donation.”

There are specific item requests so that donors can understand where their tax-free donation is going. 


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“Our goal is to make the children as comfortable as possible and some can decrease their anxiety,” Cox said. “It would benefit the children and will aid in making my job easier and the end goal is to make it as comfortable as possible.”

Beyond toys to keep the children occupied during medical procedures, Cox and O’Brien are also asking for emergency supplies like gauze, tape, and Band-Aids to go into a first aid kit for field trips.

Twitter Reacts

This incredible story was posted to Twitter and the responses were heartbreaking. 


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