December 1, 2022

Patient Found With 4 Guns and Drugs in Backpack at TN Hospital

Patient Found With 4 Guns and Drugs in Backpack at TN Hospital

Just days after a former patient opened fire in the stairwell at Ascension St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN - there is another reported incident involving drugs and firearms brought into a hospital in the Music City. 

On Monday, Allen Staes, 23, was arrested at TriStar Centennial Medical Center after police officers found, 

  • 11.6 grams of cocaine

  • 4 grams of heroin

  • 26 grams of meth

  • 289 grams of marijuana

  • 87 ecstasy pills

  • One scale and sandwich bags

  • 4 handguns - one reported stolen

Nurses reported to police that Staes refused to leave the backpack while he went for a CT scan. They also reported a strong, suspicious odor coming from the bag, according to the affidavit. 

When asked if he had drugs in the bag, he responded, “a small bag of marijuana”. As police officers attempted to search the bag, he tried to flee and was later handcuffed after a struggle in the hallway. 

According to reports, Staes is a convicted felon with multiple felonies in several states including, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana. 

Staes was charged with several charges including theft of a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, and multiple felony drug charges. He remains in custody at this time and it is unclear if he has retained a lawyer. 

TriStar Centennial Medical Center has not released a statement at this time regarding the incident. reached out to HCA for a statement and will provide an update once it's available. 

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