March 31, 2023

Family Searches For Off-Duty Nurses Who Saved Keyarah in a Car Accident

Family Searches For Off-Duty Nurses Who Saved Keyarah in a Car Accident

Image: Keyarah Mendoza

Keyarah Mendoza, a 21-year-old college student from Boston, was in a horrific car accident in January. After driving home from work in Lawrence, her car was hit by a tractor-trailer that cut into her lane. Mendoza’s car flipped and she was ejected from the vehicle. Mendoza survived but only because of the quick actions of two nurses that stopped to save her life. 

Image: Keyarah Mendoza’s car

After Mendoza was thrown from her car, she landed in the opposite lane in front of a car driven by a nurse who stopped and quickly provide life-saving measures. Another nurse pulled over and assisted as well. 

“I just really appreciate the fact that the nurse was able to do what she could for her. Like there is no way I could repay her,” said Keyarah’s twin sister, Kaylanee. 

Now the family is looking for the two nurses that stopped and saved her life. 

"They revived her and brought her back to life and the ambulance wasn't there yet," said Keyarah's aunt, Jessy McMillon. "She happened to land in front of a nurse's car and the nurse actually stopped, got out of her car and when she started rendering aid, she wasn't breathing."

Other Good Samaritans stopped and blocked traffic and Mendoza’s body with their cars so the nurses could get to work at saving the young woman’s life. The nurses performed CPR at the scene. 

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Mendoza arrived at the local hospital via ambulance and then was airlifted to Boston where she was quickly placed into a medically induced coma. Mendoza suffered a severe traumatic head injury as well as numerous broken bones. After a month and a half her medical providers woke her up. Despite a long recovery ahead, Mendoza’s family is optimistic but only because those two nurses stopped to help. 

"I just want her to be OK and I wish she wasn't hurting," said Kaylanee. "The fact that she had that miracle happen to her is just kind of a reflection of like how good of a person she is that still meant to be here and meant to be the kind person that she is."

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