February 15, 2022

Finalists: Nursing Unit of January 2022

Finalists: Nursing Unit of January 2022

Nurses nominated 155 amazing nursing units in January! Scroll through the list of nominations and vote for your favorite to win Nursing Unit of January 2022! 

Adventhealth Palm Coast PCU

We’ve been the Covid unit from the start of that pandemic, and the teamwork and struggles have made us a family.

Adventist Health Family Birth Center OB postpartum

We have a great team that takes care of our Covid moms and babies. we deliver great care especially with this pandemic season by helping one another we are very short-staffed but we do our best to help each other out and everyone has been so stressed out lately due to shortage of nurses because some are on medical leave

Advocate Aurora St. Luke’s medical center Cardiovascular ICU

"We take care of open-heart surgery patients, heart transplant patients, and ECMO patients to name a few. Our unit is high acuity and very hard working with some very passionate healthcare workers - from docs, surgeons, managers to nurses, nursing assistants, and unit secretaries. We had a patient who recently had a complication post-surgery who had an aortic bleed. We all came together quickly and got her back into the OR to fix the issue and save her life. 

My coworkers are awesome! Skilled, friendly, and passionate about what they do. They deserve all of the recognition."

Advocate Illinois Masonic Mother-Baby & Perinatal Surveillance

We are a small family-like unit that works together to ensure the safety of our patients. We also help build the self-confidence for these new parents in their skills before they go home. It’s a big responsibility on the nurses to have new parents feel comfortable during such a stressful time in their lives while also keeping the safety of mom and baby at the forefront of our minds and being able to act quickly when the safety is endangered.

Akron Children’s Hospital Heart Center

What makes the Heart Center special is we have an adult congenital heart program as well as pediatrics. My department gives great care saving one heart at a time, we also go on mission trips to Africa as well as they come to my department and shadow the staff. One of the amazing pediatric cardiology Dr. Clark is so amazing that he lets one of our pediatric patients from Africa stay with him and his wife when he comes over here for his cardiovascular procedure each year. I’ve been a Medical Assistant at Akron Children’s Hospital Heart Center for 7 years and everyone in my department goes above and beyond to provide the best care possible for our patients and their families.😊❤️

Anne Arundel Medical Center Operating Room

These past 2 years have really put us to the test! During the pandemic, our unit was deployed to other units within our hospital. It really has been a tough time for us! We did however all work together and I feel we have grown stronger as a team. The operating room is a different kind of environment. I worked as a floor nurse for years before coming to the OR. Teamwork is important in all units, however, there is a stronger need for a team in the OR compared to other units. I cannot do my job without my entire team. We are all together working for our patients' safety. We are all the eyes of safety. There are too many events that happen in any given day to share just one! As a circulating nurse in the OR, I hold the hand of my patient during some of the toughest moments of their lives. A trip to the OR can be very frightening for many. It is the unknown, people fear. It's my job to make the patient feel safe from the first  moment we meet until they are delivered to the recovery room. I tell my patients in the OR we are family, I mean the entire team and patient! I will say that our teamwork is like no other! And I am very proud to be a part of the team!!

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 6 South

"We go above and beyond to care for our med surg patients that come from different backgrounds and walks of life. 

We do the best we can with the conditions we work in (short staff and low supplies)."

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 4 North MICU

Everyone in the Night Shift is so full of energy and truly a team player. They all look after each other and help each other out no questions asked. Terrie, our charge nurse is so knowledgeable and supportive, and ensures the work culture remains upbeat, safe and that everyone feels as part of the team. This is specially important and matters a Lot in times like these when staffing issues is a problem.

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Med-Surg/Telemetry unit

Med-Surg/Telemetry unit is in a small community hospital, in a small city. But we, too, have been having an influx of patients in the past months. We are short a few RNs, and even a number of ancillary staff, so staffing has been challenging. But the camaraderie has not changed even in these trying times. The unit has continued to come together as a team, and continues to work as a team. In a number of times, the higher-ups deemed it okay to go out of mandated nurse to patient ratio, the team members helped each other whenever each member can. I love my MST family! 😘

Ascension 2 west cardiac step down

The staff on this unit work so hard , often short staffed , and have remained dedicated to providing the best care to all of their patients. The staff on this unit use their own money to buy toiletries for these patients so that they don’t go without and leave them feeling loved and important. Their hard work and dedication to their patients make everyone who steps on the unit feel like family.

Atrium Health 7T -Transplant/Urology Med-Surg

With the ongoing crisis that we deal with day in and out. My Team manages to pull through together to make it work. We tend to one another and try our very best to make sure we give the best care possible for our patients and mentality to one another. There’s not a day that goes by without one of us asking each other “are you ok? What can I do to help?” In order to help our sanity. A story I can share is when I had two critical patients that needed higher level of care due to respiratory distress. These two patients were assigned to me. Within minutes of one patient going down hill another followed. The pouring teamwork that came after was tremendously admiring. Rather it’s our security communicating to my team, my healthcare tech, my CNLs, my manager. They all came without hesitation. Yes we are short staff. Yes we are worn thin. We cry, laugh, and have our frustrations with the system. In the end it’s all about being there for one another to push through these hard times and I hope that one day it’ll get better.

Atrium Health Pineville Maternity Center

Birthday parties happen every day on the unit! We are so very busy-both regular staff and travelers work together to provide exceptional care to our families!  We cover for each other to not miss out on important events in our families lives.  We recognize each other and build one another up. Several staff members participate in a Bible study together outside of work to  further encourage and support each other.

Atrium Medical Center Medsurg

I have never been surrounded with such outstanding staff members in my career. Always there to offer a hand or a high five. They welcomed me into the unit with open arms and I honestly can say I’ve hit the lotto with them. I’m new in the hospital setting so it’s a HUGE change for me- but each day I’m met with positivity and respect.

Banner Health CARES

Our unit is the smallest unit in the hospital, tucked away where we work hard to safely recover patients who receive “quick” outpatient procedures (port placements for newly diagnosed cancer patients, quick endoscopy procedures,  Cath lab and interventional radiology procedures such as biopsies.) Throughout the pandemic, I have never seen such teamwork and flexibility and strength in my colleagues. Because we are the smallest and runt unit of the hospital, we were always the first to be dicked around. With every Covid surge we were kicked out of our space to make room for more inpatient covid patients. Our equipment had been “borrowed” and our whole flow uprooted and changed every so often. We knew we were serving a higher ours pose and kept our operation going. our unit stuck together and operated out of a space that wasn’t ours, out of our comfort zones, and continued to be the best nurses. We got resourceful and creative and remained positive and present for each other as well as our patients during these trying times. We knew it was hard on everyone, and I was so pleased to see my colleagues remaining positive and learning to work with what is given to us.

Banner Health 4D- PCU Covid Unit

"We have been a covid unit since april 2020! & still going strong. We have a beautiful team. We get along so well. Work with one another. supportive of one another."

Banner Health NCMC PCU

The PCU unit is filled with hard working, intelligent nurses. I am a new grad and everyone on this unit has been so helpful and is willing to teach. I love being a nurse and my peers have made me love it even more. You know that saying “nurses eat their young?” Not true here on this unit. I am so grateful that I started on PCU.

Baptist Health Hardin SICU

Team work and wonderful coworkers! Hardworking individuals working countless hours to save life’s!

Baptist Medical Center Downtown Emergency Department

They call my hospital/ER “The Beast''. It’s been really rough the last couple of weeks. We get some of the sickest patients in San Antonio, especially with our (low income/homeless) downtown community. We all work our butts off everyday with one main goal in our minds, that our patients are taken care of.

Barton Memorial PACU

I just started at Barton as a traveler, but they immediately made me feel welcome! A great group that works their butts off

Baystate Medical Center Fowler

Caring for patients with mental health disorders during this pandemic

Bear Valley Community Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility

The people became family after hard times!

Beaumont Health Troy 5W Oncology

They are so welcoming to new nurses. Working with the population we work with takes a certain type of person. A person that is caring, loving and a true advocate. We give emotional support to patients and their families. Our unit nurses, nursing aids, nurse managers, and I'll other support staff are family and we support each other. I honestly feel so lucky to have started my nursing career in oncology.

Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room

"The Bellevue Emergency Department, how do I even describe such a place? It’s the picture perfect image of organized chaos. Not only is it a level 1 trauma center located in Manhattan, Bellevue is one of the oldest, if not THE oldest city hospitals in the country. A designated hospital for any president of the United States when in New York, but also a hospital that opens its doors and welcomes the most underserved and undervalued people of the city. Bellevue is a hospital that will never turn you away, regardless of race, religion or ability to pay. It’s also a second home to so many nurses who will show the same exceptional care to any and all. And the nurses in the Bellevue ED have truly seen it all. I will be frank, after how hard the entire healthcare system has been strained as a result of this pandemic, I actually chose to leave my Bellevue ED job late 2021 to pursue other nursing opportunities, but I truly believe that the Bellevue ED nurses deserve a free meal, and then some, given all they have had to endure. I hope it’s okay to nominate my former workplace, and I hope they aren’t given a lesser opportunity because the former ED nurse no longer works there. But these nurses deserve it. As a former nurse of this hospital, I have so many stories to share that I could probably write an entire book. Some stories are so beautiful and touching, where patients have been given likely the worst news of their life, and the nurse assigned to that patient stays, and listens, and often mourns the bad news alongside the patient. Other stories are tougher, a bit more delicate, oftentimes violent, because again, when a person is hospitalized, it is often the worst time of their life. I started my career at Bellevue, as a brand new RN, and I couldn’t have imagined starting my career so many years ago, and surviving it all, without my colleagues. This group of nurses are WELCOMING. KIND. UNDERSTANDING. COMPASSIONATE. AND DAMN GOOD at their jobs. But it’s been hard. I left because the nurse to patient ratio was just too overwhelming. There were nights where I was the only nurse to 32 patients. I’ve heard it’s only gotten worse. But the Bellevue ED nurses continue to show up. Day after day. Picking up extra shifts. Staying long past their shift hours. I am still in frequent touch with my former colleagues, and am happy to connect you with anyone that works there to help sort any details you may need. Clearly not over the emotional trauma this pandemic has had on the nursing community (as evidenced by this entirely too long post), but I’d love the chance to help brighten any one of their days/nights. Thanks so much!"

Bellevue Hospital Center EMERGENCY/TRAUMA

We are NYC Brave and Strong.  The nurses here don't stop, can't stop and won't stop. We made it through the pandemic but most of us did this for years before the globe understood what nurses are made of. The ones I work with in the heart of Manhattan are truly the most skillful, caring, excellent nurses for the New York City public.  We are the oldest public hospital in NYC which means us staff nurses never did it for the money.  We do it because we care about the sickest.  The emergency trauma nurses I have worked with deserve Gold medals for the lives they save every day with excellent care.🏅 🥇 ✨️.... Can I hook them up with Chipotle though? From the heart of NYC with love.  Forever thankful 🙏 💓

BHC Alhambra hospital Eating Disorder Unit

As a psychiatric nurse I recognize that some situations can become risky and being aware of the situation at all times is important. If I believe that a patient may be a threat to myself or themselves, I request help from my team. I try to understand their concerns and only call for help when needed, while making the safety of myself and others a priority at all times. Our motivation comes from our passion to help patients, regardless of where they are at mentally. We have an amazing team of nurses, physicians, RDs, Therapists, and case managers. We know that sometimes things can get difficult before they get better. We continue to remind ourselves of this when We get stressed, using it to draw on motivation. Due to the mortality rate of eating disorders sometimes it’s hard to accept that but no matter what we keep trying to fight to get help for our patients.

Brigham and Womens Faulkner Hospital 7 South

7 South is a surgical unit full of amazing nurses. Due to the recent omicron wave and staffing shortages, surgeries have been canceled in Massachusetts. As a result, the staff on 7 South has been redeployed to assist on other units to alleviate the staffing shortages. This was a great challenge, but the nurses on 7 South worked as a team and kept a positive attitude all along while dealing with a particularly difficult couple of months.

Caldwell UNC Health Care 3W

I have had the opportunity to work with the 3W team here at Caldwell UNC Health Care, helping with patient support, and every evening I have been here, I am in awe of the hard-work and dedication of every team member across the board (nurses, CNAS, techs, ect.) These diligent, brave, and kind individuals have been giving their all to take care of a multitude of extremely sick patients, with a limited amount of staff. Being someone who does not typically work in patient care, it has been truly eye-opening to see everything that our nurses do to keep our people and our community going. Thank you to the wonderful nursing staff here at Caldwell for all you do every, single, day.

California Pacific Medical Center 9 east Oncology

Our patients make our unit special. We see people with cancer and a lot of them are so brave, they remain positive despite their sickness. Everyday that I go to work, I’m grateful for my health and my co-workers. We support each other no matter what and that’s what makes our unit special, we are in the trenches every day providing the best care we can.

California Pacific Medical Center Oncology

We have a little goat statue in our nurses’ station and we write a name down every week to share which staff member is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

Centinela Hospital Medical Center 3w - DOU

My unit is amazing because everyone works together like family. We have very limited resources and get a lot of high acuity patients, confused/combative, and we have no CNA on our unit. Between the RNs and even the CNs, we make it through together to give the patients the best care possible!

United Medical Center Emergency Department 

Our unit is like one big family. We have battled the pandemic together and we are always there for each other at work and in our personal lives. I treat each of my co-worker as though they were a part of my family and they do the same for me. When things are tough we are always able to band together as a team and come out stronger on the other side. No one knows the traumas that we go through better than our family of co-workers and that in and of itself is a magical connection we share.

Children’s healthcare of Atlanta NICU

Our unit is dedicated to helping the tiniest babies get healthy enough to go home with their families. We work to prevent infections, pain, developmental delays, etc. We all work as a team to make sure each baby has a positive outcome while in our unit.

Children’s Hospital of Alabama Emergency Department

During the craziness of COVID, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to work alongside some of the best nurses in our state. I moved from an inpatient unit and had never experienced teamwork like I do every single day here. We are the only standalone pediatric hospital in Alabama so that means we get the sickest of the sick kiddos. There’s not a day that goes by that our limits aren’t tested and our knowledge isn’t expanded. It’s truly a privilege to work here and to work with an amazing work family.

Children’s Mercy Hospital Nurse Advice Line

We are part of the front lines of the hospital answering and triaging calls for the hospital and many outside clinics throughout Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. We have spent the last 2 years taking many calls on COVID. We sometimes talk to families through 911 emergencies, sometimes we get domestic violence calls that may result in saving a child and parent from the abuser. We are the team that is called upon when others don’t have an answer, because the nurse advice line knows all. We have had very high call volumes and lots of our nurses have been putting in many hours of overtime to help. We are a 24/7 unit, we take calls 365 days a year 24/7.

Children’s National PICU

We help very sick kiddos

Christiana Cardiovascular Stepdown

"I just started in November as a floor nurse.

They have been so great welcoming me and teaching me the ropes. My last day of orientation was yesterday and even though I'm nervous, I have no doubt that I can ask any person on that floor for assistance.

I mean the techs, nurses and NMs. Coming from my previous situation, I feel extremely blessed."

Christiana Care Health System Cardiac Short Stay Unit

We have lost 6 nurses and only were allowed to higher 1 in their place. We are being made to work short but even through that we give exceptional care to our patients! We work so hard together as a team and always have each other's backs! Our manager is creative and backs us up when we need her! I couldn’t wish for a better unit.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Transitional Care Center (Trach/vent unit) What makes my nursing unit awesome is that everyone is there for eachother and always willing to help. We’ve lost over 30 staff nurses since I started 2 years ago but the nurses that are there are still always so positive and willing to help! No one is ever alone and someone will always be available to answer questions or help with a procedure.

Cleveland Clinic J31 Coronary ICU

Being one of the most critical and acute units in the Cleveland Clinic enterprise, who is also #1 in cardiac care for 27 years, we see some of the most critical and acute cases in the country and in the world for cardiac care. Through the pandemic, our somehow already stressful unit, became even more stressful and critical. We are seeing even younger patients with heart issues post-covid, and for many cases we are their last hope at life. I truly believe I work with some of the most intelligent, empathetic nurses who take the term “teamwork” to a whole new level. Our doctors are impressed by our nurses and the high standards that we set for expectations for training new nurses. When Texas was hit at its peak this past year, we had to have an “auto launch” for a Type A dissection and get them to us as soon as possible since it was life threatening. Cases like these aren’t uncommon, we are the unit that for some of these life threatening acute diseases, we cannot say “no” and are the only hope for a chance at life. Not everyone has the positive and happy ending we hope for, and frankly we’ve seen more death this year than prior, but we are always there to comfort and help each other. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, when i first found out and within my first 10 weeks of pregnancy, I personally experienced 20 of my patients dying because we were their last hope. My unit helped me and the families during that time because sometimes, there’s only so much you can process in such a short amount of time. Like most nursing units, for as much as we do, we do not feel as appreciated and this would significantly help morale and the simplistic feeling of being recognized for our efforts. Please consider the Coronary ICU at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. Thank you.

Cooper Hospital Digestive Health

"Our GI  Team Believes in excellence in everything we do! March is Go Blue for colon cancer awareness - We fight cancer every day

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death Our biggest accomplishment is our patient satisfaction scores are in 99th percentile"

Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center 4 West- Neuro Ortho

Amazing teamwork from all our staff both day shift and night shift! All nurses help each other out and look out for each other.

Desert Springs Hospital CDU

Of all the units in our hospital, this team of people work better together than any other unit. They have been challenged with staffing shortages and still held strong. They always have each other's back and take excellent care of their patients. Their main strength is communication between themselves and their patients. I wouldn’t want my family member to be admitted to anyone but them.

Emory Healthcare 7G Complex Medicine

During the pandemic our team has experienced many changes and navigated through a lot of of difficult times. We’ve continuously pulled together to accommodate the many needs of our city related to COVID care. Our unit has morphed to a covid care unit and provided covid specific care multiple times. Our team constantly amazes me and makes me proud to be a part of our profession. They have answered the call to step up and do what others could not during a time of intense unknown and fear. Our team has made our successes possible.

Emory Johns Creek Hospital ICU

"Over the past 2 years our unit of course has tackled Covid and continues to however we have been doing this while having construction tearing up our unit. During the hours of 7-3 on weekdays, construction workers and their big toys bang loudly throughout our unit. We have had to stop construction so that our morning rounds can be heard and completed. I feel bad for our patients because they hear every bit of nail hammering, drilling, loud fans blowing cold air etc. There are 14 beds in our unit, we have added four and at some point throughout this construction, we have operated with only half of our beds because they are remodeling. Yes we have patients holding in the ED, PACU and sometimes on the floors. And as a result ICU nurses are working all over the hospital to care for the patients.

Due to construction, our temperatures are frigid, there are few computers, our supplies have been moved at least every three weeks. I never see the powers that be show empathy or concern.  I would just say our working conditions are hazardous not because of Covid but because of construction.  I don’t hear my coworkers complain all we do is take care of the patients. Covid and construction (a complete unit “remodel”) and made it hard but we are here at our call of duty. Lunch/dinner would be a huge morale booster for us. Thank you for doing this for nurses everywhere"

Family of Caring at Dellridge Sub-acute/Rehabilitation

This LTACH is a great place. Patients commenting on our excellent care, that we are “lifesavers”, literally home for some residents, nurses who work in COVID-19 unit and making them feel better and compassion, recognizing employee of the month, celebrating holidays, pathway for excellence.

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital Med surg

I am an assistant director of 4th floor Med-surg at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital. I am nominating my staff because I love them like family and I can’t think of a more deserving team. They have worked their butts off through Covid, and I as their leader always wish I can do more for them. They live the mission of our hospital and treat patients with such kindness and compassion. I have worked side by side with them and the last two years have taken a toll on everyone. They always appreciate getting food but to feed a whole unit both shifts gets expensive. I wish I had control and could give all of them raises. They are always willing to help each other and I want to do everything in my power to support them and get them through this current surge we are in. Every time there is a code everyone pitches in, when we are short someone always steps up for an extra shift, when someone is drowning in an assignment someone is always there to ask, “how can I help you”. I’ve been in this unit a long time and even though there are better financial opportunities out there I would never leave this staff because of the mentoring, teamwork, caring and family-like atmosphere.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Pediatric ICU

Our nurses go above and beyond to make sure our pediatric patients and their parents feel supported, loved, and heard. From having “spa days” to celebrate weaning from high flow, to decorating the rooms, to sticker charts for using their incentive spirometers, to making sure our parents ALWAYS have coffee we strive to be a family, and make the worst possible situation have a bright spot.

Halifax Health Medical Center Cardiac Intermediate Care

Someone is always willing to lend a helping hand…even in the poopiest (literally and figuratively) of situations. There is no hesitation. Our CNA’s are the backbone of our unit and help us RNs provide the quality care that our patients deserve. We couldn’t do it without them. When times are tough, there is almost always a coworker to give you a good laugh. I can ask anyone a question and not feel belittled, but educated! Our whole team works so hard…the RTs, CNAs, RNs, Charge Nurses, and Nurse Manager. Our unit is the heart of the hospital and a well oiled machine that takes so much effort from everyone to keep running smoothly. In a career where it is so easy to turn on your tunnel vision and focus on only what you need to get done, my coworkers manage to turn that off and do what they can to help their team be successful and get home to their family at a decent time.

Haven Behavioral Health Hospital of Phoenix Mesquite Unit

Our entire acute psychiatric unit was transitioned to the Covid unit after this last surge. The folks working on it not only have to deal with acutely confused and violent patients with psychosis and other behavioral issues, but now they are dealing with ambulatory patients who often refuse to quarantine in their rooms and risk extra exposure. They volunteer to work this unit because they care and go the extra mile.

Henry mayo Newhall hospital Labor and delivery

Everyone in our unit works well together, we truly are the epitome of team work. When a new patient is admitted, you know that everyone will be there to help you get them fully admitted, and when there is an emergency, you definitely know you will never be alone and we all work smoothly knowing our roles during that emergency. Every single person on our unit will make you smile when you’ve had a rough shift and they will be there to hold you hand or hug you as you cry. I’ve never worked with such an amazing team before coming to Henry Mayo’s women’s unit/L&D. Our unit unfortunately had two code whites within weeks of each other and we all worked well together and to also make sure that each team member involved felt supported.

Hialeah Hospital ICU

As nurses, we have been working hard to keep our patient alive even though we are sometimes understaffed. Our nursing management tried their best to help but it is not easy when resources are not available nationwide.

Hillsdale Hospital ED

We are the closest knit family ever. Sure we have our problems but we are family. Our unit is the most welcoming and strong willed. Our nurses work so hard to provide the best care to all of our patients. We work closely with each other and of course our doctors. Our nurses work hard to help each other when we full, the techs help out, the doctor helps out. We are all there for each other when we need it, inside of work and outside of work.

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Silverstein 8-postpartum

I have never met a group of ladies who work so cohesively together as a tight knit team. In the height of our last covid surge more than half of our unit was in isolation. We buckled down and came up with creative ways to be able to communicate with each other when stuck in a room, similar to a group text and whoever was free would bring you what you needed. In emergencies everyone runs to help, making our emergencies seem like a well oiled machine. Our charge nurses are one in a million, from running staffing, taking postpartum magnesium patients, stripping beds (not above them) and just always willing to help despite all their own responsibilities.

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Labor and Delivery

The best part of my nursing unit is the joy of being a part of the process where life is brought into the world. ☺️

Hunterdon Healthcare 5 North Surgical Unit

Our team of nurses, PCA's, unit coordinators, managers are amazing/work so well together. Becoming a Covid unit in 2020 and again this winter during the most recent surge, our team came together and supported one another like family. 5 North deserves the best and I hope I can help to recognize them through this contest!

Inova Progressive Coronary Care Unit

I came to PCCU after working in two other nursing units. What impressed me first was the engagement, strong commitment to civility and a wonderful EVS (Environmental Services) employee named Nora. I could write all about Nora and how she not only forms a connection with the patients and team, but will FIND YOU if your patient is in trouble; generously return a pill she found while cleaning and ensure every bed is accounted for. I was given a rich orientation with exceptional mentorship opportunities. The leadership of the unit impressed me too, as I had a peer interview and shared time on the unit when interviewing. Another thing that has impressed me is seeing our clinical director promoted to senior clinical director and charge nurses and supervisors promoted. Through COVID, the unit fought to remain a place where we stood together and everyone would pitch in to support each other. We have a great unit secret santa, nurses week theme days our unit does in addition to the hospital, even tried out some virtual support events during the pandemic. I have been here for 4 years and know what a special place the PCCU is.

IU Health West Hospital Med-Surg 3C

Nurses and techs work together to support one another. Nurses grab sugars when techs are busy with other patients, and assist patients to the bathrooms and with washing up.

Jersey City Medical Center 6E- Med Surg Pulmonary and Telemetry Unit

I am blessed to work side by side with the best nurses. We are family and our patients become our family. We always work as a team, teach each other and learn from one another. Every time I have thought about giving up, my coworkers are what keep me going here. The best word to describe our floor is team.

Kaiser Permanente Telemetry

"The teamwork and compassionate care is what makes my unit awesome! We put ourselves out there everyday rain or shine to be there for our patients who need us. Our lunches are late, our breaks short, and our feet pounding every shift, only to mAke sure our patients feel taken care of and not alone during this time of isolation from their families. We give it our all and go out of our way to make sure all their human needs are met! We play sunshine music overhead each time we discharge a covid patient, we welcome with warmth and kindness patients from the ER, and we keep families in our thoughts and care plans when treating our patients. Our unit treats each and every patient as if they were family, no matter how difficult

It may happen at times. Our team members jump in and take extra shifts to fix the staffing shortages we have due to our nurses and their own families getting sick during these times. Together we are unstoppable, and we continue to fight and thrive for our patients!"

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, California 135 stroke/ telemetry/ covid unit

We work as a team to provide the best nursing care possible for covid/stroke/telemetry patients.

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Maternal Child Health (L&D, Postpartum, NICU) "Our team is amazing! Everyone has pulled together and is working so hard through the pandemic and staffing crisis. Because our staffing was so short we had to combine our units so we could support each other. We have nurses working extra hours and sometimes only going home to sleep for six hours and coming right back. 

We could use a pick me up and this is the most deserving group of people I could imagine!"

Kettering Health Cardio thoracic step down

As a new grad I have had so much support + mentoring from my coworkers. Navigating work through a pandemic has been very difficult but I have made great friendships and have a good support team that helps the days go by a lot quicker! It has been a hard time for all of us but we always pull through and I’m super proud of that!

Kootenai Health Emergency Department

Everything. We've been through some sh!t and we're still going 💜

KPC health Tele/DOU

Everyone works together to help one another and treats every patient like they’re their own. No CNAs, barely any staffing, no problem… We can count on each other. When we get new admissions, I can count on my colleagues to pause what they’re doing and jump in to make sure the patient is welcomed, we as nurses are supported and not overwhelmed. We’re all in this together and this is one of the many things we do to help each other and prevent burn out on our unit.

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Med surg

Dedicated nursing staff that treats patients like family.

Lenox Hill Hospital- Northwell Health 7 Wollman (Oncology)

My unit is an oncology unit where we are helping patients as well as their families through very difficult diagnoses. We become like a part of their family, because beating cancer is an ENTIRE family effort, and we get to know our patients and their relatives on a much deeper level. Cancer is never easy to talk about or treat, but the nurses and staff in general on my unit always put a smile on in order to bring some light to patients in their darkest days to help them see past this low-point and give hope for the future. Unfortunately, we also have patients who do not beat their cancer and take a palliative care approach; us as nurses have to support each other and give each other strength as we help these patients in their final hours and make sure the end of their life is lived comfortably and meaningfully. I could not face such a mentally-taxing job without the strong support I have in my unit. We lift each other up so we can keep going and help more patients.

Los Angeles Downtown Medical Center Med Surg/ Telemetry

Our patients are mostly from the community and we get a lot of homeless individuals, because if it we deal with a lot of patients with a lot of mental health issues. It’s hard working with this population because they are unpredictable. My co-workers and I always help each other with our difficult patients and watch out for each other. I love my co-workers and always feel comfortable asking for help.

Lowell general MIU

I ACTUALLY want to nominate my previous unit, M3 at Lowell General Hospital. I LOVE where I work now on MIU and have been there 7 months now, but my M3 peeps are a different breed. Olivia the clinical leader is AMAZING. Popping on scrubs and working shifts with staff. The staff works short, and long hours, minimal breaks and during wave after wave of covid patients AND their usual medical and surgical patients they have pulled through. There are a few of us who have left the floor, but the staff there will always be like family to me!! They are some of the most hard working and caring people I have ever been lucky enough to work with.

Manorcare Medbridge

We all help each other/work as a team. We care so much for our patients that we make them feel like 'family'.

Mass General Hospital Ellison 12

Ellison 12 is awesome due to our teamwork. We all support each other inside and outside of work. When the pandemic hit we were the first unit to go all covid. Our unit leadership was out sick for weeks in the beginning so we were on our own. We banded together and got it done. We advocated for our patients and each other’s safety. Our unit has a very open environment where we want everyone to feel comfortable expressing how they’re feeling, and making sure their feelings are validated. Our unit is busy and has many challenging patients - we couldn’t do the work we do without each other.

Mayo Clinic St. Mary’s -Francis 4c

"My unit is chronically short staffed and even more so since the start of the pandemic. We actually led the surgical units in the shortest staffed for the last year! Even though we work with so few staff, my coworkers are ALWAYS willing to help each other out. 

Recently we transitioned to have 4 PCU monitored beds in our unit and I was lucky enough to be one of the people to get one of the first patients for these beds. My coworkers were willing to help me figure out what we needed to chart, how often, and help me with all of the new changes that come with taking care of a PCU patient on a general care floor. I felt nothing but support from my amazing friends. 

Another example of how well our team works together is when we received a transfer from the ICU, the nurse assigned to the patient was busy discharging another patient and didn’t even receive a report on her transfer! My coworker who wasn’t on shift yet and myself settled the patient and my friend actually ended up taking the patient since my other colleague was so busy. We are a flexible unit who can go with the flow no matter how crazy things get!"

Mayo Clinic Trauma/General Surgery Francis4C



Making float staff welcome 

We often get complimented on our cohesiveness and teamwork"

Medical City Las Colinas Labor and delivery

Great nurses who care for the mamas and babies!!

Memorial Hermann Health System - Sugar Land Emergency Room

We have an amazing team that embodies everything the word TEAMWORK means and symbolizes even during COVID and being short-staffed. We lean on each other and lift each other up every day! Even our doctors and NPs and PAs are family and truly are there for every single co-worker and patient!

Memorial Medical Center Tele Ortho/trauma

Over the last 3 years my unit has gone through so many changes. From a new manager, to losing long time core staff, let’s not forget to mention the rigors and challenges covid has put on all nursing. My unit did not experience staff leaving in 10 years. We were a well oiled machine and very tight knit. Over the last 3 There have been core staff leave due to change in scheduling rules, staff leave due to vaccine mandate, and just so much turn over within such a short time.  We became a tele unit as well, have worked out of ratio frequently, short staffed etc. despite all the instability we are still here, still doing the best we can for our patients and our unit despite the mayhem around us. They deal with a very difficult patient population, being verbally and physically assaulted at times. My coworkers have worked so hard and they deserve appreciation and recognition.

Mercy Walworth Hospital ER

We are a critical Access Trauma Hospital. The nurses and doctors are all very close and work so well together. None of the nurses or doctors stay in their lane. We all help each other. Nurses put in orders and doctors clean rooms. We have only bonded more through the last 2 years and the support from staff members is incredible. If a trauma comes in, the nurses have great closed loop communication and we get things done to provide the best care for the patient to make sure they are stable and transferred to the best facility. The nurses in this ER are not only nurses, but also, respiratory, phlebotomy, hospital unit clerk, EVS, transfer coordinators, rapid response, ICU (lately), techs, and so much more. How we have all survived and not mentally checked out, I don't know. Maybe it's the family we have become or maybe we are all just nuts and crazy together

MercyOne Medical Center NICU

We’ve been through a lot this last couple of years and have a great team that works hard together for the families and babies!

Misericordia Quinlan

We work with special needs population and love our team of nurses!

Morristown Medical Center Department of Infection Prevention

We, the Infection Prevention Nurses of Morristown Medical Center are a group of eight seasoned registered nurses from a variety of different clinical backgrounds. We use our past clinical experience and current expertise in infectious disease and disease transmission to monitor infections within our hospital, to prevent hospitals acquired infections, and prevent  healthcare worker and patient exposures to infectious agents- essentially acting as the public health nurses of the hospital, among other things. As you can imagine, the pandemic has greatly impacted the scope of our jobs. Our unit  has played an integral role in helping to control the spread of COVID-19. With 24 hour on-call availability, we are always available as a resource to all of the clinical areas of our medical center on all things infection related. From how to best handle their incoming germs, to instituting isolation protocols, helping clinicians decide when it is safe to remove patients from precautions and daily surveillance of microbiology cultures that could cause bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections or surgical site infections- every day is different- always interesting, and sometimes quite exciting! You never know what is going to walk through those hospital doors! Whatever it is that does come in, we are always there to keep our medical center and community population as safe as possible.

MossRehab Einstein 2Tip at Willowcrest

Very collaborative unit. Everyone helps each other and has positive moods. It has been the best clinical experience I have had. They will actually teach their students and get them involved. They are very welcoming.

Mount Sinai West Medical Surgical

Our unit has a fantastic nurse manager who makes sure our shifts are smooth sailing. Our staff is always there for each other whether it be for our patients or staff members. These are definitely difficult times but it’s a much better shift when you have amazing coworkers.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital H11B

We have really been going through a mass exodus of staff over the last year (20+ nurses left) & also a massive influx of staff, a majority of new grads for the remaining staff to teach us all how to be nurses (18 new people in the last year). It’s been hard on everyone involved & they deserve this so much!

Northside Hospital Atlanta Labor and Delivery

The constant push and drive to side families with bringing one of the most precious gifts that god has to offer into this world, especially during this pandemic. We find ways through our shortage to make the mothers feel safe and at ease knowing that we will do everything possible to keep them and their little one safe while under our care.

Novant Health NHRMC CV ICU

I am currently a new graduate nurse in the CVICU. Despite extremely short staffing and increased patient ratios, my nurse colleagues have made me feel extremely supported and are willing to drop anything to help me out. There is no "eating their young" here and I feel so fortunate to be starting my career in this unit.

NYU Langone Long Island ASU

We are hard working nurses that consist of preop PACU and operating nurses. Our nurses help prepare patients for important surgeries, care for them during surgeries and help them recover  to safely go home. During the initial stages of the pandemic although surgeries were shut down we provided  critical care to all types of patients throughout the pandemic. Overall our aim is to have the best patient outcomes.

Ochsner Medical Center Electrophysiology Lab

There have been many times when we come into work and have people with heart arrhythmias that need help and need their arrythmia to be fixed.   They are scared and confused the day of arrival for their procedure.  They could be there for an ablation or a pacemaker.  Either way we as a team consist of Radiology technicians, Registered Nurses and MD's.  We are all equal partners when it comes to getting the job done and keeping the patient safe and secure.  We are the best group of coworkers who have become friends and family over the years.  We have the best boss ever and her name is Shannon.  She keeps us together and molds us to be a better version of ourselves.

Ohio University School of Nursing BSN Undergraduate Program

The faculty members at the Ohio University School of Nursing have been working diligently over the last several years to ensure student success on NCLEX and at the bedside. Although we are not always doing bedside care, we are working countless extra hours so students can get the required lab and clinical hours in, receive the appropriate skills training, and carry an ethical belief system as they move into professional practice. Multiple instructors have volunteered to take students to vaccination clinics on their days off to help support the community and their students. If an instructor happens to become ill another member of The faculty team will cover their classes so the students don't fall behind. The top priority is always what's best for our students and the patients they will care for in the future.

Ohio. State University Wexner Medical Center 20 James oncology

I have worked at three hospitals in the Columbus Ohio area. I have been in my current unit at the James Cancer Hospital for 5 and 1/2 years. The reason many of us have stayed in an inpatient unit at the largest hospital in the state through COVID is because of our coworkers. I know many people say that their workers are like family but we show it everyday to each other. We check in on each other not just with patient care but with things that matter like our mental health. We respect everyone from our unit clerks, to our PCAs and our providers. Our manager is also amazing. She will come in and work right alongside us. I recently had foot surgery and she asked if there was anything she could bring me or do for me. If you are out with Covid you can count on not just your coworkers to check up on you but also our manager. We all look out for each other in all kinds of ways. We make sure that we all get lunch. If we haven't seen you at the nurses station in awhile we will come find you and make sure you're doing ok. If your vacation is not approved our manager allows fellow coworkers to pick up the shifts for you. Not one person has ever not been able to go on their vacation, see their family or just take general time off for self care. We have a pattern of keeping our travel nurses through multiple assignments because they love working on our unit. I could go on and on about the amazing people I work with but also call family. We love each other and routinely verbalize it to one another. Thanks for considering my unit and go Buckeyes!

Olive view ER

We work as a team and work hard to take care of the underserved community. I love being a Nurse!

Oregon Health and Science University Ortho 9k

Every RN is always willing to help each other out when patients are calling and setting call lights off. For patients that have been there for a long time, we try to make their stay special by bringing them special things from home such as a fake Christmas tree for the holidays and making paper ornaments with them. Another patient likes his coffee with two sugars in the morning and everyone on the unit knows and makes it for him, it brightens his day.  The staff cares about each patient and works together to ensure we all provide the patients’ specific wants and needs.

Orlando Health Randal Park Freestanding Emergency Department

Our freestanding ED opened in the middle of a pandemic and our team has held together like a little family and made it happen. We have extremely limited resources, and at times clinical staff is literally only 2 nurses, a doctor and an RT in the whole building. When we get codes or critical patients, we have no one to rely on but each other.

OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center Labor and Delivery

Always there for each other, outside of work or in! Willing to pick up shifts just so coworkers won’t have to be overworked! Great sleepover crew during nights when snowed in at the hospital!

OSU Physicians Neurology - Movement Disorders

I joined Ohio State a little over a year ago. We provide care mainly to adults diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor, Tourette’s Syndrome, and manage patients with Deep Brain Stimulation, Focused Ultrasound, and Duopa pumps. I am a nurse with 16 years experience and never have I worked with such amazing people that I am this proud to call my work family.  My boss is phenomenal and juggles many roles with grace and determination. She has a positive attitude that carries over to our team and believes in each and every one of us, no matter our role. She will jump in and register patients, give vaccinations, room patients, help with phone calls, all while managing 2 clinics, as well as check-ins with each of our staff. All of my coworkers are diverse, multitalented, compassionate, and supportive of each other every day. The patient population we serve are mostly elderly and face various struggles, but are so sweet, wise, and inspiring. There is an element of trust, respect, and joy with our team in all that we do that is immeasurable. We all do not hesitate to jump in, help, teach, or guide when needed. I am very honored and grateful for each and every member of my wonderful work family every day. I’m proud to nominate them and if nothing else, make it known that they truly are doing wonderful things and make such a difference!

Palo Alto Medical Foundation Pediatric Urgent Care

During the pandemic especially our staff has come together even at the darkest times.  Burn out was definitely evident especially after becoming short staffed due to mandates but we, especially the nurses have come together working like the family unit we are.  I am extremely honored to be part of this department.

Palomar Medical Center 7W Neuro Acute

Exceptional teamwork and supportive environment

Penn Medicine Medical ICU/COVID ICU

The MICU team at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania has been battling COVID since March 2020. We have been through at least 6 different floors within the past two years because of the constant need for negative pressure rooms to care for COVID patients . We have also dealt with multiple changes in management, lost an incredibly large amount of nurses from our team, been denied a salary raise in 2020, and have been emotionally and physically traumatized by all the deaths from COVID. However, through it all, I continue to stay in the MICU because I absolutely love my coworkers, moreso, my family. Whether it's proning/supinating, coding, or just plain old wiping butts- we have cried and laughed together through it all. I am the nurse that I am today because of my MICU fam.

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit

We are one unit that focuses on TEAMWORK, LOVE, and HEALTHY LIVING. In 2021, we were awarded the gold status Beacon Award Winner, the only Pediatric Intermediate Care unit in the nation that holds this title. We could not have done this without hard work and dedication to the nursing/health care profession. One way we lift each other up is by emphasize healthy living and recognition- water challenges (making a goal water with a tracker for everyone to drink through the week), a hero board (a picture of each staff nurse/CNA with his or her superpower), and physician recognition (a recognition of resident physicians who deserve appreciation for exceptional collaboration with nurses and exceptional patient care), and power hour (the last hour of your shift where the focus is to help each other perform tasks in order for everyone to be able to clock out early and enjoy family time). The PIMCU collaborates with everyone of the health care team- therapist, physicians, environmental health service staff, and dietary staff in order to provide the most comfortable and safe unit possible!

Pennsylvania Hospital 4 Spruce-psychiatric unit

We had a recent outbreak of Covid with our patients. Started with a couple of patients, within a day all of our patients had Covid. We turned into a Covid positive unit for several weeks. It was truly remarkable how we all became team players, not happy with the situation but had each other’s back. Nurses made sure techs and all staff had proper PPE to keep us all safe.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital IMCU / Stepdown Unit - 5th Floor

We are an overflow unit for the ICU and Med surg units, so we are all trained for vents and drips for ICU patients, our own critical care patients and can also take med surg patients and can handle higher than expected ratios. My coworkers are incredible! We run every shift like teamwork. No patient is just “another nurse.” We always help hang new bags of medication for each other, help work with physical therapy, transport each other’s patients to different floors and always step up to any challenge! I love my team!

Piedmont Walton OR

We have adapted all throughout this pandemic. We have shut down, worked other departments to aid and help cover.  We have taken on extra duties to help our organization and our patients.  We pull together and have stayed strong.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services Adult Intensive Care- 4E

We have been through so much as many other units have been during this pandemic. We are so strong and have come together as a family. I have worked on this unit since 2012 and love each and everyone of these nurses, techs, RTs, housekeeping staff and our managers.

Providence Saint joseph medical center ICU

Despite being short staffed and overworked, we all manage to pitch in and try to make work bearable! This past 2 hrs have  been very challenging yet we all managed stay afloat by helping each other out

Providence Holy Cross Motherbaby

We’re truly a team! We help one another and have all gone above and beyond for one another throughout this pandemic! It hasn’t been easy, especially getting floated to various units, but we continue to be flexible and keep our spirits lifted. Through teamwork and supporting one another, we’ve been able to remain dedicated to our patients and the wellbeing of our entire unit! We also show up when one of our coworkers or their family is experiencing hardship. And of course, we show up to celebrate all of the wins!

Providence St Joseph medical center Burbank California ICU

We have been working nonstop through this pandemic staffing 4units 2covid and 2 non covid units working extra shifts to help each other and our pts despite hiring travel nurses and lots of us working overtime we are often short staffed but we continue to come back for the love of our profession

Redlands Community Hospital Emergency Department

During the last two years we have been through so much as a team and it has not all been Covid related. In October 202 our educator was brought in to our ED as a full arrest, he was only 43 and died while out for a jog. He was the light in our department, he was our comfort. 3 weeks later the initial surge hit and knocked us off our feet. As a group we came together, started a support group to meet monthly. Our providers went out and stocked the department with snacks, energy drinks, water, and anything that could bring a quick smile to someone's face. We are all just as tired and burnt out as the next ED nurse but when walking the floor I still see so many smiles, laughter, and collaboration instead of complaining and hostility. I am very proud to be a part of the Redlands Community Hospital ED Team!

Reston Hospital Center Operating Room

My team has worked tirelessly through increased end-of-the-year volume increases, while having less and less staff available to meet the call needs and trauma requirements of the department. We surged with Covid-19, weakening our support staff to near non-existence,  and increasing patient loads to the floors through the month of January. The OR nurses and techs sacrificed and were quick to respond to care for our surgical patients. This required flexibility with shifting hours, taking many additional call hours, and working more days and weekends to meet the needs of our patient population. This team deserves to be recognized and thanked for their commitment to their profession and dedication to human life.

Reston Surgery Center PACU

Our entire center has had many changes. We lost coordinators and staff, but continued to serve our patients with excellent care. We have had perioperative nurses willing to cross train to the OR, laser, and pre op screening in order to fill the void in lack of staffing. We have a nurse manager from corporate who has been wonderful finding staff, and compensation for nurses for doing extra. We had a staff nurse willing to step up to coordinator position to fill that void. Everyone is willing to welcome and teach new staff. Everyone from front desk, peri op staff and engineering and housekeeping all work together as a cohesive group to better serve patients with a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience. The doctors we work with are a team as well. In 36 years in nursing, this is a wonderful family to work with daily! Safe evidence based practice, good outcomes, and happy patients! A year with many challenges and changes, a place not to just survive, but help everyone thrive!

Rush university medical center Hematology/Oncology

Our unit is the best because our jobs are to make healthcare accessible and pragmatic to patients dealing with difficult oncology diagnosis. We are always willing to go above and beyond for the patients and each other. Everyone is willing to lend a hand or stay late to help one another.

San Francisco Department of Public Health H66/68 Med-Surg COVID Unit

"Since the start of the pandemic, H66/68 staff have remained remarkably dedicated to providing the highest quality of compassionate, culturally competent care for our patients. Despite the uncertainty and their own anxieties and fears, they continue to rise to the occasion and provide the highest quality of care for our patients admitted with COVID-19. As the med-surg COVID unit, the staff have taken on the responsibility with pride and a strong commitment to providing empathetic, equitable, and skillful care to patients from all walks of life. Their leadership, flexibility, and commitment to serving our community during this very trying time is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. The H66/68 staff remain informed and compassionate, despite an incredible amount of change and pressure, and they’ve done so with grace and the utmost professionalism.

There are far too many examples to name that exemplifies the staff’s incredible dedication and provision of compassionate care, and I witness this every single day – paying a patient’s phone bill so they could communicate with their loved one before being intubated in the ICU, celebrating patients with recovery parades on discharge with hand-written cards and cheers, advocating for equitable access to resources while in the hospital and upon discharge, being present and holding the hand of a dying patient to ensure they did not die alone and passed peacefully, to name a few. When patients expressed their fears and shed tears, the staff provided their healing touch. When patients have been isolated from their loved ones, the staff have lent their empathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. The staff continue to set an excellent example of what it means to provide holistic and wholesome patient-centered care. Celebrating every recovery, setting aside their own uncertainties to help relieve our patients fears and anxieties, and taking on tasks beyond basic nursing care are some of the many ways in which the H66/68 staff exemplify their extraordinary commitment to providing excellent nursing care.

Even in the face of their own fears, H66/68 staff continue to exhibit incredible bravery and compassion. Even when their hearts and minds are tired and heavy, they continue to press on for the greater good. H66/68 staff continue to play a pivotal role in the recovery of our patients diagnosed with COVID-19, with many patients successfully recovering and discharging from the hospital. These successes would not be possible without the hard work, compassion, and dedication of the staff on H66/68."

SF Department of Public Health - Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center Medical Surgical H66 / H68

In the heart of San Francisco, ZSFG, staff roam the halls repeating ""it's as real as it gets here."" Providing care for underserved, underrepresented populations at an under-resourced public hospital is challenging. But would you know that ZSFG's H66/68 unit is struggling with low staffing, limited resources and challenging work hours to serve San Francisco's sickest, monolingual, homeless, and marginalized COVID patients? The answer is no. What you see is DIVERSITY, resiliency,  camaraderie and LOVE! Colleagues from all different ethnic, socio economic, genders and political backgrounds coming together in harmony and coexisting well to provide the highest level of care! There is an unwavering level of trust and kindness amongst this group of overworked staff. When I began here as a new grad, I was worried because of the phrase ""nurses eat their young.""  I have never experienced that here. New grads and hires are welcomed to our floor and protected by the senior nurses. Our unit has created a tight knit community in the midst of a global pandemic. As the most stressful unit in the hospital, we are working harder than ever on the floors with less staff. Nurses are working extremely hard and going beyond nursing to provide care. Just today a very ill COVID-19 patient was feeling isolated and sad on the unit since she could not have any visitors. For that reason, one of our colleagues used their lunch break to go to the store to buy the patient a teddy bear and some ""lifesavers"" candy for comfort. The nurse went above and beyond, not because it's her job, but because she genuinely cares about her patient. That is the spirit of the nurses here; They will do whatever they can to make our community feel comfortable while hospitalized. 

Despite our frantic environment with the multiple COVID surges for the past 2 years, we still maintain our repetition as one of the best units on the floor.  My colleagues work hard to help each other whether it's a quick patient boost  or a full blown code. 

Our nurses work extremely hard and never expect anything in return. We work together to make each day easier for each other and our patients. There is a sense of community on H66/68 and what better way to grow community than by sharing a meal.   Food is often the center of celebrations, rituals, and various moments in life. We ask that you show us some love by supporting our unit, who is supporting San Francisco.  Choosing us as the most awesome unit for February so we can continue being the heart of San Francisco!

Sharp Memorial Emergency Department

We have been experiencing exhaustion and burnout from an overload of patient care. But surprisingly even on our worst days, our unit is like family and everyone helps out. We always remind each other that self-care comes first and better days are ahead!!!

Sheppard pratt Center for eating disorders

Everyone stepping up to learn new roles and adjusting to the unit as a new hire

South Shore Health Critical Care Unit

We are a 24 bed CCU. We are Beacon and Magnet recognized. We have an amazing staff that has battled (3) Covid surges. We have come out stronger on the other side. We are an amazing group of ladies and gentlemen. We have been through many highs and lows over the past 2 years, we know we can always lean on each other. Thank you for this opportunity to nominate my CCU. Thank you for all you do for nurses. We need you!

Spartanburg Medical Center Rapid Treatment Unit

Over the past 2 years the Rapid Treatment Unit has transitioned from a cardiac telemetry unit to a COVID step down ICU. The nurses, CNAs, and secretaries on this unit have worked so work and so much during the pandemic. They have sacrificed so much just to help these patients recover and make it back home to their loved ones. This group of nurses is one of the best groups that I have ever worked with and been around. They make a difference each and every day.

Spectrum Health Blodgett hospital 3E/G- orthopedics "I have the absolute best coworkers. We work so well together and I know they have my back at work. They check in on me while I’m at work which means so much to me. 

One time I burnt my hand at work while making soup (stupid, I know), but it was hard for me to keep working after that. They helped me out so much and always asked if I needed anything. That night confirmed my love for my coworkers. I’m thankful to feel supported at work. "

Spring Valley Hospital Labor & Delivery

I'm the new chick here, the mama hens have taken me under their wing and shown me great team work at patient's best and worst moments. Even simple things like placing an IV or helping to admit a patient do not go unnoticed here.


The fun conversations between coworkers and the smooth flow of transitioning between patients no matter how stressful full

SSM Health St. Marys Hospital - St. Louis TCU

Our unit is critical care patients and much if the time with no techs! Our strong work ethic and teamwork has always inspired me

St. Jude Med-tele-sepsis

I’m new to the unit, and everyone has been awesome here. Even though my position isn’t licensed, I know I can still come to any of the RNs, charge nurses, or even the unit manager for all questions and needs. I’m really impressed by how everyone values and works with each other. We’ve been a covid unit and are slowly beginning to transition back into sepsis. Because of this everyone is already ready on the walkie and very helpful when you need a hand or something from clean utility cause you’re in full PPE.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Behavioral Health

My unit stayed in hospital beds overnight for two nights during the big Landon snowstorm this week. They even ate the cafeteria food for two whole days for every meal… that’s true dedication to our patients and to each other so that we have safe staffing. Pretty sweet group of folks working to help those in our community experiencing a mental health crisis. And we always have ginger ale.

Stonybrook hospital 13N

We are a Neuro/stroke unit.  What makes our unit awesome is the teamwork and family like environment. The amazing support of my coworkers and never feeling alone is unparalleled. I am newer to the unit was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy.  The overwhelming support from everyone brings me happy tears...everyone on my unit.... I'll help you boost that patient, don't you dare touch move that bed you just had your surgery, text messages how are you feeling today, and everyone checking in offering me rides to doctor's appointments and words of encouragement kept me going.  To be surrounded by such strong caring people is truly an amazing gift.

Summerlin Hospital IMC

The exceptional team work representative of the culture seen in this unit. From a good manager to awesome charge nurses that make working in challenging conditions a better experience for their staff. We have lost a lot of staff but we're still here providing excellent care.

Sunrise Hospital CMU

I’m a new grad with 9 months of experience and since day one everyone on my unit has been supportive and helpful. We’ve been hit hard in our unit since the pandemic, and we are spread thin. We have 5 patients in a unit where we should only have 3. But everyone works together and stays positive and pushes through each day. Most of the time we don’t have time for lunches or even a sip of water. Our patients come first! I believe my unit and my team is awesome!

Texas Children’s Hospital Cardiac Patient Care Unit

My unit has unbelievable teamwork. When a patient is getting ready for their heart transplant, it’s all hands on deck to get the patient in the OR in a timely manner. Nurses take turns drawing labs, getting medications ready, and prepping the patient for transport. My unit’s culture does not believe in nurse bullying, only helping each other towards our common goal, which is to provide the best care for our kiddos. We are also there to support each other through difficult times, as being a pediatric cardiology nurse is not easy. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose patients that have become family, because they have been living on the unit, patiently waiting for their second chance to have a higher quality of life. Our team supports each other through those hard times. I would love to use this opportunity to tell my coworkers I see them everyday. I see the hard work they put in, going above and beyond for these kids and families. Taking later lunches, or no lunches at all so a parent can sleep just a little bit longer. I appreciate them, and they deserve something that shows them someone sees their sacrifice every single day. Thank you.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Downtown Fort Worth Maternal Newborn Unit

We love our mamas and babies providing them help and guidance while they recover and grow.  Or staff works beautifully together to keep our patients safe, identifying and treating problems early to provide the best outcome.  We strive to continue to provide a quality experience even through Covid. Our goal is to support birthing plans and help give families the necessary tools that enable success.  Our unit is a family who diligently works together to provide connected quality care!

Texas Health Resources -H.E.B Postpartum

Everyone thinks working in postpartum is cuddles and babies…but it’s not. It’s so much more and especially working nights we have to be a nurse, lactation, pediatrics, adult, educator and really depend on our team members. We have also had our share of covid moms/babies and with many nurses falling out due to sickness our team has really had to step up and fill in. Our team is blessed to have exceptional charge nurses that are always helpful around the unit by setting up our rooms for oncoming pts, helping with baths, newborn checks, breastfeeding, ambulating our moms, postpartum hemorrhages. This is my first nursing job out of nursing school and she has been an amazing mentor and friend. Our team has really shown me what it means to be a part of a working family. I have learned so much from these ladies and am blessed to be their teammate! They deserve the recognition ❤️

The Ottawa general hospital 5N- medicine

I think my unit has been exceptional during the Covid period. We have worked short everyday and night, we have become a Covid unit, and have taken on ventilator patients as well. Even during these times we have kept an amazing attitude, kept joking around, and our smiles have not faded. Honestly I am proud of my unit because we have New Nurses that have just graduated last year and have taken on assignments that nurses who have been working for 20 years have never had. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

Uab Bmt

Bmt nurses are specialized to do stem cell transplants for leukemia and multiple myeloma patients and cross trained to take care of medical intensive care patients. Our unit nurses are always so nice and help each other out no matter what happens. We have the best nurse manager, Brian, who used to be a staff nurse on our unit and our ANM’s rock! They are always willing to help the staff and out nurse practitioners and doctors care endlessly for our patients. I love BMT! The best unit at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama!


Med surg tele 3T Our unit is known as “tower of terror” where everyone hates get floated to or work at our unit. We have lot of heavy assignments but our unit will do everything that we can help patients needs without complaints. We love to help each others out whenever we see nurse, cna, technicians struggles. We will encourage each others if they get burn out with surge of covid and heavy assignments. Our manager will do everything he can support to make our unit strong as one! 3 tower is the best!

UCLA health Ortho trauma/epilepsy surveillance/vascular 6west

During the covid surge, we have been the designated covid unit over flow. Sometimes short staffed, our specialty unit has been flexible. Nurses are burnt out and need something positive to uplift them. What has been the norm for our unit has been upgraded to beyond our limits. Like Anthony, my coworker, always lending a hand when he sees you are in need of a helping hand. He will not hesitate to be your sidekick.

UCSD Surgical ICU/Trauma Unit

We deal with an insanely heavy acuity with very little resources on the reg. Our staff need to rely on eachother heavily to take on heavy patient load and keep the trauma bay open for the many trauma patients that come through the bay. We appreciate Nurse. Orgs support!

UHealth Speciality clinics

We can see over 100 patients In a day. Everyone works hard to take care of our patients despite being short staffed the majority of the last two years. We have worked tirelessly  through the entire pandemic with the staff of medical assistance providers, pharmacists, and nurses, and our fearless manager. We have adapted to changes on a daily basis, Many of the employees have taken on new roles, and tasks, that has also increased our workload and stress. I would really love that our staff be recognized for all their hard work, a lunch would be a nice gesture.

Umass Memorial Medical Center

Nursing supervisors I am a part of the nursing supervisor team at the Memorial campus of the Umass Memorial Medical Center  in Worcester Ma.. We are responsible for overall operational function of our inner city hospital. We deal with patient issues, staff education and most importantly hospital staffing which in light of covid has been extremely challenging. We are often overlooked as one of the smallest departments at Umass. We work with our staff to brainstorm solutions to overcome daily challenges on our multiple units including the ER, 8 Meg/surge units, 2 ICU’s, NICU, labor/delivery and postpartum floors. Each day is a unique experience and you have to be on your toes to meet any challenge find a solution. I’ve been a proud member of the nursing supervisor team for over 9 years! We are a hard working team of nurses who do their best to offer our guidance and support wherever needed.  We work behind the scenes to help our staff provide the best care to our patients. Our team is resilient every day despite the challenges we face.

UMC childrens hospital Pediatrics

We pull through whatever is thrown at us. Aduts, imc patients. Sick staff. You name it we pull through it.

University Hospital labor and delivery

We are a tight group of nurses that are always helping each other out and our high risk patient community. We give if our all to make sure our patients have the best experience during the birth of their baby. We have the ability to communicate effectively with all coworkers from directors to medical students. With Covid-19 and short staffing they are overworked and work through their lunches. I feel these nurses deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for the work they do.

VA Medical Center San Diego 3 North Med-surg tele

We help each other out when we know we’ve got heavy/total care patients. We look out for each other’s patients when we’re short staffed. Our charge nurses are amazing with helping the staff ensure they are breaking in a timely manner.

Veterans Dermatology Clinic

This is a clinic for  Veterans Affairs The team shows exemplary performance while taking care of Veterans. The team conducts surgical procedures to remove some skin cancers and the nurses run the show….LPNs and RNs…it’s like a small family. We’re all patient advocates and continue to put the veteran first during their procedures.

Veterans Health Administration Omaha Nebraska 7 East Med Surg/oncology

Our team works seamlessly, has had covid outbreaks that have gotten the health care team sick, not once but twice and we managed to take great care of our veterans, even when short staffed while others were out ill. Even when our staff has has sick loved ones, we supported them as well. Our Manager April is THE BEST nurse manager and after moving from a level 1 trauma center two years ago, to come here I cannot say enough about the teamwork!! Thank you for the opportunity.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health GI/Endoscopy

We are a highly efficient unit that sees a large volume of patients coming in for diagnostic or screening procedures. Every day teamwork is essential to see all our patients in a timely manner. We have worked so hard to keep our patients and each other safe throughout this pandemic and roll with the punches. When short staffed we work together and work overtime so that we don't have to cancel anyone's imperative procedure!

Virginia Mason Medical center Labor and Delivery

We are such an awesome, hard working team and really value and collaborate one another. We recently had a patient lose over 6 liters of blood after childbirth and was very close to death…. Our team did an amazing job of pulling together, remaining calm under pressure and saving this woman’s life so she can see her new baby grow. We try and remain as positive as we can through these trying times and always support one another.

Wellstar Kennestone Hospital CARU

We are a cardiac recovery unit that preps and recovers patients from the cath lab and also does TEEs and cardioversions. Our staff has been through a huge shortage for as long as I’ve been there, stepped up to take demands of the hospital beyond our “normal” duties and have had to be flexible with new leadership. We work as a team and just started shared governance on our unit to help better ourselves so we can take optimal care of our patients. I work the night shift and we often miss out on potlucks/lunches that reps bring in so we would love to be fed by!

West Boca medical center Emergency department

We are on the front lines, dealt with COVID for the past 3 years. We are an adult and pediatric ER so we see it all. We are understaffed, over worked and exhausted but we all get up everyday and do what we need to do for our patients. We love west boca and our patients.

West Covina medical center Subacute

Our unit is always understaffed. Be we still go to work and do our best. Camaraderie is always there. Doesn’t matter if we’re always short staffed, we always take care of patients first.

West Tennessee Healthcare Neonatal Intensive Care👣

"My Nicu unit serves all of West Tennessee 💕 We lovingly take care of Tiny 1 pound - 12 pound kidlets ; to prepare them for their REAL home .  We support parents through this journey , day to day🩺👶🏽👩🏼‍⚕️👣  We love our job & our Team is a Family 👏"

Western Arizona Regional Medical Center MedSurg

We are short staffed like everyone and short on supplies, but through it all, we have an awesome staff that work together and keep the positive vibes going. We know how to keep each other smiling, to help each other stay afloat. I genuinely love my team. Our hospital is not at it's greatest right now, but my team keeps me going.

Woodhull Hospital Psych unit 5 day

My unit is the unit where the most difficult psych patient is admitted to and when they are discharged to the community. I'm so very proud of my unit, from the doctors, social workers and especially the nurses and techs.