Nurses Slashed by Knife-Wielding Visitor at Beth Israel Medical Center

1 Min Read Published December 8, 2023
Nurses  Slashed by Knife-Wielding Visitor at Beth Israel Medical Center

Two nurses and a medical resident were injured this morning after being slashed with a knife during a domestic dispute between visitors in the pediatric intensive care unit of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. The attack occurred shortly after 7 AM according to hospital officials. The victims suffered minor injuries and were treated in the emergency department. A female suspect was taken into custody at the scene and police are investigating the incident.

Newark Beth Israel posted an update on the incident on Friday afternoon. 

About The Incident

According to local news, an argument broke out between two visitors in the pediatric ICU which then became physical. A knife was pulled during the altercation and the suspect slashed at the victims who intervened to break up the dispute. 

The nurses and medical resident sustained cuts but their injuries were not life-threatening. They were treated and released from the emergency department. The unit was briefly placed on lockdown as police responded to the scene but officials confirmed patients were not in any danger. 

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Statement

In a statement on social media, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center said “At approximately 6:50 a.m. this morning a domestic dispute involving two visitors to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center escalated into a violent incident, resulting in the stabbing of 3 staff members. No patients or family members were injured during this incident. Newark Beth Israel Medical Center security officers and the Newark Police Department responded immediately and took the suspect into custody. The staff members, 2 nurses and one medical resident, were taken to the hospital’s emergency department with minor injuries. The Newark Police Department continues to investigate this incident.”

The female suspect’s name and charges have not yet been released as police continue their investigation into the events leading up to the altercation and knife attack.

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