How to Help Ukraine as a Nurse

4 Min Read Published March 28, 2022
How to Help Ukraine as a Nurse

For over a month Russia, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, has launched a war on Ukraine. As of March 26th, it is estimated that over 3.8 million Ukrainians have fled their homeland to neighboring countries including Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova. It’s estimated that even more have been displaced from their homes but remain in Ukraine. 

Without an end in sight, many nurses and other healthcare workers want to help. Some organizations are accepting volunteers to provide treatment in Ukraine and surrounding countries. It’s important to note that many have received and continue to receive an overwhelming number of volunteer applications.

While nurses always want to be on the frontlines and in the trenches with patients - it is also important to support organizations in other ways. Donating supplies including medical equipment and supplies as well as monetary donations are much needed. 

Nurse.Org has compiled a list of organizations that are currently sending volunteers to Ukraine and surrounding areas as well as accepting monetary donations and much-needed basic supplies. 

How to Volunteer in Ukraine and Surrounding Countries

The following organizations are currently accepting applications (as well as donations) for medical missions to Ukraine. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply; however, there is a very large need for healthcare professionals that speak Ukrainian, Russian, or other related languages.

If you do apply and are not picked - do not be discouraged. All of the below organizations also have medical missions to other parts of the world that are also in desperate need of medical volunteers. Reach out to representatives from the organizations to find additional volunteer opportunities. 

  • International Medical Corps 
    • At least six years of experience
    • Two years of experience in low-resource settings or developing nations
    • Master in public health or administration
  • Children of War
    • Still in the process of creating teams to send to Ukraine
    • Additional information on their webpage
  • Samaritan's Purse
    • Operating three medical clinics and one 24 hour field hospital near Lviv
  • Medical Teams International
    • Currently assessing the humanitarian needs in the region and surrounding areas
    • Accepting applications for future endeavors
    • Must be able to leave quickly and stay for an extended period 
  • Heart to Heart International 
    • Currently looking for volunteers to assemble hygiene kits at their warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas (allows children over the age of 10 to volunteer)
    • Can purchase medical supplies on the website for donation
  • - an online directory where action-oriented, skilled volunteers find ways to offer their expertise to help in high-need crisis situations.
    • Search through listings of humanitarian aid and charity organizations to offer your skills as a nurse in the US or abroad; currently, the directory is specific to helping Ukrainians.
    • Follow their Instagram @volunteersgohelpnow for daily updates and inside scoops on organizations urgently seeking help.

Organizations Accepting Monetary and Supply Donations 

Currently, the largest number of displaced Ukrainian refugees is in Poland. Approximately 1.8 million have settled in Poland. This number matched the current population of Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and capital. The majority of these refugees are women and children as well as the sick and elderly. 

While not all of the organizations below are directly working within Ukrainian, many are supporting neighboring countries that are working tirelessly to provide safety to the refugees as well as medical care. 

  • Everybody Can
    • Founded in 2014,  this foundation based in Kyiv is providing assistance to Ukrainian children and elders as well as donating medical equipment to hospitals
  • Nova Ukraine
    • Accepting donations to provide emergency kits for families and hospital equipment
  • Ukraine Crisis Fund
    • Provides drinkable water, food, and hygiene kits to Ukrainian families
  • iMiracleProject
    • Accepting medical supplies, food, clothing, and other basic necessities donations
  • Voices of Children
    • Donations help provide children affected by the war to receive psychological support
  • United Ukrainian American Relief Committee
    • Utilizing a GoFundMe to purchase medical supplies and equipment to send to hospitals and clinics in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Association of Washington
    • Working with Medical Teams International to deliver medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine
  • Polish Medical Mission (Polska Misja Medyczna )
    • Based in Poland, this organization is providing medical support to displaced Ukrainians in Poland and those in Ukrainian border towns
  • Polish Center for International Aid (Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM)
    • An organization that is looking ahead and currently and will be working specifically to rebuild schools, daycare centers, and organize summer camps
    • Assisted displaced Ukrainian women and children even prior to the start of the war with Russia

There are countless organizations that are providing support to Ukrainians and the surrounding areas. It’s important to make sure that you are donating your time, supplies, and money to legitimate organizations. There are, unfortunately, a lot of scammers taking advantage of those trying to help. 

“Unfortunately, in times of crisis it can bring out the best in people and the worst in people, too,” said Kevin Scally, chief relationship officer for Charity Navigator, which independently evaluates and rates nonprofits.

Make sure to do adequate research when determining where to donate your time and money. Here are some tips to keep in mind, 

  • Always pay with a credit card and not a debit card link to a bank account
  • Never donate if an organization or individual is pushy or trying to get a donation very quickly
  • Check to see if the organization is a 503b and how long they have been in existence
  • Read reviews of the organization and check website legitimacy
  • Check bank accounts and credit card statements for any unusual activity after donation
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