Nurse Said He “Works For Money” and Was Reprimanded

3 Min Read Published June 21, 2023
Nurse Said He “Works For Money” and Was Reprimanded

Alex Kim (@nurse.alexrn), a pediatric travel nurse, recently posted a viral TikTok video where he recalls an incident in which he was reprimanded by his boss for telling a coworker that he goes to work to make money. Nurses are coming to his defense on social media, sharing their own stories about the consequences of talking to “backstabbing” coworkers.

Nurse Alex’s Story of Why He Was Reprimanded

In his original TikTok video, which already has over 1.6 million views, Alex describes an incident in which he was chatting with a coworker. During their talk, Alex mentions, “Yeah, I come here to make money, but it all just goes to my rent, car insurance, food, etc.”

@nurse.alexrn S/o to my coworkers trying to get me fired #nursesoftiktok #nurselife #nursetok #nursehumor #nurseproblems #nursingschool #nursing ♬ original sound - Alex Kim

He soon gets called into his manager’s office, where he is greeted by not only his manager but also the Chief Nursing Officer of the hospital. Apparently, his coworker told their manager what Alex had said.

“I was like, why should I apologize for that?” Alex recalls in the video. “This is a job…I just hate it how, in healthcare, they just vilify who’s there to be here for money, like it’s not a career.”

“I know people who became a nurse because it’s their calling, but I also know people who are here because they’re just a good nurse,” he says in the video. “They’re here for good job security and a stable paycheck—and there’s nothing wrong with either of those things!”

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Social Media Reactions From Nurses

Nurses have flocked to social media to defend Alex’s actions. In the comment section of Alex’s original video, many people are supportive of Alex’s words and sympathize with his experience.

“There is no need to defend yourself,” one commenter stated. “ALLLLL of us are here for the MONEYYYY.”

Image: TikTok

Another commenter suggested he ask his manager if she works for free, while others encouraged him to confront the coworker who ratted him out. 

Image: TikTok

“Nobody at your work is your friend, just do your work and go home,” said another.

Image: TikTok

TikTok user Nurse Amirah (@nursebrat) stitched Alex’s video, sharing her own similar experiences as an ER travel nurse. 

@nursebrat #stitch with @Alex Kim i’ve made this mistake so many times and I never want y’all to! Especially being a black nurse, you’re automatically a target in some conversations. Be careful! #nursebrat #nurselife #nursetok #nursesoftiktok #travelnurse #ernurse #staffnurse #nursetiktok #travelnurselife #nursemoney #travelnursemoney #nursecoworkers ♬ original sound - NurseBrat | BSN, RN

“That is a prime example of why I preach ‘Your coworkers ain’t your friends,’” she says in her video. 

“Nursing is not charity work,” she goes on to say. “It’s not volunteer work. It’s a job at the end of the day. And I don’t know why people are so obsessed with humbling nurses, thinking that we should not be paid.”

Nurse Amirah cautions travel nurses in particular to be careful about what they say to their coworkers.

“People are already mad that you're doing the same work as them and getting paid double, so just have discernment, ya’ll,” she says.

The comment section of Amirah’s video is filled with both nurses and non-nurses expressing their agreements.

“Not a nurse, but this applies to every job,” one commenter said. “People really be snakes at work. Do your work, get your check, and go home. That’s it!”

Image: TikTok

Several commenters share the consequences of talking to coworkers about personal matters and the toxicity of some workplaces.

“You never know who’s rooting for you or rooting against you…” said one commenter. 

Image: TikTok

“Is money not integral to work? Do we not need money to survive? I don’t understand,” said another. 

Image: TikTok

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