September 8, 2023

Nurse Wins $50K Lottery TWICE, Using Lucky Numbers

Nurse Wins $50K Lottery TWICE, Using Lucky Numbers

According to the Montgomery Lottery, a 58-year-old nurse from Montgomery County has won the lottery - for the second time, thanks to their lucky numbers! The nurse, who goes by the pseudonym “Mr. Happy” made a trip to the Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim their $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize. 

As an avid Bonus Match 5 enthusiast, "Mr. Happy" frequently indulges in the game, and on August 16th, while taking a break from their nursing duties, "Mr. Happy" decided to drop by the State Line Market. Alongside some snacks and coffee, they purchased a Bonus Match 5 ticket for the evening's drawing. Later, upon returning home, this married father and grandfather couldn't believe their eyes when they checked their $6 ticket and discovered that they had won a grand prize of $50,000.

"I scanned the ticket using the Lottery app before stepping into the house," they recounted. "When it displayed 'See Lottery,' I knew it was a substantial win because that's what it showed the last time I won."

"Mr. Happy" procured their winning ticket from State Line Market, situated at 7817 Eastern Avenue Northwest in Silver Spring. In recognition of selling the top-prize winning ticket, the Montgomery County retailer will be receiving a $500 bonus from the Lottery. Remarkably, this marks the 23rd top-prize winning ticket sold in the game this year."


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