October 6, 2023

Off-Duty Nurse Who Saved Guardsman’s Life After Car Crash Honored

Off-Duty Nurse Who Saved Guardsman’s Life After Car Crash Honored

Registered Nurse Megan Williams was celebrated as a hero on Thursday for saving the life of 27-year-old Washington National Guardsman Specialist Shaun Peterson. In a special ceremony, Williams was saluted by state National Guard members for her lifesaving actions during a severe vehicle collision this summer along Interstate 90.

“It reaffirms the work that you do, (that) stopping was the right thing to do, and helping him was the right thing to do,” Williams said. 

About The Motor Vehicle Crash

Williams was working as a travel nurs in Washington State at the time of the incident. While driving along I-90 in July, Williams witnessed a military vehicle collide with another vehicle and flip over. According to reports, the crash left two guardsmen trapped inside the vehicle. Williams immediately pulled over and rushed to help. She found Peterson unconscious and struggling to breathe due to major injuries. Using her emergency medical training, Williams worked to stabilize Peterson until emergency responders arrived. Her quick thinking and care were credited with saving his life.

Williams requested 911 dispatchers to send an airlift for Peterson.

A Well-Deserved Honor

At Thursday’s ceremony, Washington National Guard Adjutant General Bret Daugherty presented Williams with a challenge coin in honor of her heroism. For her part, Williams was humbled by the recognition. In an interview, she said she was just doing her job as a nurse. “If I was in that same situation, or it was my brother or friend, I hope the right person with the right skill set would see the accident and do the same thing,” she said.

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