April 27, 2023

Interview with Jonathan V. Llamas, Nurse Icon Award Winner 2023

Interview with Jonathan V. Llamas, Nurse Icon Award Winner 2023

The world of nursing is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling professions that require exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication. Nurse Alice loves to feature the unsung heroes of nursing on the award-winning Ask Nurse Alice podcast, those nurses who truly go above and beyond for their patients. Recently, Alice had the opportunity to bring Jonathan V. Llamas, a dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner who is a trailblazer in the nursing industry and a passionate patient advocate, on the podcast to discuss his background, platform and goals. 

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Nurse ICON of The Year 2023

Jonathan was voted by thousands of his colleagues as the recipient of the Nurse Leader of The Year Award and progressed to win the overall Nurse ICON of The Year Award 2023. In this article, we will explore the highlights of this inspiring interview.

The podcast episode, available to listen to now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, is full of gems that both seasoned nurses, news nurses, and nursing students alike will find insightful. 

Jonathan’s Nursing Background


The interview starts with Jonathan sharing his journey to becoming a nurse stating, "I was inspired to pursue nursing not because of anyone specific but because of what it represented especially in the Filipino community," Jonathan shared.  He has been a nurse for 10 years and admits that nursing is not an easy profession. While it requires a lot of sacrifices, Jonathan shares that it is fulfilling to know that he is making a difference.

Jonathan has a varied background of nursing experience working in different healthcare settings, including various inpatient psychiatric units in addition to the ER and ICU settings. Jonathan mentions that working in different areas of nursing has enabled him to develop diverse skills and knowledge that have helped him provide quality care to patients. He also emphasizes the importance of teamwork in nursing and how working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals is essential in achieving the best outcomes for patients.

Nursing as a Calling  


He shares how he goes above and beyond to ensure that patients receive the best care possible and that their rights are respected. He talks about how he has advocated for patients who were not receiving adequate care, and how he has gone the extra mile to ensure that patients are comfortable and have access to resources that can aid their recovery.

"Nursing is a calling and something that gives me a sense of purpose in life. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to help others and I don’t take that lightly so I make sure that I give one hundred percent of myself each and every day because I know just how impactful nurses can be in the lives of their patients," Jonathan remarks. 

Advice For New and Aspiring Nurses


Toward the end of the interview, Jonathan reflects on his nursing career and shares his advice with aspiring nurses. 

“My biggest piece of advice to current and aspiring nurses is to not be afraid to make mistakes. The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. Also, I don’t expect nurses to always remain passionate and dedicated to the field. Nursing can be a very demanding profession so it’s unrealistic for nurses to remain motivated and inspired all the time. Instead, as healthcare professionals, we must not lose sight on the impact that we have on others and how much our words and actions can truly influence our colleagues, patients, and those around us. We must be kinder, more empathetic, and more respectful to one another and we must also be more supportive towards the new nurses entering the profession. One of the reasons why I’m so proud to be a nurse is because of what it stands for. Nursing is inclusive and should belong to anyone and everyone who has the heart to embrace it," shares Jonathan. 

What’s Next For Jonathan?


Jonathan shared with Nurse.org that he is in the process of launching a new brand, Mind & Heart - a mental health brand dedicated to spreading love and positivity through inspirational stories, positive messaging, and brand merchandising. He is planning on releasing the brand in May as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. You can follow Mind & Heart on Instagram here. 

Jonathan V. Llamas is an exceptional nurse who has been recognized for his outstanding contribution to the nursing profession. His passion for patient advocacy and his dedication to providing quality care are an inspiration to all nurses. The interview highlights the importance of teamwork, patient advocacy, and the need for continuous learning in nursing. 

We congratulate Jonathan V. Llamas on receiving the Nurse Icon Award 2023, and we hope that his story inspires more people to pursue nursing as a career. Stay tuned for more updates on Jonathan and his future projects! 


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