May 19, 2023

Police Say Nurse’s Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped and Murdered Her After Work

Police Say Nurse’s Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped and Murdered Her After Work

Image: Patrice Wilson

Patrice Wilson, 29, a Registered Nurse at Detroit Medical Center and mother to her 7-year-old son was murdered on Mother's Day, leaving her family, friends, and colleagues devastated. She was leaving the hospital after working a night shift, where she was abducted and then found dead the next day. Police say Wilson's ex-boyfriend, Jamere Wilson, disguised himself, abducted and murdered her after she left her shift at the hospital. 

What Happened To Nurse Patrice Wilson    

On May 13th, 2023, Wilson had just finished a night shift and was preparing to leave the hospital.

According to Police Chief James E. White, she was getting into her vehicle after work around 0740 and was ambushed by Jamere Miller, 36, who was wearing a red or blonde wig to disguise himself. He then forced her into her own car, a 2020 Lincoln Nautilus SUV, putting her in the passenger seat. He then drove off with her inside. 

Image: Wilson’s car leaving the parking lot

Roslind Livingston, Wilson’s mother, said that her daughter was on the phone with someone when this happened. "They were talking to Patrice on the phone, and they heard her screaming," said Livingston, then the phone went dead. 

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White stated that the abduction was immediately reported to the Wayne State University Police Department, who promptly notified the Detroit Police Department. In response, the department's organized crime, homicide, and major crime units joined forces to launch an intensive search operation. 

“We deployed our assets with the goal of finding our suspect and Miss Wilson before the situation ended, in the most worst possible outcome,” recalled White in a news conference.  

Sunday afternoon, Mother’s Day, she was found dead inside the trunk of her car in a suburb in Detroit, according to White. Her vehicle had been abandoned in an apartment complex approximately 30 miles northwest of the city.  Wilson was found to have several gunshot wounds.

Details on The Investigation

It is reported that Miller and Wilson had recently ended a three-year-long relationship. Wilson's mother revealed that Miller had become increasingly possessive and controlling after their breakup.

Image: Jamere Miller

Livingston spoke out, stating that Miller wouldn’t let Wilson move on after their break up. “The more she pulled away, he was sending flowers. If you go by her house, there are things at her door that she kind of like left there to let him know 'I am not accepting things from you,'” she said.

Image: Roslind Livingston

"She appears to have done everything the right way. She got out of the relationship, and unfortunately, the tragic outcome was his violence and his persistence to keep her in that relationship. Unfortunately, these types of offenders don't take no for an answer, and more needs to be done to protect our victims." White said.

The police sent out pictures of Miller to news stations as a suspect not yet in custody for the murder. "Feeling the pressure of this investigation," Miller negotiated his surrender through his lawyer, according to White, and was taken into custody Sunday afternoon. 

White advised that the investigation is still ongoing, and homicide detectives are finalizing their report to send to the Wayne County Prosecutor. He also stated that Miller has a significant criminal history and has been arrested for domestic violence in the past. 

Jamere Miller’s History 

According to WXYZ news, he may be facing charges with ties to another case. The mother of his child, 24-year-old Bianca Green, went missing in 2011. The Detroit police are in contact with another agency in regard to this case. 

"It's a tragedy that somebody like Ms. Wilson would be taken away from this world so young and so tragically in this horrific way; she was young, and she had her whole life ahead of her. She was dedicated to serving and helping others as a nurse and putting others before herself. Ms. Wilson has been described as 'cherished' by her family and friends, as well as her co-workers." White said.

"For her to have her life taken away from her just before Mother's Day is absolutely heartbreaking," said White

Honoring Patrice Wilson’s Memory

Image: Patrice Wilson

Even though Miller and Wilson had dated for three years, she did not mention him to her coworkers. 

There are not many nurses in the area, so the healthcare community is in shock and mourning at the events that took place. Wilson, described by her family, friends, and coworkers as cherished, dedicated, and selfless, had a promising future ahead of her.

Coworker Howard Mathis described her personality “She was an overall good person, no fluff, just really a good person.” 

Another former coworker Brittany Minor said, “She was sweet; in my little time knowing her, you know, she did her job, she went home to her kid and her family.” 

In honor of her memory, her coworkers plan to perform a balloon release ceremony, with details pending. They also plan to establish a GoFundMe campaign and scholarship fund for her young son.

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