March 29, 2022 Launches Exclusive Online Community For Nurses - Here's How To Join Launches Exclusive Online Community For Nurses - Here's How To Join

Want to connect with fellow nurses and nursing students? Ready to join a community of nurses that supports and uplifts, shares hilarious stories from the bedside, gets first access to the latest information around healthcare, and can join live streams by our very own Nurse Alice and other community leaders? Welcome to’s new Nurse Network. 

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What is’s Nurse Network?

The Nurse Network is a new community designed for nurses by nurses. Here are just a few of the things you can do in the community:

Who Can Join the Nurse Network?

You may be assuming that the community is only for current nurses but there is actually something for everyone! Whether you’re a prospective student interested in nursing, retired from nursing, or even dating a nurse!

A unique feature of the community is the different group options. Groups allow you to create smaller communities based on where you’re at in your career, your specialty, or another unique feature of your life. A few of the popular groups are: 

  • Nursing students
  • New grads
  • Advanced practice nursing
  • Travel nurses
  • Night shift nurses
  • Non-bedside nurses
  • NCLEX prep

Another exciting feature is you aren’t limited to one group. So, say you are currently a night shift nurse considering going back to school to become a  Nurse Practitioner. Might be a good idea to join the advanced practice nursing group to learn more about the degree and job from real-world practitioners. 

Why Nurses Need a Community of Their Own

Nurses have been leaving the bedside at an accelerated rate over the last several years and this platform can help nurses reconnect to the profession, reconnect with one another, and rediscover their passion for this career. 

Recently, the boyfriend of a new graduate nurse asked about how he can help his girlfriend deal with the constant pain and death of patients. I was able to offer advice that hopefully will save a fellow nurse from heartache and possibly depression. 

How Nurses Feel About the Nurse Network

Nurses are loving it!

  • Sibyl E. Vinas Meza BSN, RN, aka @Nurse.Sibyl, said  “It’s about time nurses had a space to come together. There are days when you want to rant, days when you feel inspired and days when you’re looking for what else is out there in nursing. You can find all of that and more in this community. As a travel nurse and online creator, this is right up my alley.”
  • Nursing student Ryan Bohara from Minnesota said, “It’s an amazing site designed for healthcare workers to bring us all together after the worst of the pandemic has happened. Shows that we are all in this together and provides us in the healthcare field a sense of community that you don’t always get from your workplace.”
  • “Nurses need a safe space where they can debrief without judgment, receive encouragement from one another, and find fulfillment in their ongoing profession,” said Victoria Nunez BSN, RN who is currently going for a Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

How to Join the Nurse Network

Joining the community is super easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. 

Step 1: Go to the homepage and click on Community, or just click here!

Step 2: Click on the button to join us!

Step 3: Join with an email address, through Facebook, Google, Apple ID, and/or LinkedIn

account sign up page

Step 4: Fill out a few demographic questions including your nursing background

Step 5: Ready to go! Start exploring all the amazing features of the community. 

welcome to the nurse network

Step 6: Download the app

Take the Nurse Network with you. To get the iOS or Android app, go to Your Settings, and text yourself the app.

Invite your friends! Referral program!

Help spread the word and you can even get your chance to win some awesome prizes. It’s simple - share your personal invite link or direct fellow nurses and nursing students to the website. Right now, there is a Nurse Network Ambassador Program running.

You Can Create the Community You’ve Always Wanted

As the Nurse Network continues to grow, nurses like you have the unique opportunity to help shape it into exactly what you want! Create your own groups, recommend new features, tell us exactly what you want, and together we can make it happen. 

We’re so excited to be launching this new community for nurses and we can’t wait to see what it can become!

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