Nurse Allegedly Attacked By Patient, Passes Away

1 Min Read Published October 30, 2023
Nurse Allegedly Attacked By Patient, Passes Away

Jan Allison, a nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, passed away suddenly on October 29, 2023. The details surrounding her death have not yet been released. However, according to reports online, Jan allegedly passed away from injuries sustained during a patient assault at her place of employment. 


Allison, 54, devoted over 30 years to nursing and caring for others. Her death has left her friends, family, and community heartbroken over the loss of a woman who gave so much to help those in need.

Jan Allison’s employer has not released a statement regarding the alleged incident. 

Nurse Jan Allison’s Obituary

Jan Allison’s death has sadly, again, reminded us of the dangers healthcare workers face and the immense sacrifices they make to care for their patients. Nurses are speaking up about workplace violence - calling it a silent epidemic within the profession. 

Jan Allison’s full obituary can be read here

A memorial service was held for Jan and can be viewed here.

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