There’s a New Nurse Emoji Keyboard in the Apple App Store! Download It Here

2 Min Read Published February 16, 2023
There’s a New Nurse Emoji Keyboard in the Apple App Store! Download It Here

>> Download the Nurse Emoji Keyboard here!

Everyone loves a good emoji. They can help lighten the mood of a conversation, add a little extra spunk to your Facebook post, or describe how your shift is going. Nurses love them for describing a Code Brown situation, when dealing with a difficult patient, or telling their fellow nurses it's time for a Starbucks run. has officially launched Nurse Emoji Keyboard Stickers.

In the first of its kind, the emoji keyboard was specifically designed with nurses in mind and went straight to the sources. All of the customized emoji designs came straight from nurses' opinions and all the final designs were reviewed and approved by a panel of nurses!


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>>Download It From The App Store  

How To Use The Nurse Emoji Keyboard

The emoji keyboard can be found in the Apple Store and downloaded directly to your iPhone or other Apple device. 

After downloading the app, you have the option to log in with Facebook, Email, or Apple ID. Then the app will prompt you to install the emoji keyboard so you are able to use it across text conversations and all social media platforms. 

>>Download now!

Per the App Store, the emojis can be used via,

  • iMessage

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

  • SnapChat

  • Other Messaging Apps

  • Text Messaging

One of the cool features is that you can still use the emojis without turning on the Nurse Emoji Keyboard. Simply click on the emoji you want to use, hit copy, and then paste it into a text message!

Change Skin Tones

The Nurse Emoji Keyboard app gives you the ability to change skin tones ranging from fair to darker tones, a total of five in total. Or you can stick with the default, which is the “default emoji yellow”.

>> Get the Nurse Emoji Keyboard

There are emojis for everything including laughing, sleeping/tired, hungry, gossiping, and even bathroom breaks. But let’s be honest - nurses rarely will get to use that one! In addition to the typical emojis, there are specific designs for travel nurses, student nurses, and even night shift nurses. 

If you aren’t the typical emoji user, there are also credential badges you can use, 

  • RN

  • BSN

  • CNA

  • LPN

  • LVN

  • NP

  • CRNA

  • DNP

>> Download from the App Store now!

Or maybe give a shout-out to your coworkers with a phrase support badge! Send a message with a “You Got This!” or “Here for You!” emoji during a tough shift. It might just be the pick-me-up a coworker needs to get through it. 

The emoji keyboard is incredibly user-friendly and very easy to utilize across text messaging and social media. Nurses are really loving the different emojis especially when trying to explain their shift! 

Download the Nurse Emoji Keyboard now!

Suggest NEW Nurse Emojis

The Nurse Emoji Keyboard will be updated with new, fun, and exciting emojis. Have an idea for an emoji that should be included?

>> Submit your idea HERE. 

Kathleen Gaines
Kathleen Gaines
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