April 25, 2021

Sandals Resorts is Giving FREE Vacations To Nurses In May 2021

Sandals Resorts is Giving FREE Vacations To Nurses In May 2021

By Chaunie Brusie

Nurses, it’s been a year. 

Well, technically, it’s been more than a year since the pandemic came along and changed the world forever, but regardless, the point is: you all deserve a major, major break. And to help you get that break, Sandals Resorts is giving away a 6-night luxury all-inclusive vacation for two every single day during the month of May.

Click here to enter the contest! 

The giveaways are open to any hero of the past year, including nurses, teachers, active or retired military personnel or mother. Anyone can nominate themselves or nominate someone else by uploading a photo and a 400-character explanation of why they deserve to win. The giveaway for the #SandalsMaycation opens on April 22nd and winners will be announced every Friday including May 7, May 14, May 21 and June 4, 2021.

Maggie Rivera, Chief Communications and Strategy Officer, Unique Vacations, Inc., an affiliate of the worldwide representatives of Sandals Resorts, notes that the company believes that nurses and other heroes who have worked so hard in the past year deserve far more than a day or even a week to be recognized.

“During a year that saw immense change in nearly every facet of life, from sweatpants as the new standard wardrobe to the kitchen table as the modern-day workstation, we’re celebrating something that will always remain consistent: the continued heroism of these extraordinary men and women,” Rivera notes. “It has always been in our company’s DNA to recognize and honor those who have continuously contributed and strengthened the fabric of their communities. A day simply isn’t enough to honor all that they’ve done for us this year and every year and we’re thrilled to be able to reward them throughout the month of May.”

Sound too good to be true? I know — but it’s not. The giveaway is real. It only takes a few seconds to enter for yourself or to nominate a nurse you love to win a much-needed vacay. 

The Deets

The giveaway is dubbed #Maycation and Sandals is promoting the trip as their way of recognizing some of the hardest working people around: nurses, mothers, teachers, and military members. 

Sandals is giving away a grand total of 31 luxury trips, one each day all throughout the month of May for 31 deserving mothers, nurses, teachers, and military members. Are you screaming with excitement yet? Visualizing yourself trading in those scrubs for a swimsuit? Well, just wait, because there’s more — according to the official giveaway page, Sandals vacations includes tantalizing amenities such as: 

  • 5-star on-site dining
  • Unlimited premium spirits
  • Unique bars
  • Day and night entertainment
  • Exclusive butler service (at some resorts)
  • Club Sandals concierge service (at some resorts)
  • PADI® certified scuba diving
  • Unlimited water sports
  • Unlimited land sports
  • State-of-the-art fitness centers
  • Complimentary green fees for golf at some resorts

Go here to enter the contest

So where exactly can you take your Maycation? Well, prepare yourself, because Sandals has 

15 beachfront locations throughout the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Antigua, Grenada, St. Lucia, the Bahamas and Barbados, and a 16th location coming to Curacao Spring 2022. 

Each resort features amenities that are quite literally making my mouth water, from a brand-new overwater bar with 360- degree ocean views, cocktails, inviting beaches, water sports and night and day entertainment for a truly luxurious all-inclusive getaway. Can you just smell the Pina Coladas yet? 

Sandals Resorts also have many COVID-19 protocols and protections in place, including covered travel insurance, free cancellations, extra cleaning and free COVID-19 testing. You can also check the requirements for testing and protocols in the destination you are looking at traveling to on the Sandal’s site

The Rules

If you’re wondering what the specifics are, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. I read the fine print for you and here are the main things you need to know:

  • You can nominate yourself, but, if you do, you can only submit one entry for yourself.
  • The contest is only open to U.S. residents ages 18 and up. 
  • You have to actually know the person you’re nominating and have their permission to nominate them. 
  • Airfare is NOT included in the prizes, so if you’re lucky enough to win, you still have to get yourself there.
  • You have 3 days to claim your prize after you’ve been notified, so um, check your spam folders, folks.  
  • It should go without saying, but everything you type on the entry has to be true and about a real person. 
  • Anything you submit about you and the person you take on the trip with you (who also has to be 18 or older) could be used by Sandals for publicity and promotional purposes. 

Enter here!

How To Enter Sandals’ Contest 

You have the rest of April and up through May 30 to enter yourself or a nominee of your choosing and the actual submission is incredibly easy and takes only a few seconds. You can upload a picture of the person you’re nominating (or yourself), type in the contact information and include a 400-character summary of why the person you are nominating deserves the Sandals #Maycation. 

Word to the wise: 400 characters isn’t a lot of space, so don’t stress too much about crafting the perfect summary, since you don’t have a lot of space. Also, the rules explain that the winners are chosen randomly, so it doesn’t really matter what you write, as long as you include the basics. You can enter the official Sandals Resorts #Maycation giveaway here for a deserving nurse in your life, yourself included. 

May the odds be always in your favor (or mine, because I totally just entered too.) And keep in mind that no matter what, nurses always rock. But I mean, winning a free beach trip would make being a nurse rock even more. 

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