March 21, 2020

Trump asks 'Great American Industry' for Help - Apple & Razer to Give 3 Million Face Masks

Trump asks 'Great American Industry' for Help - Apple & Razer to Give 3 Million Face Masks

Healthcare workers continue to sound the alarm on the severe face mask and PPE shortages as President Trump calls on the "great American Industry" to produce and donate masks, ventilators and other medical supplies. 

President Trump stated in a White House briefing with the COVID-19 Task Force on Saturday that N95 face masks from the government are now being released to hospitals that are experiencing shortages. They are “matching the biggest demand with the supply,” he stated. 

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Over the next 18 months, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plans to buy and stock the Strategic National Stockpile with 500 million masks. 

Businesses Step in to Help With Face Mask & Ventilator Production  

Many businesses are answering the call to help with medical supply shortages - face masks & ventilators, 

  • Apple: Vice President Pence shared that Apple pledged to donate 2 million face masks to healthcare workers. 
  • Razer: The CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, tweeted that the company will also donate up to 1 million face masks. 

  • 3M Co.: over the past 2 months the company has doubled N95 mask production.
  • General Motors Co.: Mary Barra, CEO, offered up their closed auto factories to increase the production of hospital ventilators.  
  • Elon Musk: Tweeted that SpaceX and Tesla Inc. are making ventilators. 

New York City Fashion Label Helps

Christian Siriano tweeted that his team is available to make face masks after New York Governor,  Andrew Cuomo, put out the call for help.


Trump Asks Local Businesses to Donate Face Masks To Hospitals

President Trump encouraged businesses throughout the country to pack up their industrial and medical face masks and donate them to local hospitals. 

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