All Nurses Fired At 100+ MedExpress Urgent Care Clinics

1 Min Read Published August 21, 2023
All Nurses Fired At 100+ MedExpress Urgent Care Clinics

MedExpress Urgent Care, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, announced plans on August 11, 2023 to eliminate registered nurse positions at nearly 150 locations across the U.S. The surprise layoffs are part of a larger restructuring by the company to revamp staffing models and cut costs. However, the decision has been met with strong criticism from nurses and healthcare advocates.

A Petition Calls for Reversal of Decision

A petition started by nurses is calling on MedExpress to reverse its decision to eliminate RN roles. The petition argues that registered nurses play an essential part in providing safe, high-quality care to patients. As of August 15, the petition had garnered over 25,000 signatures. The petition states that replacing RNs with less-qualified staff could compromise patient care and safety.

MedExpress Statement

In a statement to MedExpress defended the restructuring and said the changes will not negatively impact patient care. 

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“MedExpress continually assesses and evolves our staffing models to better reflect urgent care industry standards. As always, we will support team members affected with job placement resources and seek to deploy them where possible to any open roles within the company.” contacted MedExpress for additional information and will update this article with their statement. 

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