March 1, 2023

Inmate Who Slapped Jail Nurse’s Buttock Charged With Sexual Misconduct

Inmate Who Slapped Jail Nurse’s Buttock Charged With Sexual Misconduct

The Metro Jail nurse was assessing Brewer when she said, “Ms. Brewer tapped me on my left buttock twice in a slapping motion and commented, ‘Oh, your booty is popping!’”

prison registered nurse at Metro Jail in Mobile, Alabama was sexually assaulted after an inmate slapped her bottom. Bethany Brewer, 42, was initially arrested and booked for public intoxication but according to court documents, she then was charged with sexual misconduct. 

According to documents, Brewer was being booked and slapped the bottom of the jail’s nurse. 

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The nurse immediately removed Brewer’s hand and instructed her to keep her hands to herself. The nurse, whose name has not been released, decided to press charges against Brewer. 

Maxine Walters, Brewer’s attorney, believes the charges and court date are not needed.

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“For this to be something that taxpayer dollars are going to, that people have to hire lawyers for and go to court for and drag this out for several months, it doesn’t warrant that type of response,” said Walters. “I think there are a lot more serious issues that should be focused on here in Mobile versus the allegations in this case.”

Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch said, “We have a zero tolerance and mandatory reporting policy for sexual harassment within Mobile County Metro Jail.”

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