June 30, 2023

Woman Arrested for Impersonating Nurse and Elder Abuse in TN

Woman Arrested for Impersonating Nurse and Elder Abuse in TN

Image: Lydia Kate Brock 

Lydia Kate Brock, 28, was arrested on charges of impersonating a nurse and attempting to discharge two elderly patients at Erlanger Hospital in Tennessee. The incident has raised concerns about patient safety and has sparked an investigation into the actions of the accused individual. 

Image: Lydia Kate Brock 

The Incident: Woman Impersonates a Nurse & Attempts to Discharge 2 Elderly Patients

On Monday, June 26th, Hamilton County sheriff's deputies responded to a distressing situation at Erlanger Hospital. Lydia Kate Brock, who had been admitted as a patient, allegedly impersonated a nurse and attempted to discharge two elderly patients from the hospital's emergency room. According to reports, the patients, an 85-year-old man, and Alma Young, 70, were at high risk due to their altered mental status.

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Brock entered the patients' rooms and claimed to be their nurse for the evening. She proceeded to remove the monitors and IV lines from one patient. She was actively removing equipment from the next before being interrupted by the arrival of the patient's family. This interruption prevented her from completing the discharge process. Staff members reported that Brock was wearing a hospital gown at the time of the incident, further adding to the confusion and concern.

Hospital security was promptly alerted, and they began a search for Brock within the facility. During the search, they discovered several items in her possession, including an employee badge, unidentified pills, syringes, two blood-filled flushes, and empty prescription bottles from different doctors. Brock claimed that she had completed her shift as a nurse and had forgotten to dispose of the supplies and medication.

Brock Faces Charges of Assualt, Elder Abuse, Reckless Endangerment, Impersonation & Drug Possession

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the incident and the potential harm caused to patients by Brock's actions. The hospital is conducting tests to determine if any patients were administered substances by the accused individual.  Brock is currently flagged for “doctor shopping” and has used 13 different doctors for prescriptions, the police reported.

Image: Police Charges filed against Brock

Brock is facing multiple charges related to the incident, including two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of abuse to a vulnerable adult, two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of impersonation of a licensed professional, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Further investigation into Brock's background revealed that she allegedly took her own blood from her IV and splashed it on her head before falsely claiming she fell at Tennova Healthcare. Additionally, it was discovered that she had utilized multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions, raising concerns about "doctor shopping." According to the reporting police officer, local authorities found syringes, lidocaine, and fentanyl on her, in a report found by Fox News.

Fox News states that “medical staff determined there was nothing physically wrong with Brock.” However, following the incident, security was able to remove Brock and place her into a patient room. Medical staff then put her on a pysch hold, pending further investigation and tests. 

Image: Brock’s Facebook page

Fox News took a screenshot of her Facebook page before it was removed with claims that she was a nurse at Tennova Healthcare. They also confirmed that she had a Tennessee nursing license under her maiden name. Fox News further investigated that Brock worked there as a nurse until June 1st. 

At time of publication, according to Nursys.com there are currently no nursing licenses, active or otherwise, for Lydria Brock under both her married and maiden names. 

Brock is set to appear in court July 6th in front of Hamilton County General Sessions Judge Gary Starnes. SHe is currently beind held on $20,000 bond. 

Patient's Family Deeply Concerned Over Their Safety

The families of the affected patients expressed their deep concern for their loved ones' safety. Fox News spoke with the family of both patients. A family member of the 85-year-old man said that his family no longer feels safe with him at the hospital, as he has dementia. She reported to them that during his stay, he had been quieter since the incident.

The family of Alma Young claimed that the patient had just received a CT scan. The family saw Brock approach the patient and asked her to leave. Brock refused and continued to take out the patient’s IV. The family attempted to physically stop her from removing it. According to the report from Fox News, the family stated, “Things got physical.” 

Erlinger Hospital’s Statement

Erlanger released the following statement regarding the incident, 

“Due to patient privacy laws, Erlanger is unable to confirm or comment on specifics related to any patient care cases. Erlanger continues to make the health and safety of our patients and employees our priority.”


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