October 11, 2022

Hydreight Nurses Say They Make $100 an Hour, Are the TikTok's Real?

Hydreight Nurses Say They Make $100 an Hour, Are the TikTok's Real?

Hydreight, a mobile health and wellness solution company, is quickly becoming a leading name in the nursing industry for mobile IV infusions. Some Hydreight nurses on TikTok are going viral for their videos stating that they are making over $100 an hour, are their own bosses, and set their own hours.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly wage for registered nurses is $37.31. However, many factors can affect how much a nurse makes per hour, such as location, experience, and type of facility. So, the claims of making $100 an hour are quite a game changer.

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So, You May Be Asking Yourself, What is Hydreight?  

Hydreight started in 2018 as a mobile IV infusion company where nurses can sign up and utilize their platform. They use their own private medical network. They take the hard part out of starting your own business, so there is no need for an LLC. They will find a licensed medical doctor and pharmacy delivering service for all your product needs! To ensure the nurses are extra safe, they also offer medical liability insurance with 100% medical malpractice coverage.  

Hydreight uses a mobile app similar to Uber or DoorDash to deliver medication to clients on their network. The patient has a pharmaceutical IV menu and aesthetic services such as Botox and fillers to choose from on the app and then picks a time and date for delivery.  They also provide a telemedicine call to a physician if necessary.  

According to their website, Hydreight uses a secure and confidential application that can be used for patients to order health, wellness, and medical services directly from them. Hydreight has a 503B pharmacy license and is a certified e-script and telemedicine provider in all 50 states.  

Some therapies that are offered through Hydreight are: 

  • Intravenous drips 

  • Botox injections 

  • Medi-spa treatments 

  • Dehydration and anti-aging infusions 

  • Vitamin B injection 

  • Flu recovery infusions 

During an interview with GlobeNewswire, the CEO of Hydreight, Shane Madden, told them during the National Nurses March in 2022 that "Hydreight set out as an organization passionate about making healthcare more easily accessible for patients and creating a platform for Nurses to operate and do what they do best, which is "healthcare" without the normal legal and business headaches. Hydreight is proud to support all nurses across the United States and be their platform partner in revolutionizing healthcare." 

What Do Hydreight Nurses Do? 

Hydreight nurses work similarly to mobile IV infusion nurses, with several added opportunities. They also take rapid COVID-19 tests, monitor, and assess patients, give injections, and can do mobile aesthetics. Hydreight has a complete pharmacy capability and can order any needs.  

When working as a Hydreight nurse, you are an independent 1099 contractor, so you can set your own hours and your own abilities you want to offer through their app-based system. Working as a 1099 contractor comes with pros and cons, read about those differences here. 

As the nurse, you will need to provide IV access to the patient, monitor their safety, and record it in their software charting program. The skills required are similar to being an IV infusion nurse.  

Why is Hydreight Becoming So Popular? 

Hydreight undoubtedly got some fame to their name through their TikTok videos. Their TikTok marketing campaign has become popular as several nurses claim to be paid more than hospital nurses, with several videos claiming to make well above the $100 per hour mark while working as a Hydreight nurse. Many nurses who join are administering IV drips and giving injections to people who want to see them. 

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Hydreight Nurses are IV Infusion Nurses  

While mobile IV infusion therapy isn't new, the platform used to book an infusion nurse is. A Hydreight nurse is an IV infusion nurse that works for the company. Nurses are able to create their own schedule through their sophisticated app and have full protection through the company.  

Hydreight is not the only way to be an infusion nurse. There are nurse-owned mobile IV infusion clinics that can be utilized, and you can even create your own. What Hydreight offers is the ease of creating your own legal business without an LLC as well as connections to pharmaceutical items and a doctor.  

Do Hydreight Nurses Make More Than $100 an Hour? 

Yes, it is likely that nurses who work for Hydreight make over $100 per hour. However, as independent 1099 contractors, they will pay additional taxes as well as fees to operate through Hydreight.

While the actual take-home pay of a Hydreight nurse is currently unknown, you should take some time to learn about the pros and cons of working as a 1099 contract nurse here. 

Some of the IV infusions listed through their platform range well above the $100 mark for an infusion that will take an hour to give. Out of this, though, Hydreight takes a percentage cut plus fees to medical suppliers and processing fees. As an independent provider on the app, you can choose which products and times you are available to give. The amount of money you make is ultimately up to you and your skills as a nurse. It's probably possible to do this type of work full-time, or even as a side-hustle 

How Do You Get in On This Action?

It is no secret that nurses report that they feel underpaid, and it's causing several shortages of nurses across the country. With Hydreight, nurses can be paid differently, while doing something they love. Becoming a Hydreight nurse is as easy as going to their website and filling out their registration form

Hydreight goes through a heavy vetting process when hiring nurses. To become a Hydreight nurse, you will be required to go through a video interview, be HIPPA certified, have a valid license, and complete background verification. As a Hydreight nurse, you will be considered an independent contractor and receive training on their software video conference program.  


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