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16 Funniest Nurse Jokes - NIGHT Shift Edition.

1 Min Read Published December 13, 2018
16 Funniest Nurse Jokes - NIGHT Shift Edition.

Whether you're a nurse who loves or hates working night shift - you have to laugh at these! Because, night shift is awesome - wait what day is it again? 

1. Night Shift Nurses Get Paid More

2. “Sundowners”

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3. Forbidden Words 

3. The Potlucks ROCK!


4. Full Moons 

5. Giving Report Is A Cinch - Not. 

6. Finally Going Home 


 7. The Struggle 


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8. Staying Extra

9. Greeting Day Shift Like…


10. Work Meetings

11. When You Finally Leave Work


12. Sleep 

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13. Trying to “Adult”


14. What’s a “Friday Night”


15. Going On Vacation 

 16. Your Team! 



Angelina Walker
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