20 Funniest Nursing Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

1 Min Read Published June 14, 2023
20 Funniest Nursing Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud

One thing about nurses, we all have a sense of humor. You just about have to, in order to stay sane sometimes. What better way to have a good laugh than with nursing memes. Although some people may not find the humor in them, we find them funny!  

Here are 20 of the BEST nursing memes we have found! 

Top 20 Nursing Memes

Let’s kick this off where we all started…nursing school! 

When we make it out of nursing school alive, we think all is well now that we are a nurse, right!? 

 As a nurse, we know that one word we NEVER say! 

 And don’t you just love it when people assume the reason that we became a nurse is so we can marry a doctor? 

Of course, a nurse is every guy’s dream girl too! 

Then there is the stress! 

But….we do our best every day, every shift! 

We all have our favorite team we like to work with! 

And…we are pretty tough…except when it comes to bedbugs! 

And….then comes the fun we have with our patients!  

We all cry when that ONE patient leaves AMA, too, right??? 

What about the frisky patients? 

This one needs no introduction…LOL! 

We love our night shift nurse friends. They keep up with the phases of the moon for us! 

The best time of the shift is…quitting time! 


Shift is over, and we still have kids to take care of! Nurses are the BEST parents!  

Even when we are not working, we still get a thrill over good veins! 

Now that we've had a few good laughs, go get dressed and take yourself out for a little fun! 


Christy Book
Christy Book
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Christy Book, BSN, RN, is a registered nurse from Louisiana. She has served as an assistant director of nursing, director of nursing, and divisional director of nursing in the long-term care setting. Other nursing experience includes medical-surgical, allied health instructor, and immigration. She is also an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. Christy’s passion for writing, researching, and educating others is what led her to become a nurse writer.

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